The largest airports in the world

The air gate of any state is his business card. Therefore, the governments of many countries do not spare money for the construction of truly colossal airports equipped with the latest technology. Such facilities give jobs to thousands of people, located inside shops, hotels and other infrastructure facilities bring considerable additional profit.

In our today's Top-5 are the largest airports in the world .Russian among them yet, although the largest Moscow airport Domodedovo is rapidly increasing turnover.


  • 5. Tokyo-Haneda International Airport( Japan, Tokyo)
  • 4. Heathrow( UK, London)
  • 3. Hartsfield-Jackson( USA, Atlanta)
  • 2. Shoudu( China, Beijing)
  • 1. Al Maktoum(UAE, Dubai)

5. Tokyo-Haneda International Airport( Japan, Tokyo)

Originally this airport was intended for domestic flights, while the international airport hosted the second capital airport Narita. However, in recent years, most of the Asian airlines have been transferred here, which made the International Airport Tokyo one of the busiest in Asia. The annual passenger flow is about 70 million people.

4. Heathrow( UK, London)

The international air gates of the British capital annually receive 70 million passengers. Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe. By the way, the airport is not very well - the runways were in the lowlands, where the famous London fog is often collected. However, in case of flight delay passengers can pass the time in one of the best in the world stores Duty Free.

3. Hartsfield-Jackson( USA, Atlanta)

The busiest airport in the US accepts 90 million passengers annually. All six halls of the airport are connected by an automated system of passenger transportation - they are comfortable electric trains that do not require the presence of the driver. By the way, in the States, airplanes are the most popular mode of transport for long trips. Local airlines set the cost of the flight, comparable to the cost of land transportation.

2. Shoudu( China, Beijing)

The second largest airport in the world began its work before the Beijing Olympics in 2008.Despite the relatively small occupied area of ​​1.7 square kilometers, the airport of Shoudu receives daily more than a thousand flights. The airport is equipped with the latest technology. Passengers are available high-speed wi-fi internet, and the sorting of luggage of millions of people is fully automatically on the underground floor of the airport."Zest" airport - a winter garden, built in the waiting room, and repeating the gardens of the imperial palace.

1. Al Maktoum( UAE, Dubai)

The project worth $ 33 billion began its work in 2010.Currently, the airport is in the development stage and after the completion of all works, of course, will become the largest in the world. By 2015, the capacity of Al Maktoum Airport will be 160 million people a year. The airport's area together with infrastructure facilities - about 140 thousand square kilometers, which is slightly smaller than the state of Liechtenstein. Al Maktoum is one of the few airports capable of hosting the world's largest passenger airliners Airbus A380.