The best ski resorts in Finland - rating, map of trails

There are always many travelers who dream of winter holidays, but not in the usual resorts of hospitable Karelia, and somewhere abroad, and in conditions similar to the best ski resorts in Austria, but with more affordable prices for services. Best of all, these requirements are suitable for neighboring Finland, where for a long time enjoy their favorite pastime both experienced West European skiers and beginners in this fascinating business. Often, fans of active and diverse pastime are sent to one of the most famous and advertised by the experts rating ski resorts in Finland .Below we will consider the best of them.


  • Himos
  • Hand
  • Levi
  • Ylläs
  • Vuokatti


There is no question for St. Petersburg skiers where they can find a worthy place for winter holidays abroad. They rush into the quiet and cozy Himos, located not far from Tampere. On its 15 lighted tracks you can enjoy skating and not notice the rapid onset of the evening. The town is considered the unofficial capital of cross-country skiers. Fans of this popular variety of winter entertainment here always accumulate much more than in other places.

Here is one of the most famous dog farms in the country. Huskies who live in it, won in many international competitions, and now with pleasure they roll uneven-aged tourists.


Quite a lot of Russians have long been chosen the best ski resort in Finland, a cozy hand. Being among the coniferous forests, he will surprise those who are here for the first time, by crowds of tourists. Most of its 34 slopes are suitable for both beginners and intermediate-level skiers. A lot of gamblers are amateurs and snowboarders.

In the giant Tellu Night - a famous nightclub - in the evenings young people entertain themselves. Finnish dishes you can please yourself in the "Rukahovi" - a great restaurant, located near the ski slope. For those who cherish their time and dream of finding themselves in a cozy cafe, fitness center, inexpensive shop or a stylish bar, Kumpare halls are opened - a giant shopping and entertainment complex.


All travelers who want to know how everyday life is arranged above the Arctic Circle is worth to go to Levi. This small village has become one of the most sought-after ski resort areas famous for strong frosts of Lapland - this is usually called the northern territories of Finland. It is with 43 slopes considered a true winter paradise for young skiers. Especially for them there are 10 excellent tracks. Due to bright illumination, vacationers do not have problems due to a long polar night.

In the village and its surroundings, guests can taste local treats and other dishes in more than 40 restaurants, bars and cafes. They always want to visit the famous Tuikku - an unusual institution, located on a snow-covered slope, known for its viewing platform. Here on sunny days, travelers in light clothing with pleasure sunbathe on a spacious terrace, and during the polar night admiring the variegated colors of the northern lights.


The majority of holidaymakers in the quiet Ylläs are those who are just starting to try their hand at mastering the mountain slopes. For them, the doors of two magnificent ski schools are open here. Almost all local bars for convenience of the guests of the ski resort of Finland are located next to the ski slopes.

Fans of fine dishes are waiting for several restaurants in the local hotels. Among them stand out Saaga, offering Lappish dishes, and Sport &Safari, where you can not only have a hearty lunch, but also watch sports on large TV screens. In the picturesque Ylläsa also there is waiting for a frenzied ride on 63 magnificent trails. The longest of them stretches almost 3 thousand meters. Do not remain deprived and young skiers, for which a separate descent is equipped. And those who dream of admiring the Northern Lights can do it on one of the happy evenings.


Although Finland can not please the passionate admirers of skiing with high mountain ranges, all the same in Vuokatti every vacationer, even an experienced athlete, will be able to find suitable descents. Among the 13 magnificent local trails, those that will suit tourists who feel confident on snow-covered slopes prevail. For snowboarders there is a special tunnel, where they can train even in the summer. The doors of the Ice Arena are open to fans of skates. You can ride cross-country skiing not only on the snow-covered highway, but also on a special tunnel.

There is even a small farm, where a flock of clever sled dogs has settled down. If you want, you can ride on a fast dog team, or on easily managed snowmobiles, especially since the area, known for its dense forests and lakes, has a fairy-tale beauty. As many as 10 restaurants are waiting for skiers tired of skiing. Of these, Amarillo is distinguished, where excellent Mexican dishes are served, and A la Katti, offering sandwiches and simple Finnish food. In the evening Vuokatti, it's easy to relax at discos in Night Cat, Naapuriuvaaren and other local bars and clubs.

We have not considered all the best ski resorts in Finland above, but this country is usually associated with them. The advantage of winter recreation here is considered to be a fairly long duration of the season almost throughout the state. You can come here in the last weeks of October, and resort complexes are closed not earlier than April. It is also interesting that the season in places above the Arctic Circle does not end even in summer. Consequently, skiers come here during the entire calendar year.