The most popular inexpensive accessories for travelers

Traveling with comfort is possible even in remote corners of the planet, if you know what to put in a suitcase. Travel + Leisure magazine, popular with travelers around the world, conducted a survey of more than a thousand tourists in order to find out which inexpensive useful accessories allow them to feel comfortable in any country.


  • 10. Cotton sticks and disks
  • 9. Aroma of the house
  • 8. Liquid iron
  • 7. Foldable water tank
  • 6. A socket that is always with you
  • 5. I carry all my belongings with me
  • 4. The container for small things
  • 3. Weight control
  • 2. Order above all
  • 1. Clothing for bottle

10. Cotton sticks and disks

These simple hygiene items open top-10 tourist secrets. Surprisingly, many travelers prefer to stockpile them in advance. Cotton buds are an indispensable item when you need to fix the superimposed makeup, treat the wound, apply ointment or clean the laptop keyboard.

9. Aroma of the house

Many tourists use candles for relaxation to relieve tension from a flight or a long trip. A pleasant aroma will help to relax and easily fall asleep. If you have already chosen a couple of places to go for the New Year holidays in 2017, then take the candles with you, so as not to miss your home.

8. Liquid iron

Nobody wants to look sloppy, and clothes in a suitcase, even folded in the most thorough way, still crumples. Some carry road irons, while others resort to a simpler and more elegant solution, which also weighs less - to a spray for smoothing clothes. It's enough just to lay out a thing on the bed or hang it on a hanger, sprinkle with a spray, and you can already appear in public.

7. Foldable water tank

From cannier-like canisters to roll-up bottles, modern technology has come to the aid of travelers. And it is convenient, and it is not necessary to search in vain for a place for garbage( which is a big problem outside the city) or to carry back packages with empty plastic bottles, and even more so it is inadmissible to leave piles of garbage on green grass. And in the folded form, the folding capacity takes up very little space.

6. Socket that is always with you

Portable charger( external battery, it's also Power Bank) - an indispensable subject for those who want to stay in touch with friends and relatives during the holidays, learn news, write in social networks, watchmovies and reading books.

5. I carry all my belongings with myself

Many tourists and tourists prefer to use only hygiene products, proven by personal experience. In different countries for their production can use different substances and technologies, unusual for travelers. Nobody wants to spend the whole day with the temperature and allergic spots of the rash all over the body instead of the beach. Therefore, often seasoned tourists take with them a set of containers, which pour the usual, time-tested funds - shampoos, liquid soap, even cosmetic products like milk for the body. Capacities are small and weigh only 100 mg - this will last about a week.

4. Container for trifles

Another must-have for travelers is a compact organizer with many offices, where you can pack all small items that strive to crumble all over the suitcase. There you can put almost everything from hygiene items( combs, toothbrushes, pastes, shower gel, etc.), small first-aid kits, jewelry, cosmetics and much more. It will be useful to have one more organizer folder for documents.

3. Weight control

Foldable mini-scales are very useful for fans to please relatives with souvenirs or visitors of grandiose Italian sales. With their help, you can make sure that the weight of the suitcase does not go beyond the boundaries set by the air companies.

2. Order above all

In the second place was a simple piece of paper( or a page in a mobile device), on which every real tourist compiles a list of necessary things. In addition, the list will help to check the presence and state of things during the journey.

1. Bottle clothes

And the leader of the rating and the most popular accessory for travelers were the covers for containers with drinking water( bottles, jars) that can protect them from damage while carrying in baggage. Apparently, the loaders of railway stations and airports around the world do not differ in the careful attitude to the suitcases of passengers.