The most useless car accessories

Thanks to the development of modern engineering thought, the driver on the road is comfortable and comfortable. Partly this is facilitated by various accessories, by which manufacturers equip the car.

Among these accessories are necessary( spare, jack, first aid kit, fire extinguisher) and useful( auto air conditioners, mini vacuum cleaners, portable refrigerators).But there are also those, the acquisition of which is not justified by acute necessity, they are absolutely useless for the driver and his passengers, and at times are dangerous.

1. "Fender"

On many cars you can see the design, which is called "wing".Initially, it was intended to make the car more stable at corners and by changing aerodynamic indicators to increase its speed. Their use of such "wings" found in racing sports, and from there they moved to ordinary cars. But if racing designers make parts for each particular car, conducting aerodynamic tests, then mass producers sell ordinary pieces of plastic that do not affect the speed characteristics of the car in any way. Therefore, all that the "wing" is capable of is to attract the attention of others and close the rear review.

2. "Kangaroo"

The second place is "kengurins".These are metal structures that are attached to the hood of the car. They come from Australia, where kangaroos often run across the road to drivers. To protect the car from damage, metal "kengurins" were developed. Naturally in Russia, kangaroos do not run on roads, they can only be found in the zoo. But in the event of a collision with another car, the heaped hood will come to a state not properly repaired. The probability of damage to the windshield and injury to the driver and passengers is likely.

3. Deflector hood

The ordinary drivers have a lot of worries. They need to keep machines in good working condition, carry out inspection and regular repairs of auto-conditioners, engines, wiring and other numerous parts and devices. But accessory manufacturers do not want to leave motorists alone and offer them to buy a bonnet deflector. Theoretically, the deflector must redirect the airflow from the windshield over the roof, helping to maintain cleanliness. In fact, it simply accumulates water and sand, destroying the paint coat of the hood.

4. Sports muffler

Finally, a sports silencer designed to compensate for engine power losses. Not only that in the city there is nowhere to properly accelerate, so also the sound, issued by this device, so loud and annoying that its owner will not be deprived of relevant reviews of others.

There are a lot of useless accessories for the car, and before buying them, it would be superfluous to consult with professionals.