Best hotels in Cyprus, rating 2016

Cyprus enjoys unflagging love among Russian tourists - mild climate, warm sea, excellent beaches and an abundance of historical monuments speak for themselves. To visit this small island state, there is enough so called."Provisions", which can be issued for a day and without fees.

There are a lot of hotel facilities in Cyprus, so we selected the best Cyprus hotels from them based on the information provided by TopHotels - the most popular hotel directory on the Russian Internet.


  • 10. Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol 5 *
  • 9. Amphora Hotel &Suites 4 *
  • 8. Sunrise Gardens 3 *
  • 7. Elysium 5 *
  • 6. Anassa 5 *
  • 5. Four Seasons 5 *
  • 4. Coral Thalassa Boutique Hotel &Spa 5 *
  • 3. Constantinou Bros Pioneer Beach Hotel 4 *
  • 2. Sunrise Pearl &Spa 5 *
  • 1. Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites Hotel 5 *

10. Amathus Beach Hotel Limassol 5 *

Hotel rating: 4,76

Hotel in Limassol fully corresponds to its five stars - there is a spa, gym, tennis courts, a variety of restaurants and bars, a children's club, a swimming pool and a playground, as well as two own beaches.

9. Amphora Hotel &Suites 4 *

Rating: 4,77

This four-star hotel is a few small buildings with a separate entrance to the rooms, with all the windows overlooking the sea. Of the minuses - the beach "natural look", with algae, although it is highlighted in the dark, and there is no entertainment program for young children.

8. Sunrise Gardens 3 *

Rating: 4,79

This is the only three-star hotel that is included in the rating of hotels in Cyprus. It is located in the small resort town of Protaras, and just two minutes walk from the main street with an abundance of shops and restaurants with a cafe. The hotel is small, with a warm home atmosphere;there are Russian-speaking employees. But it takes about five minutes to get to the beach, and it does not belong to the hotel.

7. Elysium 5 *

Rating: 4.79

Not far from the historical monument "The Tombs of the King" is the hotel in five stars Elysium. He completely works every star: friendly staff, excellent menu, spacious and fully staffed rooms. A beach of dark gray volcanic sand can be unpleasant to the feet, so it's worth getting slippers with a dense soles.

6. Anassa 5 *

Rating: 4.85

In a 45-minute drive from Paphos airport in the protected area is a five-star hotel, decorated in the form of a traditional Cypriot village - all the hotel buildings are not higher than three floors and literally buried in greenery. On the territory there are bars, restaurants, a spa and a children's development center.

5. Four Seasons 5 *

Rating: 4,86 ​​

Five-star hotel is located 8 km from the most fun and cosmopolitan city of Cyprus - Limassol. The hotel's beach received the Blue Flag for safety and cleanliness from the European Community. Fans of seafood will appreciate the restaurant "Laminaki" in the nearby "Amathus" - the Four Seasons and "Amathus" general restaurant program.

4. Coral Thalassa Boutique Hotel &Spa 5 *

Rating: 4,87

This 5-star hotel is located on a small peninsula in Coral Bay, close to the center of Paphos and is washed by sea from both sides. The hotel is for people from sixteen years old, so that the guests are provided with peace and quiet.

3. Constantinou Bros Pioneer Beach Hotel 4 *

Rating: 4,88

Animation in a four-star hotel at altitude - there is yoga and dancing in the evenings, but this does not interfere with rest. Nearby is the water park, and the city with its richest cultural treasures can be reached by a regular walking bus. Of the minuses - the beach, like many others in Paphos, is not very beautiful in appearance;bathe in the main with the pontoon, although you can go from shore.

2. Sunrise Pearl &Spa 5 *

Rating: 4.93

This five-star establishment is located an hour's drive from Larnaca Airport. The hotel has its own beach, where outsiders are not allowed. Each guest gets a personal umbrella and sun loungers. In addition to the beauty parlors, the spa has a sauna, swimming pools, fitness center and even a snow camera. But the tourist needs to know that drinking water in Sunrise Pearl &Spa is expensive.

1. Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites Hotel 5 *

Rating: 4.94

The leader in the list of "the best hotels in Cyprus, 5 stars, all inclusive" - ​​five-star hotel in Paphos. The rooms have everything for relaxation and comfort - from wi-fi to the safe, mini-bar and coffee machine, not to mention dressing gowns, slippers and hair dryers. Power is excellent - cooks prepare meals according to the desires of guests, dinner is accompanied by live music, on the beach waiters carry fruit, ice cream and beer. True, the hotel is not suitable for couples with young children - here do not accept guests up to 16 years.