Hotel charts Sharm el Sheikh 2014

Sharm El Sheikh is actually one of the first resorts erected directly on the Red Sea of ​​Egypt. It is an extensive tourist area, which stretches along the Red Sea line for a length of 35 km. Not surprisingly, Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most popular resorts in Egypt. Here tourists are waiting for some of the best Egyptian resorts, famous nightclubs, casinos, sports grounds, elite shopping centers, beaches and hotels, which must be paid attention in the first place.

Today we will find out which hotel in Sharm El Sheikh resort it is desirable to stay. We present the rating of the best hotels in Sharm El Sheikh 2014 of the year.

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  • 6. Regency Plaza 5 *
  • 5. Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 *
  • 4. Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland 5 *
  • 3. Poinciana Sharm Resort 4 *
  • 2. Dessole RoyalRojana Resort 5*
  • 1. AA Amwaj Hotel &Resort 5 *

6. Regency Plaza 5 *

Advantages. Large area of ​​the hotel, well appointed and beautiful. Elegant terrace, round the clock service. Aquapark for children. Swimming pools. Convenient location of the buildings, not far from the airport, nice sandy beach. A fine clean sea, which is perfect for young children. Friendly and helpful staff. Animation.

Disadvantages. The declared five stars hotel does not hold out. Meager food. Old rooms. Sea without corals, old deckchairs. There is no free wifi.

5. Mexicana Sharm Resort 4 *

Advantages. Well-groomed and beautiful territory, friendly staff, food, service. Pleasant hotel. Own sandy beach on 2 lines. Sports entertainment, massage, billiards, diving courses, catamaran, diving center.

Disadvantages. The beach is rocky, the rooms are old. Remoteness from the sea. Few entertainment programs.

4. Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland 5 *

Advantages. 7 swimming pools, children's pool, aqua, Jacuzzi, good coral beach, large green area. Close to the airport. Cozy location of the buildings. Beautiful green territory, food, goodwill. The food is good - varied, tasty food.

Disadvantages. In the pools there is cold water. Almost no animation. Old rooms. The distance to the beach is great. Disco is not. Obsessive and impudent staff, staff.

3. Poinciana Sharm Resort 4 *

Advantages. Big beautiful and clean territory, security, two swimming pools. Polite staff who speaks Russian. Good food, the technique works well. Clean pool, good location, beautiful sea. The proximity to the airport, across the road is Il Mercato. There is a small amount of people on the beach and in the dining room.

Disadvantages. Weak animation, 90% of the hotel population - Arabs from Jordan and Egypt. It is located on the second coastline, the beaches are far from the hotel. The rooms are not of the best quality.

2. Dessole RoyalRojana Resort 5 *

Advantages. The resort is protected from strong winds by a chain of mountains, the sea in Sharks Bay lagoon is always warm, there are no high waves and strong currents. Large green area, interesting sea, excellent food, good pool, location, animation. Russian-speaking staff, gym, SPA, disco. Orientation to children's leisure. Close to the airport.99% of holidaymakers are Russian speakers.

Disadvantages. A slightly outdated number of rooms, not very high-quality room cleaning.

1. AA Amwaj Hotel &Resort 5 *

Our rating is led by Best Hotel Sharm El Sheikh for 2014 - AA Amwaj Hotel &Resort 5 *.

Advantages. Good hotel with 304 rooms. All the rooms are decorated in a classic style, they are equipped with comfortable and modern furniture. Almost every room allows you to enjoy the view of the sea. There are cafes, restaurants, bars, 2 outdoor pools, beauty salon, SPA center, sauna, jacuzzi, gym, massage, conference room, animation, aerobics, billiards, tennis, diving, evening show, water sports,live music, room service.

Disadvantages. The open sea, this means that the wind is possible. Access to the beach is limited.