The most sharp dishes in the world

Today we invite everyone who is bored with fresh kitchen to the table. In the current ten, has collected 's most poignant dishes in the world.

Burning seasonings are traditional for the cuisine of the countries of the East. In a hot climate spices help to preserve foods longer, and also help fight some pathogens of intestinal infections. A lot of ostrenkogo fans are found among Europeans and Americans. By the way, it was the American Wilbur Scovil who proposed a scale for measuring the severity of dishes.

For comparison, Tabasco's classic sauce is estimated at 600-800 Scovillians, and the Tabasco Abanero, which entered our top ten, is already at 5,000-7,000 Scovillians.


  • 10. Kimchi
  • 9. Mama Africa
  • 8. Couscous
  • 7. Phaal
  • 6. Sauce Tabasco Habanero
  • 5. Disgraceful hot pot
  • 4. Bollywood Burner
  • 3. Australian chilli
  • 2. Watermelon is still in use, Mexican
  • 1. Chicken wings «Hot Suicide»

10. Kimchi

Among Koreans, this dish is considered one of the indispensable attributes of any meal. There is an opinion that its moderate consumption contributes to the burning of fats. Kimchi is made from sauerkraut, mainly from Peking cabbage, seasoned with red pepper, ginger, garlic and red pepper. Also this dish is used as a cold remedy.

9. Mama Africa

These South African sauces are made from chili peppers, onions, garlic, carrots and green peppers with many spices: coriander, basil, oregano, ginger and mint. In comparison with Mama Africa, Tabasco's famous sauce will seem unusually fresh. Experienced lovers of sharpened do not recommend even without preparation to smell the African sauce from a short distance.

8. Couscous

The traditional dish of North Africa and the Middle East is cooked in different ways, so in addition to the acute varieties, there are usual and even sweet options. However, for example, couscous with lamb is traditionally cooked with the addition of a variety of spices. A properly cooked dish should burn the sky and tongue.

7. Phaal

This variety of curry is very popular among fans of spicy food. In the phaal there are 10 kinds of pepper, the main one being Bhut Yelekia, brought for acuteness in the Guinness Book of Records. By the way, phaal is often ordered by Europeans and Americans, who want to taste really spicy oriental cuisine.

6. Tabasco Habanero Sauce

This sauce is popular in Caribbean, Mexican and African cuisines. From the classical Tabasco this variety is characterized by the presence of the sharpest pepper of the Abanero variety. By the way, our compatriots tried the recipe for warming peppers - a drop of Tabasco Habanero on a glass of vodka.

5. Shameful hot pot

This Chinese dish can be tried in some restaurants. It is believed that once it was an attribute of one of the sadistic rituals in medieval China. Typically, a tiny portion of the "pot" is enough to get stomach colic.

4. Bollywood Burner

This dish is served in one of the British restaurants. In the menu the culinary masterpiece does not appear - it is prepared exclusively on special order. The composition of the dish includes lamb, rice and 20 chilli peppers of the burning variety Naga Infiniti.

3. Australian chilli

In their attempts to surpass the sharpness of the eastern cuisine, Australians have almost reached the point of absurdity. A teaspoon of Australian chili makes an unbearably hot even a huge bowl of cooked rice. However, this fact did not stop two desperate Australians, who tasted the sauce in its pure form. The experiment ended with hallucinations and gastric lavage.

2. Watermelon in Mexican

Mexicans love watermelon and in its original form, but after a simple preparation the sweet fruit turns into an incredibly spicy dish. Flesh is sprinkled with salt, poured with lime juice and abundantly flavored with pepper. Not every tourist finds the strength to taste this delicacy.

1. Hot Suicide chicken wings

The name of this original dish can be translated as "Burning Suicide".Serve this delicacy in one of the Chicago restaurants. Before you try the delicacy, visitors sign a document according to which they have no claims to the establishment because of possible complications with health. The sharpest chicken wings in the world are served with white bread and sour cream, which are considered a good "antidote" from all sorts of spices.