The highest mountain in Hungary is Kekesh

Which mountain is the highest in Hungary? This question can often be heard from tourists who prefer active recreation. The highest mountain in Hungary is called Kekesh , which translates from English as "bluish".It really has a bluish tinge when viewed from a distance. Framed by floating clouds, Kekesh seems almost luminescent. This is the third most popular tourist attraction in Hungary after Lake Balaton and the Danube. There is a mountain in the territory of the Matra mountain range between the local cities of Gyongyosh and Eger. The height of Kekesh is 1014 meters.

Although Kekesh is not included in the top 10 of the highest mountains in the world, it is very popular. Many tourists begin their hiking to the top of Kekesh from the town of Matrahaz. In addition, if you do not mind paying about 500 forints( 2 dollars), you can climb the elevator to the observation track on the television tower, which is located on Kekesh. It offers a fantastic view of the rest of the city and you can make wonderful photos of the surrounding species. A mild climate all year round and long sunny days make Kekesh a popular summer holiday destination. Even in November-December, when the cities are foggy and cold, at the top on Kekesh is sunny and relatively warm. If you still freeze, you can keep warm in a cafe located in a TV tower. The pride of this institution is an exhibition of mini bottles.

To get to Kekesh, you will either need to rent a car from Budapest or take a direct bus from the Nepliget bus station( Budapest).It runs three times a day, daily. On the way to the mountain will take about 2 hours.

The biggest mountain in Hungary is one of the few ski areas in this country. Hotels and ski slopes are scattered throughout the mountain range of Matra and the conditions vary depending on the weather. This is not the most popular place for skiing in Europe, but there are many entertainments, from night skiing to a restaurant for connoisseurs of Hungarian cuisine. And lovers of nature can make a hike along the slopes of the mountain and go through thick beech forests. This is one of the interesting places where you can go on a New Year's holiday.

The mountain can be visited either alone or in whole families. There, as well as almost everywhere in Hungary, there is a playground for children. Not without tourism souvenirs, so do not forget to please the little Hungarian presenter of relatives and colleagues.