The largest bikini parade in the world

Parades of girls in bathing suits are held at different intervals throughout the globe. And such events should only be greeted! After all, what can be more pleasant to the eye than tanned beauties in a bikini of hundreds of styles and colors.

As a rule, in the parade, several hundred participants of all ages defiled. But the largest bikini parade in the world was held in August this year in China. The event was held in the framework of the international exhibition held in Huludao city dedicated to beach culture.

In the parade, as many as 1085 women of the age from 4 to 70 years old took part. They proudly crossed the motley crowd a distance of just over a mile. Some ladies in bikinis rode on roller skates, and the youngest danced gaily. To protect themselves from the scorching sun, many parade participants covered their heads with brightly decorated wide-brimmed hats. The organizers were allowed to put on beach skirts or short shorts at will. Although most of the ladies showed their swimsuits to photographers from all over the world cheerfully and without embarrassment.

And that the spectators, lined up on the way of the procession, did not get bored while waiting for the procession to reach them, the authorities took care of the entertainments in the form of performances by dance groups.

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records recorded such a large-scale spectacle. Chinese women in a bikini beat the previous record, established in October last year in Australia on the beach "Serfers Paradise".Then 357 girls in open swimsuits were dressed in the sand. By the way, four Australians were disqualified for excessively puritanical outfits. On the Bikini Parade, there is no place for false modesty.

Procession in bikinis is very popular in Indian Goa and in the southern states of the USA.For example, in March of this year, 450 frank beauties in breathtaking bikinis came out to conquer the streets of the small resort town of Panama City Beach in Miami. But they did not get into the Book of Records - they just did not find it necessary to involve representatives from Guinness to their event.

The Chinese do not forget to record their records. Along with , the largest bikini parade representatives of the Book of Records recorded the largest group photo of people in swimsuits. The photo fits 3090 ladies in a bikini.

Given that the exhibition of beach culture is held in the city district of Huludao annually, next summer you can expect a new record.