The most famous tourist brands in Russia

Experts of the rating center "Rating", the agency BCGroup and the magazine "Rest in Russia" figured out how and why tourists are lured. In , the rating of the Russian tourist brands of 2017, , includes more than a thousand regional brands, of which 100 most-most were selected and ranked according to the popularity and recognition among respondents. Brands were very diverse - from natural wonders, historical and architectural monuments to special dishes or local products.


  • 10. Sochi
  • 9. VDNH
  • 8. Red Square
  • 7. Tula Gingerbread
  • 6. Isaakievsky Cathedral
  • 5. Bolshoi Theater
  • 4. Peterhof Museum-Reserve
  • 3. The State Hermitage
  • 2. The Moscow Kremlin
  • 1. Tretyakov Gallery

10. Sochi

Opens the list of tourist attractions are not a separate curiosity, and the whole city is Sochi. The beautiful climate, the Black Sea coast( although somewhat dirty, judging by the regularly occurring environmental problems), the wonderful subtropical forests and, of course, the title of the capital of the Olympic Games - all this regularly attracts many tourists to the city. In total, 75% of respondents would like to visit the resorts of Sochi.


The first, but not the only landmark of Moscow, which is included in the top 50 of the largest exhibition facilities in the world. Since 1939, VDNH - one of the favorite places to visit the Muscovites and visitors. Beginning in 2013, the exhibition complex is being reconstructed and converted from a shopping arcade into a cultural object - new exhibitions, museums, lectures and exhibitions are open.80% of those who answered the questions wish to walk around VDNKh.

8. Red Square

Foreigners at the word "Russia" first of all the most famous Red Square pops up in memory. As in the films about France, the Eiffel Tower is always seen from the windows, so in the films about Russia - the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed and the pointed Kremlin towers. True, it seems that the Russians themselves do not cause such a piety - only 73% of respondents would like to visit it.

7. Tula Gingerbread

The only food in the rating - Tula Gingerbread, which since 1954( the year of the renewal of the industrial production of gingerbread according to pre-revolutionary recipes) serves as a visiting card of the city. The whole museum is devoted to the carrot in Tula, and 80% of the respondents would try it.

6. St. Isaac's Cathedral

The largest church in St. Petersburg, St. Isaac's Cathedral - an architectural monument of the XIX century and one of the main attractions of the northern capital. Both the exterior and the interior of the cathedral are worth a thorough inspection, and at the top there is an observation deck with an impressive view of the city.93% would like to go to the cathedral. Such a high rating is due in no small part to the difficult situation around Isaakia, widely spread in the mass media.

5. Bolshoi Theater

That same Bolshoi Theater, whose expanses, as Fyodor assures from Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik, plow space ships. It is so popular that a few years ago, because of the abundance of speculators, was forced to introduce ticket sales through passports.85% of respondents want to see the ballet and listen to the opera.

4. Peterhof Museum-Reserve

One of the most beautiful palace and park monuments in the world, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Trees, flowers, classical architecture of noble proportions and, of course, a lot of beautiful fountains - all this every summer attracts Peterhof and visitors to Petergof. A walk in the shady alleys would be 93% of the respondents.

3. The State Hermitage Museum

The present Hermitage hardly looks like its prototype - a small palace wing, whose name in French means "a place of solitude."Now the main part of the museum occupies five buildings, and it contains more than three million monuments of culture and art, from ancient times to our time. To view the whole of all available exposures must be spent at least a week!88% of those who answered the questions would like to immerse themselves in the art world.

2. The Moscow Kremlin

This monument of architecture will soon turn 1000 years old, because the first mention of it was in 1156.Although he has since been rebuilt many times, but his value has not lost. The characteristic red battlements are another recognizable image of Russia. In the fortress itself, except for the residence of the Russian president and other government facilities, where ordinary tourists still will not be allowed, there is a museum of the Moscow Kremlin.81% of the respondents would like to stroll along the Faceted Chamber and look at the exhibitions of wooden religious sculpture.

1. Tretyakov Gallery

Tops the top most popular tourist brands in Russia, the world's largest collection of Russian works of art. There are many paintings in it, from religious painting of the 11th century to modern art. The gallery is so popular that the people, greedy for culture, are ready to drop doors, just to enjoy the contemplation of masterpieces. And the news in the media about multi-kilometer queues for the exhibitions of Serov, Aivazovsky, the Vinikan Pinakothek only add to the Tretyakovka fame. Stand in the queues would like 92% of the respondents.