Top 10 islands that can afford not only millionaires

Everyone thinks that only a person who has on his account an amount with nine or at least six zeros can afford his own island. However, this is a stereotype. We found islands that can afford not only millionaires.

The world is much more interesting and wider than we used to think. And if we depart from the usual format, it may turn out that even a person who does not possess such a significant condition can realize his dream of his own paradise island.

For fans of secluded recreation in the most beautiful places on the planet, we have prepared a list of 10 islands that you can buy right now at a price much cheaper than a million dollars. All of them are located in different parts of the world, and on each of them you want to actually remain forever.


1. Wild Cane Cay

  • 2. Swains Kay Andros
  • 3. Nukudaru
  • 4. Lovango Kay
  • 5. Cayo Iguana
  • 6. Mavuva
  • 7. Island near Belize
  • 8. Dadman Kay
  • 9. Nameless islandAlaska
  • 10. East Sister Rock
  • 1. Wild Cane Cay

    The price of the issue is 360 thousand $.For this amount, you will get 1.4 hectares of completely free of land development in Central America off the Panamanian coast.

    The island offers beautiful coconut groves, its own sandy bay and perfectly clear sea water.

    If the sea is calm, you can get here by boat. The main means for transportation to the island is a helicopter.

    2. Swains Kay Andros

    This lot will be yours for 525 000 dollars. A small island in the Bahamas managed to get on the list of the cheapest islands. On 90 acres of sushi here you will find your own bungalow, which has two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This is a favorite place for pilgrimage among lovers of fishing.

    With transport to Swain's Cay is easier. From Nassau to the nearest reef, an airplane flies 4 times a week.

    3. Nukudaru

    Unfortunately, we will not tell you the price of the whole object. The plot is sold by separate lots, the cost and terms of each purchase are different. The owner provides it on request.

    The island is next to the state of Fiji. On 189 hectares of total area you can place an entire organized resort, as well as purchase its piece for personal use. Fishing, diving are the favorite activities of travelers here.

    Usually the island gets on the water from the neighboring Savusavu, but when it's reflux, you can also drive here by car.

    4. Lovango Kay

    2 hectares of paradise beauty are part of the American Virgin Islands, which are an ornament of the Caribbean Sea. The cost of the seller also reports on request. It is known that you can get here only on the water, because the island has its own small pier on a single beach. The rest of the coast is covered with forest and cliffs.

    Beauty, transparent bays and excellent service await you here. On the territory of the island there is a laxtery hotel.

    5. Cayo Iguana

    Greenery all year round, own coves spacious house for three bedrooms and two bathrooms will become yours for only 750 thousand dollars. All this is located near Nicaragua on the east side, while it is located on two hectares of the area.

    6. Mavuva

    Excellent offer for a combination of price and quality. A large area of ​​17 hectares off the coast of Fiji, while only for 75-125 thousand dollars!

    This lot can be attributed to one of the most accessible to purchase the islands of the world.

    7. Island near Belize

    If the previous lot was the cheapest, then this island can be attributed to the smallest objects. It is small in area( only 57 acres), but the huge number of exotic fish, the inhabited underwater world and perfectly clear water will provide you with the most delicious fishing and many exciting discoveries during the scuba dive.

    By the way, kitesurfing here is also beautiful. The price of happiness is 225 thousand dollars, and you can give the island its own name.

    8. Dadman Kay

    Another place for Bailey. With a small difference in price compared to the previous one, this one is sold for $ 299 thousand. You can get at the disposal of 57 hectares of own land. The waters off the coast are always calm, because the island is protected from all sides by coral reefs. For the same reason, the Island of Dedman is famous for its magnificent biting. Mecca for sea fishermen!

    9. Anonymous island near Alaska

    Do you think that paradise rest is possible only in the tropical seas? Our next object will break your confidence. Near Alaska there is another nameless island, which is worthy of the most satiated tourist's impressions.

    A small area( total 73 hundred parts), surrounded on all sides by picturesque rocks, as well as covered with coniferous forest. Here, the buyer is waiting for the prepared sites for building, as well as the prospect of spending many hours for catching shrimps, crabs and shellfish, which in these waters have an incomparable taste.

    10. East Sister Rock

    We will complete the list of 10 islands that you can buy right now, not quite typical representative of cheap real estate, but it deserves attention. Everything here is magnificent( from a chic view of the Atlantic Ocean to a modern villa with three bedrooms and simply chic bathrooms).

    High ceilings, open guest area, glass sliding doors and natural wooden floors - everything here is created for pleasure and bliss. In addition, the island has a separate guest house, as well as its own helipad.

    And if you want diversity and fun on the island, then just a couple of minutes on a yacht or boat you will find yourself on the rugged Florida coast, where there is enough entertainment for everyone.

    Downshift is a great way to find peace and inner harmony. And it is not necessary to dig a dugout in the forest. Live in peace and harmony with nature on your own island - what can be more beautiful!