The best affiliate programs for monetizing the site.

Affiliate programs- this is the best way to earn money on your site, with payment for clicks, views or actions. If you have a site with a minimum of attendance, you can already try to monetize it in one or more of them.

Today I present to you 5 the best partner programs of , which help you to monetize your resource most profitable. All of the presented partners are tested on personal experience and have shown themselves only from the best side. We will not distribute them to places, as it is impossible to single out the best or worst of them, for each site all individually, so try, experiment and increase your income!


  • 5. Miralinks - the best exchange of articles of the Runet
  • 4. Gogetlinks - the best links exchange
  • 3. Pay-Click - the best teaser affiliate
  • 2. Google Adsense - the best contextual advertising system in the world
  • 1. Yandex advertising network is the bestaffiliate program in Russia

5. Miralinks - the best exchange of articles of the Runet

Place articles of advertisers on your website and get money for it. Thus, you not only earn on placing articles, but also fill your resource with content that will ultimately bring traffic. Part of the earned money you can spend on the promotion of your site all in the same Miralinks, by posting articles with links to other sites.

Sites with an age of 6 months and with TIC & gt; = 10 are involved in the system.

4. Gogetlinks - the best exchange links

Gogetlinks is a simple and convenient system of earnings on the site, by placing contextual links and notes. Your income depends only on you, the more often you publish new materials on the site, the more links you can put, while not zapamlivaya resource and receiving revenue. There are a lot of advertisers in the system, so there is almost no shortage of applications.

There are no specific requirements for sites, but moderation is not easy to take, many SEO factors are taken into account.

3. Pay-Click - the best teaser affiliate

Create a teaser block of advertising of any color and size, place it in the right place of your site and get 2 rubles for each user click from Russia and 1 ruble per click of users from the CIS.In my opinion, Pay-Click is the most profitable teaser network available in Russia. It is better perhaps only Lady-Cash, but she specializes in sites with a female audience.

Requirements to sites: mainly search traffic, from 150 unique visitors per day.

2. Google Adsense - the best contextual advertising system in the world

Perhaps the most profitable and affordable affiliate program for placing contextual ads and banners. A huge number of formats and sizes of ad units that can be appropriately added to the design of any site. High prices for clicks( up to several dollars per click) and lack of requirements for sites make this affiliate program the best not only in Russia, but all over the world. To start earning with Adsense, it's enough to register, get and install the ad code. The robot will automatically moderate your site, if it does not violate the rules of placement, which by the way must be read before you start working with the system.

1. Yandex Advertising Network - the Best Partner Program in Russia

The Yandex Advertising Network( RSA) allows webmasters to earn on contextual advertising both directly and through the Partner Service Centers( CPCs).The best Yandex CCP is definitely Profit-Partner. The highest quality of service, help in installing and configuring the ad unit, 24-hour technical support system, lots of bonuses and gifts for partners - all this allows you to earn more and more on your website.

Thus, today we have highlighted a kind of rating of the best partner programs which will make the most money on the site.