The most difficult sights

As a rule, the authorities of any country try to provide tourists with the most convenient access to local attractions. However, this does not always happen. In today's collection we will tell you about those places that are attractive for many tourists, it is not easy to get to them.

The most inaccessible sights of the world are remote from the transport infrastructure, they are not always open for free visiting, but they will be accurately remembered for their uniqueness and uniquely worthy of all the efforts spent for their inspection.


  • 7. Kibber village( India)
  • 6. Suspension monastery( China)
  • 5. Island Montecristo( Italy)
  • 4. Porzhensky churchyard( Russia)
  • 3. Monastery Taung Kalat( Myanmar)
  • 2. Shaman pyramidsCape Ryty, Russia)
  • 1. Meteora( Greece)

7. Kibber village( India)

The settlement, located at an altitude of 4200 meters above sea level, is the most high-altitude settlement on the planet, which has electricity and other communications. The village with houses in Tibetan style is interesting and local architecture and stunning natural views. The main trouble among tourists who have crossed the path to this landmark is a mountain sickness that occurs at extreme altitudes because of the rarefied air.

6. Suspension Monastery( China)

At a height of 75 meters above the ground on a stone wall of a canyon at Mount Heng, there is a temple with a total area of ​​152 square meters.meter. The area in which the temple is located, subject to periodic flooding, so the locals came up with such an unusual location for the sanctuary.

5. The island of Montecristo( Italy)

It was about this legendary island was discussed in the novel by Alexandre Dumas. The island is very small( a little over 10 square kilometers) and is part of the Tuscan archipelago, a strictly protected natural reserve. The Italian authorities decided to open the island for tourists to visit, but such permits can be issued no more than three thousand a year.

4. Porzhensky churchyard( Russia)

This wooden skete of the pre-Petrine era is safely hidden in the forests of the Arkhangelsk region. Not every local is able to find a way here. Meanwhile, in the wooden monastery you can admire the well-preserved painting and imbued with the spirit of this special place - in fact it is erected in place of the old pagan temple. The nearest settlement from this landmark is 15 km on foot.

3. Monastery Taung Kalat( Myanmar)

The beautiful monastery was built relatively recently - in the 19th century on top of an old extinct volcano. To get to the monastery, you need to overcome 777 steps leading to a height of 737 meters. In many places, from falling into the abyss of tourists guard only fragile wooden railing.

2. Shaman pyramids( Cape Ryty, Russia)

These mysterious stone structures are located on the shore of the largest, deepest and cleanest Lake Baikal in the Baikal-Lensky Reserve. Disembarkation of tourists at Cape Ryty is prohibited, in addition, local residents are sure that the place is protected by higher forces. Transport to the cape Rytiy does not go, you can get to the shaman pyramids only on foot from the nearby cape Elohin.

1. Meteora( Greece)

The most famous of the inaccessible sights is a group of six picturesque monasteries, located on huge natural pillars of sandstone. In translation from Greek, "meteor" means "hovering in the sky".This miracle is located, far from the popular resorts of Greece. And today, hundreds and thousands of tourists are ready to overcome the hard way to just soar above the earth and imbue with the local spirit of meditation, detachment and prayer.