The best free apps for tourists

When you are on the road, the best friend and guidebook can become a phone. Applications for mobile devices are like guiding stars: they can direct you to the right hotel, show a map of the city, help book a plane ticket, and even tell you where there is "free" Wi-Fi.

We present to you useful free applications for travelers .This top 10 programs for iOS and Android platforms are based on data and the most popular Google play apps.


  • 10. TripIt
  • 9. Wi-Fi Finder
  • 8. Yelp
  • 7. Maps. Me
  • 6.
  • 5. XE Currency Converter
  • 4. Google Maps
  • 3. TripAdvisor
  • 2. 2GIS -maps and directories
  • 1. Waze

10. TripIt

Remind about the need to book a hotel room or check in for a flight, will make a detailed plan for the trip, show the best route from the station or airport to the destination, indicating the time and distance. Warn about opening a check-in on the plane. The only drawback of the program is that there is no support for the Russian language.

9. Wi-Fi Finder

Want to know where in an unfamiliar city there are free or cheap Wi-Fi access points? Then install the Wi-Fi Finder application. Just do not forget to enable Mobile Data.

8. Yelp

A guide to the institutions and services of different cities in the world. While some other travel apps contain traveler reviews, the Yelp recommendations base is replenished thanks to the local residents. The program is especially good for those who are interested in reviews of restaurants, but will also help find a car service center, a shop, a clinic and other places that you may visit during your trip.

7. Maps. Me

Detailed maps of all cities in the world, available offline, and more accurate than in Google Maps( when it comes to little visited corners of the planet).Any card can be downloaded for free. You can bookmark on interesting places. The map will show the shortest route to your destination.


This application helps you quickly book a room in one of 510 thousand hotels in 200 countries. To save money, you can use the special option of the application called "Local offers for today".It includes favorable offers of the day and discounts for last minute bookings.

5. XE Currency Converter

Knowing the exchange rate for a traveler is almost as necessary as knowing how to order beer in a local language. The XE Currency Converter application allows you to quickly calculate prices and save the latest calculations, so that it works even when your device is not connected to the Internet.

4. Google Maps

Excellent GPS navigation system with voice navigation, directly from your mobile device. Google Maps detects traffic jams, crashes, or road works and automatically offers you a faster route. In the application there are maps of 220 countries, 15 thousand cities and a description of 100 million places. You can see the interior of the chosen restaurant or museum, virtually walk along different streets of the city.

3. TripAdvisor

The top three travel applications include an application that collects photos and reviews of millions of travelers about the cities, entertainment, resorts and attractions they have visited. TripAdvisor will help you compare the cost of air tickets, find cheap air tickets, hotels and cafes with a good reputation and cuisine.

2. 2GIS maps and reference books

It will be useful for tourists traveling in Russia. An application that does not require access to the network, tells you where you are at the moment, and what interesting places( cafes, restaurants, shops) are nearby. It is possible to choose the best route to the destination by car and public transport.

1. Waze

This application, which topped the top free programs in the "Travel" section of the Google play , is designed for road navigation. It informs about potholes, accidents, "ambushes" of DPS crews, closed roads, etc. While Google Maps will tell you about the major traffic problems, Waze will tell you about the smallest nuances of the route. This application is popular with taxi drivers and buses, but it is useful for tourists traveling by their own vehicles. The only drawback: the program, even in the background, quickly "eats" the battery.