The best country for living or residence permit in Austria

A foreign citizen and his family, from Russia or other CIS countries, have the opportunity to carry out immigration to Austria, which is the only state that provides for the legal acquisition of permanent residence status;permanent residence in this country, for an unlimited period of time.

Austria differs from other EU countries due to favorable business conditions and ideal living conditions, the indicators of which are presented in the list below:

  • High level of quality of life is the second position in the world ranking of 2013, after Switzerland
  • Vienna is focused on global financial and economiccenters represented by the headquarters of 340 international and international companies
  • In terms of the cost of living - only 19 positions in the world rating
  • Personal safety corresponds tothe highest level in the classification of international standards and ranks third in the world ranking
  • High level in the education system - 7th position in the world ranking
  • The lowest level of organization of strikes in Europe
  • High level of transport infrastructure
  • High level of healthcare system

In this rich and prosperous country, where innovative economy dynamically develops, historical and cultural values, good ecology and beautiful nature are harmoniously combined.

Mountains, lakes, alpine meadows of pristine beauty place in their bosom the best ski resorts operating all year round, as well as hospitable Austrians. In all this can be seen by persons with Austria's origin from their own observations.

The holder of residence permit in Austria for financially independent persons will be able to enjoy such advantages of living in Austria:

  • The possibility of living for you and your family in Austria all year round - 365 days
  • Possibility of obtaining visas from the Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States under the simplified system
  • Possibility of acquisitionAustrian citizenship( optional)
  • Possibility of medical care and insurance paid by a person with a residence permit in Austria
  • Possibility of buying a property without special permits

For financially independent foreigners with immigration in Austria, it is possible to become the holder of the status of "resident of the country entering the Schengen area" in a simplified procedure that reduces bureaucratic procedures to a minimum. After a certain period of residence, you can obtain citizenship and an Austrian passport.

For the category of financially independent persons, residence permit in Austria is issued according to the following requirements:

  • You must have a stable income that allows you to reside in Austria without claiming social benefits - salary, dividends from shares, bank statements in Russia or Austria.
  • Buy or rent real estate in Austria( sufficient footage depending on the number of family members).
  • It is also necessary to pay for medical insurance covering all risks and expenses that will be required to pay for medical services.

Contacting Eurogroup Consult and obtaining a residence permit in Austria, you can move to all EU countries without opening a visa.