Rating of the most common complaints about Russian hotels

The Association of Tour Operators of Russia( ATOR) analyzed 5 thousand reviews of people who rested in summer 2015 in various Russian hotels and sanatoriums. Based on these reviews, has compiled a rating of the most common complaints about Russian hotels .

Most of the reviews( 75%) were positive, the remaining 25% - negative. At the same time, a quarter of positive reviews are custom-made and written on the orders of hoteliers.

So, what are the displeased tourists who decided to visit domestic hotels?


  • 7. Discrepancy between the description and photos on the
  • website 6. Nonconformity of the price to the quality of
  • 5. Problems with cleaning in rooms
  • 4. The technician and plumber
  • does not work 3. Poor nutrition
  • 2. Poorly trained, inhospitable, rude personnel
  • 1. The quality of the room fund

7. Inconsistency of the description and photos on the site

6% of users noted the inconsistency of the fascinating photos on the site of the hotel and what they saw in fact. Because of the "masters of Photoshop" a tourist's holiday can be seriously spoiled. Few people are pleased to see instead of a beautiful spacious room, a shabby cramped room or admire the views of the garbage dump instead of a pine grove.

6. Non-compliance of the price to the quality of

6% of tourists complained that the room cost was much higher than its quality.

5. Problems with cleaning in the rooms

With this defect associated 8% of negative feedback. In one review, concerning the sanatorium in Belokurikha, it is said that the rest had to run after the maid to change the towel, brought toilet paper, soap, etc. Garbage did not clean the week and the problem was solved only after the guests turned to the reception.

4. Technique and plumbing

does not work With the inability to use these benefits of civilization, 8% of Russian tourists came across. Since the reviews are related to summer vacation, it is easy to imagine what it is like living in a room with a non-working air-conditioner, when the heat is over 30 degrees on the street.

3. Poor nutrition

With poorly cooked, stale or monotonous food, 9% of negative reviews about visits to hotels and sanatoriums in Russia are associated. Some tourists note that live cockroaches ran on prepared dishes, and in the served portions came "cooked", dead insects. Sometimes in food come across and such unappetizing "spices" as hair.

2. Poorly trained, unfriendly, rude staff

A boorish or frankly unfriendly attitude of service personnel in hotel complexes and boarding houses complained to 15% of holidaymakers. Some hotel staff perceive their work as a heavy duty, and lodgers - as an annoying element of the landscape, from which it is better to "get rid" faster.

1. Quality of the room fund

This claim( 17%) ranks first in the top 7 most frequent complaints of guests of domestic hotels. The spots on the mattresses and the bedbugs below, the cockroaches running along the walls - this picture can terrify even a person accustomed to Spartan conditions. What can we say about tourists who come to hotels to relax and relax.

According to Maya Lomidze, the head of ATOR, due to the low service of hotels, those residents of Russia who used to have a rest in Turkey and Egypt can stay at home, refusing to rest in the Crimean or Krasnodar resorts.