The best hotels in Bulgaria, rating 2016

In a crisis, not all tourists can afford to rest, where they are accustomed. An up-to-date search was made for analogues of the usual Egypt and Turkey. One of the most inexpensive and high-quality options is Bulgaria. To help the tourist make a choice can site TopHotels - the leading Russian Internet directory of hotels. On the basis of the site's data, selected the best hotels of Bulgaria 2016 of the year of various star.

Hotel ratings for 2016:

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  • 10. Kaliakra Superior 4 *
  • 9. Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 *
  • 8. Helena Park 5 *
  • 7. Petrov 3 *
  • 6. Neptun Beach 4 *
  • 5. Copacabana 2 *
  • 4. DIT Majestic Beach Resort 4 *
  • 3. Club Hotel Miramar 4 *
  • 2. Tabanov Beach 3 *
  • 1. Primoretz Grand Hotel and Spa 5 *

10. Kaliakra Superior 4 *

Hotel Rating:4,77

This hotel of the hotel type is located in a cozy quiet place - the village of Albena on the beach. Pros - quick settling, great animation( fun, but not annoying), good beach and timely and high-quality room cleaning. Of the minuses - you may need to adapt to the local cuisine, especially if you are not a fan of spices.

9. Sunrise All Suites Resort 4 *

Rating: 4.78

If you are looking for the best hotels in Bulgaria on an all inclusive basis for families with children, then consider this option. Good food, ice cream in unlimited quantities( for adults - alcohol of local Bulgarian production).Spacious rooms, unobtrusive service, and nearby is the water park, where the entrance for children below 120 cm is free.

8. Helena Park 5 *

Rating: 4.79

There is a gym, massage, spa, three types of baths, tennis courts, volleyball. Excellent food, a spacious beach with lots of sun beds. A small minus is a bad connection between employees at the reception and the administration of the spa;if a holidaymaker wants, for example, to play tennis, he will have to walk around the hotel himself and look for responsible employees.

7. Petrov 3 *

Rating: 4.79

This small, family-run hotel offers a homely atmosphere, coziness and order. On the terrace, you can take umbrellas and sun loungers for free, and just ten steps down the stairs is enough to swim. There are no night restaurants nearby, so no one will interfere with a good night's sleep.

6. Neptun Beach 4 *

Rating: 4.81

Another Bulgarian hotel located in Sunny Beach. Excellent service, excellent and varied food. For children there is ice cream and Russian-speaking animators. The building is located near the beach, around a lot of shops and shopping stalls;there is even an amusement park. Minus - there are few sun loungers by the pool and there is a quiet war for them.

5. Copacabana 2 *

Rating: 4.81

Economical option for crisis circumstances. The best budget hotel is located in the first line, the sea is within walking distance. The pool is small, but very clean. The rooms are spacious and bright, cleaning daily, there is everything for a pleasant stay, including wifi. Nearby there is a bus stop, from where you can very quickly reach the city center of Ravda.

4. DIT Majestic Beach Resort 4 *

Rating: 4,85

And another good hotel in Bulgaria, located in Sunny Beach. The hotel area is extensive and clean, large swimming pools, varied and abundant food, the sea is two minutes away. Daytime animation is quite ordinary, but the evening is more designed for foreigners, and Russian people jokes are incomprehensible. But you can go either to the embankment with a lot of bars and discos, or just stroll along the shore, enjoying the views.

3. Club Hotel Miramar 4 *

Rating: 4.87

Excellent choice for traveling with children. There is also animation( cheerful, but not obtrusive), playgrounds and a club, a mini water park, a special children's menu - parents can not worry about choosing food for their child.

2. Tabanov Beach 3 *

Rating: 4,88

This small family hotel is located on the outskirts of a small seaside town of Sozopol, within walking distance are two supermarkets, and the sea is about five minutes away. Under the mood you can walk to the historic center of the city, which is also very close. The room has everything you need - refrigerator, TV, hairdryer and wifi router with a good connection speed.

1. Primoretz Grand Hotel and Spa 5 *

Rating: 4.93

Top Bulgarian hotels is a five-star hotel with the spoken name "Primorets" in the city of Burgas. It first of all will suit connoisseurs of silence and good service( there is no animation and playgrounds).The spa in the hotel is simply luxurious - a huge swimming pool, a heated pool and a jacuzzi, a sauna-hammam, various types of massage. Excellent and varied food for every taste and courteous and friendly staff are attached.