Top 10 Most Interesting Places in Asia

Asia is the largest part of the world, the birthplace of many ancient cultures and the center of attraction for tourists. There are also densely populated city centers with towering skyscrapers rising up, and secluded islands with picturesque beaches. The foreign blog ITsGR9 chose 10 most interesting places in Asia , which are worth a visit.


  • 10. Boracay Island, Philippines
  • 9. Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
  • 8. «Rabbit Island"( Kao Tonsay), Cambodia
  • 7. Bangkok, Thailand
  • 6. Seoul, Korea
  • 5. Bali, Indonesia
  • 4. Tokyo, Japan
  • 3. Hong Kong, China
  • 2. Singapore
  • 1. Beijing, China

10. Boracay Island, Philippines Boracay Beach

with white finest sand - a favorite place for relaxation for local residents and visitors, is one of the most beautifulislands of the world. Carefree atmosphere, exciting nightlife, beach parties, culinary delicacies, luxurious spas, exciting extreme sports - skip this island, the tourist made a big mistake.

9. Fukuok Islands, Vietnam

The coast of Nha Trang Province is the resting place of most locals, here are the best hotels in Vietnam. And tourists can be more interested in the islands of Fukuok with their elegant beaches and clear water, which is perfectly visible to the surrounding coral reefs and their colorful inhabitants. The mountain chain "99 peaks" is replete with waterfalls, plants and rare species of animals.

8. "Hare Island"( Kao Tonsi), Cambodia

The island is located near the mainland, 20 minutes from the city of Kep. In local bungalows there is no TV, no internet, no air conditioning, this has allowed the island to become one of the cheapest resorts in the world. The purpose of the resort is to give the modern person an opportunity to feel unity with nature, which modern technologies can only hinder.

7. Bangkok, Thailand

One of the most interesting places in Thailand, full of chic beaches and first-class restaurants. In this fast-growing capital of Thailand, ancient Buddhist temples coexist with shopping centers of glass and steel. And here there is a huge statue of the Golden Buddha, four and a half meters high, a stunning aquarium inside a multi-storey shopping center and the world's largest open market.

6. Seoul, Korea

Most Westerners with the word "Seoul" imagine something futuristic, but the people of South Korea are true to their cultural heritage. In the center of the city, next to the towers of concrete and steel, are the ancient witnesses of the past of the country. One of them is the palace complex of Gyeongbokgung, the oldest and largest monument of the Joseon Dynasty. However, there was a place for entertainment, in Seoul there is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world.

5. Bali, Indonesia

This island has a unique energy: a strange mixture of sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and volcanoes on the horizon makes tourists feel like a hero of the magazine "Around the World".Here, a tired traveler finds a tropical paradise, where you can just lie down on a chaise longue and not worry about anything. You can visit the spa centers, do water sports, talk with macaques in the monkey forest or visit the "land in the sea" - a temple on a steep rock. Bali belongs to the number of visa-free countries, where you can rest all year round!

4. Tokyo, Japan

The rating of the most interesting places of Asia could not do without the Japanese capital. At the word "Tokyo" in memory, the latest achievements of technology, manga, anime and Harayuzuku quarter come to light. And in fact, this huge, noisy city looks like a boiling cauldron, where the latest trends in technology or fashion are born. Tokyo is also famous for its green zone, huge shopping centers and excellent museums.

3. Hong Kong, China

Here tourists enjoy the magnificent parks and awe at the sight of breathtaking cityscapes, opening from the tops of skyscrapers. And here there are excellent beaches, museums, high-class hotels and world-class restaurants.

2. Singapore

This modern metropolis and at the same time the most expensive city in the world, is an ideal combination of picturesque landscapes and high technologies. In Singapore, there is a fountain of wealth, caught in the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest fountain of the existing. Those who want to increase their capital, you need to make sure that the upper jets of the fountain are turned off, then three times round the fountain clockwise, make a wish and touch the water with the palm of your hand.

1. Beijing, China

The cultural and political capital of China topped the list of the most interesting cities in Asia for tourists. One of the most significant places - Tiananmen Square and the palace complex "Forbidden City".And yet there is an unusual skyscraper, secluded Lamaist monasteries, located in the center of world famous stadiums, and restaurants of amazing local cuisine.