The most unusual destinations in tourism

Going on vacation, you can study the rating of hotels in Turkey or choose a sightseeing tour of Europe. This is how hundreds of tourists visit each year. But there are also those who prefer rest, radically different from the usual.

It is for such travelers that the most unusual directions in tourism , presented in our today's Top-7, are intended for .


  • 7. Polar tourism
  • 6. Tours to sunken ships
  • 5. Ecological tourism
  • 4. Gastronomic tourism
  • 3. Cinematographic tourism
  • 2. Jailoo-tourism
  • 1. Tours for the exchange of houses

7. Polar tourism

The sun, palms and sand have long become boring? Welcome to the realm of eternal snows and polar nights! Tours to the Arctic or Antarctic are becoming more popular with fans of extreme tourism. By the way, visiting at least the southern, at least the north pole - pleasure is not cheap. After all, expensive and expensive, and equipment, and even spending the night in a warmed tent of a particularly durable tarpaulin.

6. Tours to the sunken ships

It can be both ancient sailboats, and warships of the Second World War, and the legendary Titanic. Someone wants to feel like a treasure hunter, someone - a brave explorer. Such tours are the best places for diving, for people who are tired of exploring the exceptionally flora and fauna underwater. By the way, this year the place where the infamous cruise liner Costa Concordia sank was especially popular.

5. Ecological tourism

Visiting corners of the planet, untouched by civilization, has been gaining popularity since the 1980s. This ecological tour involves the rejection of all the benefits of civilization and complete unity with nature. Down with cars, smartphones, hair dryers and even sprays from mosquitoes! A dedicated follower of eco-tourism will never take anything with them, capable of violating the ecology of the chosen place. Kenya, Laos, Tanzania, Nepal, New Zealand and South Africa are among the leading eco-tourists.

4. Gastronomic tourism

National cuisine can tell about the culture and other features of a country as much as museums and other attractions. You can just try the dishes of different countries, and you can choose a more highly specialized tour - cheese in France or beer in Germany. True, in countries of Asia and Africa, gastronomic tourism fans still need to restrain their own appetites, so as not to shock the pampered European cuisine organism.

3. Cinematographic tourism

Traveling to places of filming of your favorite film attracts many fans of unusual recreation. For example, Tolkien fans literally go to New Zealand, where the "Lord of the Rings" was filmed. No less popular with film tourists and Malta, where they shot "Troy", "Gladiator" and "Game of Thrones".Fans of Soviet cinema often choose the route to the places of filming "17 Moments of Spring" that took place on the territory of Latvia, Georgia, Russia

2. Jailoo-tourism

This area has much in common with environmental tourism, but is even more extreme. Jailoo-tourism involves living together with tribes that have preserved the primitive communal system. In addition to rejecting all the benefits of civilization, the tourist is waiting for immersion in an unusual and sometimes shocking environment. Most often we are talking about the tribes of Oceania or Central Africa. But Russians can choose, for example, tribal tourism in the highland pastures of Kyrgyzstan.


house exchange tours This unusual type of tourism is gaining increasing development in European countries. The essence of it is simple - when planning to go to another country, it is worthwhile to find a person planning a vacation at the same time. Tourists simply change houses and within a week or even a month inspect the sights and get acquainted with the culture of the state, without spending money on paying for hotels. For those who want to exchange houses for a time, there are many specialized sites on the Internet. So owners of a house in the Ural village can change for a week or two with the owner of a villa on the Spanish coast.