The most expensive food in the world

Food on the shelves of all Russian stores is getting more expensive every day. But still domestic cheeses, sausages and other delicacies are far from overseas delicacies, which are sold at special closed auctions to serve the world's richest gourmets.

In today's compilation presents the most expensive food products in the world .


10. Royal Melons Yubari

  • 9. Caviar Almas
  • 8. Tea Tenuanini
  • 7. White truffle
  • 6. Saffron
  • 5. Blue tuna
  • 4. Potato La bonnotte
  • 3. Beef Kobe
  • 2. Mushrooms Matsutake
  • 1. Edible gold
  • 10. Royal Melons Yubari

    These hybrid melons are grown only on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. At the same time, the sweet and spicy taste of fruit is very much appreciated by gourmets. Therefore, the first fruits from the annual harvest are sold at auctions for about $ 25,000 apiece. But in the midst of the season, melon of medium size can be purchased for $ 100.

    9. Caviar Almas

    This beluga caviar has one important distinctive feature - it is extracted only from the Caspian beluga, whose age ranges from 80 to 100 years. After all, the older the beluga, the lighter is its caviar, and the more refined taste it has. Naturally, such an expensive product needs to be properly packaged - cans for Almas eggs are made from 24-carat gold. The cost of each jar with caviar is $ 25,000.

    8. Tenuainin Tea

    To produce this Chinese large leaf tea, a mature leaf is collected which is subjected to weak fermentation. Special conditions of fermentation allow creating a unique aroma of Tenuanyin. Experts without objections give for 100 grams of such tea $ 6 000.

    7. White truffle

    Similar to potato mushroom has an unusual aroma. The most valuable truffle grows in the forests of Europe, in Byelorussia and even meets in Central Russia. To search for truffles in Europe, use specially trained dogs. Hard labor to find the mushroom is well paid, because a kilogram costs about $ 3,600.

    6. SAFRAN

    The famous spice is the dried stigma of a flower from the genus of iris. To obtain one gram of saffron, 150 flowers are required. Hence the fabulous price of this spice - $ 2,700 per 1 pound( exactly 453 grams).

    5. Bluefin tuna

    The most expensive fish in the world is especially popular in Japan, because the bluefin tuna meat is ideal for delicious sushi and sashimi. As a rule, a kilogram of tuna costs about $ 1,300. But the deal on selling fish weighing 222 kg for $ 1.75 million is known.

    4. La bonnotte

    potatoes During cultivation, this potato is fertilized with seaweed. As a result, the root crop receives a mild salty flavor and a delicate lemon flavor. The La bonnotte tubers are so tender that they are collected exclusively by hand. A kilogram of this potato costs about $ 1,500.

    3. Kobe Beef

    The pieces of this meat look as if they were left for a while in the snow - they are covered with hoarfrost. Thin fatty layers make beef "marble".The cost of steak from Kobe beef reaches $ 500.

    2. Matsutaka

    The kilogram of these mushrooms costs from $ 2,000. To the chagrin of Matsutake gourmets it is impossible to cultivate in artificial conditions - the fungus grows only on the bark of red pine in the forests of China and Japan. It is believed that Matsutake is not only delicious, but also extremely useful for health.

    1. Edible gold

    The finest foil or tiny granules are often used to decorate confectionery and alcoholic beverages. The main lovers of gold are considered to be wealthy Indians. They are happy to purchase food gold at a price of $ 30 to $ 100 thousand per kilogram, which makes it the most expensive food in the world!