The most money in the world: beautiful, interesting, unusual

The oldest banknotes in the world are dated to the 8th century. It was money of the times of the Chinese Tang dynasty.

Today, in the era of widespread use of plastic cards, we are still not ready to give up using paper money. In this case, the technology of making notes is becoming more and more perfect, protecting money from forgery. And sometimes the banknotes acquire a rather unusual appearance due to the use of new materials, color and graphics solutions. In today's collection we offer the most interesting, beautiful and unusual bills of the world .


  • 10. Australian dollar
  • 9. Icelandic krone
  • 8. Philippine peso
  • 7. Cook Islands Dollars
  • 6. Kazakhstani tenge
  • 5. Comorian franc
  • 4. Bermuda dollar
  • 3. Samoan hull
  • 2. Swiss franc
  • 1. Canadian dollar
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10. Australian dollar

The money of Australia as if symbolizes the triumph of equality of the sexes. On one side of the banknotes depict the greatest men in the history of the continent, on the other side no less remarkable women. And only a five-dollar bill is decorated with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, who did not have a decent pair.

9. Iceland Krona

A banknote of a denomination of 5000 kroons is noteworthy. On the bill is a skilful seamstress Ragnheydur Jounsdottir. The head of a woman is decorated with a very unusual headdress. By the way, Iceland orders its banknotes in the UK, where they are printed in the royal printing house.

8. Philippine peso

The most interesting is a banknote of 100 thousand Filipino pesos. This bill - the largest in the world in terms of dimensions - it is larger than the A4 sheet. For such outstanding size of the banknote is included in the Guinness Book.

7. Cook Islands Dollars

This monetary unit is non-convertible and has circulation on the Cook Islands along with the New Zealand dollar. Noteworthy notes are that in the course were only three-dollar bills, and they promise to quit soon.

6. Kazakhstan tenge

Banknotes of different denominations differ sharply between each other in size and color. On all banknotes of Kazakhstan on the front side is depicted "Astana-Baiterek" - a monument erected in honor of the country's independence.

5. Comorian franc

The banknote of 1,000 francs won in 2006 in a kind of money beauty contest from the International Bank Note Society. On the bill there is a fisherman floating on a canoe. Not less colorful and other banknotes, which depict flowers, animals and local uncomplicated architecture.

4. Bermuda Dollar

In 2009, a banknote worth $ 2 was awarded the title of the best banknote of the world in a contest conducted by the International Bank Note Society( IBNS).Bermuda currency reflects the wealth of the animal kingdom of the archipelago. On the bills are depicted a blue bird, a frog, blue marlin and other inhabitants of Bermuda.

3. The Samoan Tala

The most interesting design has banknotes of 20 tal, which depicts the waterfall of Sapoaga. On other banknotes one can see palm thickets and a piece of coastline of the island state of Samoa.

2. Swiss franc

Swiss banknotes are among the most colorful in the world. In addition to the color palette, many degrees of protection are used in the manufacture. Since 1976, there have been no recorded cases of a successful forgery of the Swiss franc.

1. Canadian dollar

Banknotes made of polymer materials are known as "plastic" dollars. It is believed that it is practically impossible to forge them. By analogy with the Canadian authorities, money from polymers is produced by about 50 other countries. But the International Association of Currency Affairs is Canadian dollars were in 2013 awarded the "Best new series of banknotes."

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