The highest paid actors of Hollywood 2012( top-10)

Forbes publishes the incomes of the rich and famous for us with an enviable regularity, publishing the ratings of the most-most. This time, was the focus of the most highly paid Hollywood actors .

Counting the incomes of celebrities from May 2011 to May 2012, Forbes experts took into account the fees for films, commercials and advances for upcoming projects. We propose to get acquainted more closely with the rating of the stars that earned more than the others for the year.


  • 10-11.Robert Pattinson - $ 26.5 million
  • 10-11.Taylor Lautner - $ 26.5 million
  • 9. Mark Wahlberg - $ 27 million
  • 6-8.Will Smith - $ 30 million
  • 6-8.Johnny Depp( Johnny Depp) - $ 30 million
  • 6-8.Sacha Baron Cohen - $ 30 million
  • 5. Ben Stiller $ 33 million
  • 4. Dwayne Johnson - $ 36 million
  • 2-3.Adam Sandler( Adam Sandler) - $ 37 million
  • 2-3.Leonardo DiCaprio - $ 37 million
  • 1. Tom Cruise - $ 75 million

10-11.Robert Pattinson - $ 26.5 million

Totally and completely, Pattins owes so much to his participation in the cult saga "Twilight".Probably, at the end of the franchise, Robert will have more chances to prove himself in a different role.

10-11.Taylor Lautner - $ 26.5 million

Unlike his vampire saga partner, Taylor was not only among the highest paid, but also hit the hundred most famous of Forbes. And all because, in addition to "Twilight" took part in the action movie "Pogonya", increasing already quite a lot of popularity.

9. Mark Wahlberg - $ 27 million

This year is marked by the release of such paintings with the participation of Wahlberg, as "Contraband", "Third Extra" and "The Ruined City."Moreover, the comedy drama "The Third Extra" collected $ 54 million at the box office only during the first week of the shows.

6-8.Will Smith - $ 30 million

The bulk of income for the past year was obtained from participation in the filming of the third part of the saga "People in Black".By the way, Will actively attracts his son Jaden to work in Hollywood, with whom he is removed in the film "After the Earth".Smith, Jr. is already incredibly popular with American teenagers.

6-8.Johnny Depp - $ 30 million

Depp is going through hard times on a personal front, but with the career of the actor is clearly all right. This year is marked by the release of the film "Dark Shadows", in the work on which Depp was not only a performer, but also a producer, increasing his already considerable income. By the way, after his work was presented in Ukraine, Kiev became the leader in the box office of the film.

6-8.Sacha Baron Cohen - $ 30 million

Over the past year, Cohen has participated in several cash projects at once: the films "Timekeeper", "Dictator", "Les Miserables" and the third part of the animated film "Madagascar".Despite the impressive income, the actor was not included in the list of hundreds of the most popular actors of the year by the version of Forbes. Experts say that Cohen does not interfere more often appear in public, drawing attention to his own person.

5. Ben Stiller $ 33 million

Stiller is one of Hollywood's richest comedians. His role in the criticism of critics is controversial, but the hero "Dating with parents" continues to earn millions every year. This year the most expensive project with Ben's participation was the third part of the cartoon "Madagascar."

4. Dwayne Johnson - $ 36 million

The actor clearly brings success to any tape with his participation. Spectator's excitement around last year's "Fast and Furious 5" and the film "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" fully justifies Johnson's high fees. Duane's schedule is filled until the end of 2014, so, most likely, he will more than once be in the ranking of high-paid stars.

2-3.Adam Sandler( Adam Sandler) - $ 37 million

For Sandler, the year was not the most successful - 10 "Golden Raspberries" for the film "Such Different Twins" clearly do not add to the actor's optimism. Nevertheless, the directors love Adam, despite the skepticism of film critics. And this love is expressed in the form of stably high fees.

2-3.Leonardo DiCaprio - $ 37 million

Despite the fact that the last film with the participation of the actor, the biographical tape "Hoover", almost failed at the box office, DiCaprio can afford to demand for a role of at least $ 20 million, remaining one of thethe most highly paid stars.

1. Tom Cruise - $ 75 million

Cruise topped the rating of the highest paid actors with a huge margin. A big contribution to the "piggy bank" was made by the next series "Mission Impossible" and a fantastic thriller "Oblivion".However, the actor is likely to be a big waste: the planned divorce process with Katie Holmes can significantly devastate his wallet.