The most dangerous cities in the world

Not so long ago we wrote about the countries with the lowest crime rate. There you can walk at night and count the money, standing in the middle of the street, without fear for your safety. Today, in our top ten, collected the most dangerous cities in the world .

Public organization "Civil Council of Public Security and Justice" annually makes its rating, analyzing the data on the number of offenses.

Experts in the black list made 50 cities, we suggest that you get acquainted with the most dangerous of them.


  • 10. Cape Town( South Africa)
  • 9. Detroit( United States)
  • 8. Port Moresby( Papua New Guinea)
  • 7. Ciudad Juarez( Mexico)
  • 6. Maceio( Brazil)
  • 5. Torreon(Mexico)
  • 4. Tegucigalpa( Honduras)
  • 3. Caracas( Venezuela)
  • 2. Acapulco( Mexico)
  • 1. San Pedro Sula( Honduras)

10. Cape Town( South Africa)

The South African capital is always perceived as the mostEuropeanized among African cities. However, the slums of Cape Town, in stark contrast to the comfortable city center, have become a hotbed of crime. Such an unfortunate situation became an unpleasant surprise for the organizers of the football world championship in 2010.

9. Detroit( USA)

The former United States car capital was left today by skilled workers and managers of large plants. Whole blocks of the city are deserted, and more than 75% of the population are African Americans, who are engaged in looting, vandalism and murder.

8. Port Moresby( Papua New Guinea)

More than half of the city's population lives in slums, lacking even basic things like water and bread. Therefore, looting here is a common thing, and the number of murders is 54 per 100 thousand of the population.

7. Ciudad Juarez( Mexico)

The city is located on the very border with the US, which makes it a convenient haven for intermediaries between American and Colombian drug traffickers. There are often group murders, for example, in 2012, 49 people were killed in a shootout in one night.

6. Maceio( Brazil)

The population of this coastal city is close to one million in number. Local authorities are making efforts to develop tourism here, however, travelers are deterred by daily reports of murders, flickering in crime reports.

5. Torreon( Mexico)

The population of the city is about 600 thousand people. There are almost daily skirmishes and clashes between the police and organized gangs. The city is notorious for the number of murders, robberies and kidnappings.

4. Tegucigalpa( Honduras)

The largest city and capital of the country is not able to cope with the transit of cocaine from Colombia. The constant presence of drug cartels makes the situation in the city, of course, dangerous.

3. Caracas( Venezuela)

The capital of Venezuela is famous for its depressing statistics: there are 119 murders per 100,000 residents. And in recent weeks, instability in the atmosphere of the city was added by the death of Hugo Chavez and the change of power.

2. Acapulco( Mexico)

A popular Mexican resort can not be called safe - the city passes important drug trafficking routes from Central America to the States. For every 100,000 inhabitants of Acapulco there are 128 murders.

1. San Pedro Sula( Honduras)

In a small city of one of the poorest countries, there are 3 murders daily. More than 70% of the population live here below the poverty line, and local gangs and drug dealers run the streets. San Pedro Sula tops the ranking of the most dangerous cities in the world for the second consecutive year.