The most unusual beaches of the world( top-10)

Looking at these beaches, no one dares to call a holiday on the sea shore a banal treat for the most lazy. Among the participants of our today's dozen there is a suitable corner for admirers of extraordinary rest and just lovers of natural beauties.

Today we bring to your attention the most unusual beaches of the world .Let some of them are far from the usual tourist routes, the cost of the road will certainly pay off with a lot of vivid impressions. Such a beach holiday you have not had!


  • 10. Cow Beach, India, Goa.
  • 9. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas, Harbor Island.
  • 8. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand.
  • 7. Glass Beach, USA, California.
  • 6. Chandipur( Chandipur), India.
  • 5. Papakoli( Papakolea-Beach), Hawaii.
  • 4. Beach "Barking Sands"( Barking Sands Beach), Hawaii.
  • 3. Red Beach, Greece, Santorini.
  • 2. Bowling Ball Beach, USA, California.
  • 1. Vik Beach, Iceland.

10. Cow Beach, India, Goa.

A cow in India is an animal sacred, and therefore has the right to luxuriate on the sand at the water's edge. It is clear that the sanitary conditions on the beach are far from ideal, but it is cattle that attracts a lot of tourists. Such a neighborhood is not found anywhere else in the world.

9. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas, Harbor Island.

There are more than 10 pink beaches in the world. An unusual pink shade of sand of this secluded beach is due to the tiny marine life - coral shellfish and foraminifera. Their pink shells, mixing with sand, give the beach a very romantic look. The length of the coastal strip is gently pink in color - about 8 km. Walking here for several hours, you can not meet a soul - a real paradise for romantics.

8. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand.

Here on the surface there are warm underground springs with thermal water. You can dig your own mini-pool right in the sand and enjoy a pleasant and useful bathing procedure. By the way, the ocean water in comparison with the sources is pretty cool, so in the number of procedures you can turn on the contrast baths.

7. Glass Beach, USA, California.

The small pebbles on this Californian beach are mixed with polished glass shards. By its appearance, the Glass Beach is indebted to the city dump. For many years, garbage was brought here, including glass objects and bottles. Over time, the dump was removed, but the surf managed to grind enough "sea stones" from broken glass, so that the beach strip could sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight, attracting tourists from all over the world.

6. Chandipur( Chandipur), India.

This unusual Indian beach is located in the village of the same name on the shore of the Bay of Bengal. During the tide, the beach strip increases by as much as 5 km. All the secrets and secrets of the seabed can be studied for several hours. Bathing is possible only at high tide.

5. Papakoli( Papakolea-Beach), Hawaii.

From a distance the sand here seems green, but on closer inspection it turns out to be golden. This is due to the smallest crystals of chrysolite that have come here as a result of volcanic activity. By the way, natives call chrysolite "Hawaiian diamond", considering it the most valuable among the minerals available on the archipelago.

4. Beach "Barking Sands"( Barking Sands Beach), Hawaii.

Walking along this Hawaiian beach, vacationers hear a sound resembling a dog barking. It should not be frightened - in fact it is creaking quartz sand underfoot. By the way, "Barking Sands" are famous not only for unusual acoustic effects, but also for colorful landscapes, stretching for 27 km.

3. Red Beach, Greece, Santorini.

The bright red sand of this beach has a volcanic origin. Red beach is considered to be the visiting card of the island, and its image invariably meets on postcards and covers of guidebooks. It is noteworthy that the local sand never burns under the sun, but it's still quite uncomfortable to walk around because of sharp edges and a rather large size of grains, comparable to gravel. By the way, Santorini has such a variety of colorful beaches, which you will not find anywhere else in the world. In addition to red, there are black and white beaches.

2. Bowling Ball Beach, USA, California.

The huge rounded stones really resemble the giant balls for bowling. These boulders were polished by surf for long moans of years. The beach is surrounded by rocks, consisting of a fairly soft rock, which is washed away by the sea, supplying it with new "blanks" for the production of bowling balls.

1. Vik Beach, Iceland.

The beach, located on the Atlantic coast, makes an indelible impression due to absolutely black sand. Such an unusual color of sand has because it consists of basalt - the breed that is present in Iceland at every step. Not far from the beach you can see black basalt rocks, and the roar of ocean waves and piercing wind complete the atmosphere of this harsh but very beautiful place.