Top 10 most disappointing attractions

Going on an exciting trip to distant countries, we enthusiastically study guidebooks and look forward to meeting with world-famous landmarks. Unfortunately, not always seen meets our expectations.

In today's publication we have collected the Top 10 most disappointing attractions. A dozen was made on the basis of hundreds of reviews of travelers who expected much more.


  • 10. Pissing boy( Brussels)
  • 9. Mermaid( Copenhagen)
  • 8. Floating Market( Bangkok)
  • 7. Leaning Tower( Pisa)
  • 6. Treasures of the British Crown( London)
  • 5. Buckingham Palace( London))
  • 4. Topkapi Palace( Istanbul)
  • 3. Stonehenge( Great Britain)
  • 2. Mona Lisa( Paris)
  • 1. Eiffel Tower( Paris)

10. Pissing boy( Brussels)

All of us since childhood are familiar with the image of this sculpture. And on arrival in the capital of Belgium every tourist considers it his duty to get acquainted with the Boy personally. Alas, a figure of 61 cm in height can hardly impress anyone - so the case with "Manneken Pis" is just the same when the size matters.

9. Mermaid( Copenhagen)

A greenish statue on a gray stone surrounded by a dreary landscape destroys the very idea of ​​the fairy-tale appearance of a mermaid that exists in most of us. Tourists have long been thrown by the Danish government with requests to move the statue to another, more picturesque place.

8. Floating Market( Bangkok)

Unique, unique and unique in the world exotic floating market is in fact noisy, dirty, crowded and even a traumatic place.

7. Leaning tower( Pisa)

First, apart from the tower in Pisa, there are no other sights, and secondly, around the ever crowded tourists with the intention of making a beaten frame with a raised hand, "holding" the tower. To go to the city for 15 minutes of contemplation of this architectural masterpiece and to remain not disappointed is not easy.

6. Treasures of the British Crown( London)

Antique jewels and rock stones associated with chilling stories make visiting a treasure quite attractive. In fact, viewing the exhibits is preceded by a huge queue that slowly-slowly moves through the stuffy corridors and watches a video about the British royal house. Having reached the coveted stones, suddenly you realize that it was not worth it. ..

5. Buckingham Palace( London)

You can look at the residence of British monarchs only because of the high fence, something interesting and cognitive from the gazebo's contemplation of the building is rather difficult to obtain.

4. Topkapi Palace( Istanbul)

The famous palace of Turkish sultans, alas, does not amaze with luxury. A 40-minute tour of the rooms and corridors is not cheap, and there are practically no unique items in the palace. Even the famous mosaic in the harem is not able to compensate for the disappointment.

3. Stonehenge( Great Britain)

Many mysteries and legends are associated with these stone giants. And what is the disappointment of the tourist, when it turns out that the stones are not that big, you can not go close to them, and the most replicated foreshortenings are completely inaccessible from the paths on which tourists are brought.

2. Mona Lisa( Paris)

The legendary Gioconda is shown from afar, and huge crowds gather to look at it. In the opinion of many tourists, the picture could be more, but there are fewer people who want to take a look.

1. Eiffel Tower( Paris)

All the pleasure of visiting the symbol of Paris is brought to nothing by standing in a long queue for ascent to the observation deck. As a result, the types of metal structures from under the "belly" of the famous tower for an hour and a half make a painful impression, and when the long-awaited rise ends up, it turns out that the viewing platform is not so high, there are not much places on top, the masses are generally soliddisappointment.