The best ski resorts in Austria - rating

Often this small and cozy country is associated with active tourists with Viennese palace complexes, ancient parks, excellent slopes and the best ski resorts in Austria. In winter, the magnificence of the natural landscapes of the republic becomes even more impressive, which attracts both connoisseurs of snow-covered mountain descents and ordinary tourists, while uncertainly skiing but ready for the sake of adrenaline and fairytale landscapes to go on an exciting journey. Of all the famous resort areas of its hospitable country, the Austrians often recommend some of their most favorite places. Here, foreigners are waiting for different opportunities for a fascinating and useful winter pastime.


  • Bad Gastein
  • Zell am See
  • Lech
  • Mayrhofen
  • St. Anton
    • What is in common with the best ski resorts in Austria

Bad Gastein

Austria's best ski resorts are extremely diverse, with several locations available in the firstturn for wealthy holidaymakers because of the rather high prices for all kinds of services. One of them is Bad Gastein, also well known for thermal springs and wellness centers. Winter gives its guests a unique opportunity to combine pleasant skiing with useful radon baths. And for tourists with a limited budget ski resorts in Finland are good.

All 220 km of snow-covered trails are filled with skiers, differently prepared for the conquest of mountain slopes. The city does not boast a wide variety of entertainment facilities, but everyone knows the casino and Gatz, a democratic bar, where young fans of snowboarding and downhill skiing prefer to have fun.

Zell am See

Thanks to the picturesque lake surroundings around Zell am See - a quiet old town - striking travelers with fabulous beauty. Most of the 77 km of local trails are filled with beginners or confidently skiing holidaymakers.

From this city you can easily and quickly reach the net even in the summer of the glacier. As a result, skiers in these places appear not only in the winter months, but also in the off-season, and also in the summer. Among the frequent guests of Zell am See you can meet beginners and cross-country skiers. To relax the guests after many hours of skiing, for them more than 150 restaurants, bars and cafes are open.


Despite the many drinking establishments, Lekh is a small resort village - it's unlikely to appeal to lovers of noisy discos and carefree fun. First of all, they come here for the sake of skiing and snowboarding. Of the 55 well-equipped trails, each guest will be able to find exactly the one that will satisfy his wishes. Do not leave without business and young travelers. Separately from their parents, they are entertained on a 1.2-kilometer track specially equipped for them.

Many passionate gourmets, not indifferent to the magnificent Austrian wine and national dishes, also visit the village. In the evenings, to taste cheese fondue and drink a glass of fine wine, visitors gather at cozy tables in stylish Krone Stuben, more democratic Angelika Kauffmann or in some other restaurant. For tourists considering the best ski resorts in Austria, the rating of Lech village is far from being the last.


Half of the 136 km of magnificent trails around Mayrhofen, a small Austrian village, is for those who already feel quite confident in skiing, but have not yet become professionals. There are many descents here and for those who are just beginning to show themselves in this winter entertainment. However, experts also look at this resort, which is considered a youth resort.

Mayrhofen is also known for the White Lounge, an unusual igloo hotel in which ice lovers seek to spend time with thrill seekers. But most vacationers prefer to have fun at night in the Ice Bar, famous for its relaxed atmosphere, or in some other club. In the afternoon, such establishments as the White Lounge and Freiraum, become magnificent observation platforms due to their location on the mountain slopes.

St. Anton

If one of the curious tourists wants to find out where the first ski cubes appeared on the European continent, then it is believed that St. Anton was this place. Now this ski resort in Austria is known for its complex descents and magnificent training centers for beginners and children. Most of the 305 km of local trails have long been chosen by professionals who demonstrate extraordinarily virtuosic skating. If you wish, everyone can drive around St. Anton and the surrounding area on a sleigh drawn by fast horses.

The village also has a fairly large ice rink, which was "occupied" by adolescents and young people. After active participation in winter entertainment, vacationers are pleased to get acquainted with the taste of Austrian dishes in one of the 80 restaurants. Young people dance almost until the morning in the Underground - a democratic English club. Always crowded with a cheerful audience is the cozy Mooserwirt - one of the most famous bars not only of St. Anton, but of the whole Tyrol. Lunch or dinner in Galzig Verwall, a high-altitude restaurant, is a gift for those who are looking for a viewing platform to appreciate the beauty of the snow-capped peaks.

What is in common with the best ski resorts in Austria

Although small towns and quiet villages in mountainous Austria are distinctive, and their inhabitants always try to emphasize this, there are many common features between them. Especially this applies to the places mentioned, which became the leaders of winter recreation:

  • in almost every of the mentioned places the beginning of the season is December;
  • they often stop receiving guests at the end of March;
  • in every town or village, tourists will certainly find a lot of entertainment bars and restaurants;
  • cost of a weekly ski pass, which is universally available for purchase, is 295 €.

The main thing that can be found in every town or village is the benevolence of both locals and staff. The high rating of the ski resorts in Austria determines the popularity of the country with multinational travelers.