Top-10 tour operators in Russia, 2017 rating

Free days in modern man are infrequent, and their value is great. Therefore, it is especially unpleasant when a carefully planned vacation suddenly turns out to be quite different than expected. And triple offensively, if the reason lies in the mistakes or direct dishonesty of the travel company, which bought a tour. The company Travelata, which has been cooperating with various tourist organizations for many years, has compiled the list of the best tour operators in Russia for . The reliability rating for 2017 includes 24 major tourism companies that have been rated by 10 criteria. These include: the size of assets, the number of offers, the duration of the work in the market, reliability and, of course, customer reviews.

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  • 10. Mouzenidis Travel
  • 9. Biblio Globe
  • 8. Anex Tour
  • 7. Natalie Tours
  • 6. Intourist
  • 5. Pegas Touristik
  • 4. Sunmar Tour
  • 3. TEZ TOUR
  • 2. TUI
  • 1. CoralTravel

10. Mouzenidis Travel

Opens the top 10 of 2016-2017.Muzenidis is a company that deals exclusively with Greece. For more than 20 years, our fellow citizens have been visiting Athens, resting on the beaches of Crete and diving into the sea in Halkidiki thanks to Muzenidis. The low place in the ranking of Muzenidis is mainly due to the small number of proposed destinations, and the rest is at a fairly high level, including the number of satisfied customers( 97.63%).

9. Biblio Globus

The "Biblio Globus" is one of the leaders in the rating of 2017: it offers 53 directions. You will be taken to the best beaches in the world, organize active tourism, cruises, excursions and much, much more. The number of satisfied customers is 95.1%.

8. Anex Tour

Specialization "Anex Tour" - Spain and Thailand. Unfortunately, the reputation of the company was a little spoiled by the death of a tourist on the beach because of the strong undercurrents, about which guides and others were not warned. Although Anex had its own airline, there are not many satisfied with the services of Anex, as compared to the previous number of the chart - 92.75%.

7. Natalie Tours

"Natalie Tours" was once the fourth largest tour operator in Russia. But now, in connection with the recovery of the Arbitration Court of Moscow in arrears in favor of the company AK Transaero, $ 5.8 million, it is not known how the company will proceed in the future. However, "Natalie" continues to evolve and even recently radically revised the system of booking tours on its website. The number of satisfied customers is 95%.

6. Intourist

In the sixth place in the rating of tour operators of 2017, Intourist is the oldest travel company in Russia, founded back in 1929, and in 1990 it was a separate branch of the country's economy. With the collapse of the USSR, the company embarked on an independent voyage, and in 2010 organized a joint venture with the British tour operator Thomas Cook. At the moment, the share of Intourist in the tourist services market is about 10%.92.86% of those who bought tours from Intourist assess their impressions of the company positively.

5. Pegas Touristik

Although in 2015 Rosturizm excluded Pegas Touristik along with 19 companies that had the misfortune to have among the founders of Turkish citizens from the Single Federal Register, but business did not prevent it. After the warming of relations between Moscow and Ankara, the place in the register was restored."Pegasus" continues to work actively, taking citizens to the shores of the Mediterranean and not only - in the asset of the tour operator 22 destinations around the world. Plus in a piggy bank of "Pegasus" - two own airlines, Pegas Fly and Nordwind Airlines. The number of positive reviews is 94.38%.

4. Sunmar Tour

One of the best tour operators in Russia in 2017 was the first to specialize in budget tours, which can be booked only a couple of days before departure at a very pleasant price. This service is primarily popular among young people, as well as spontaneously thinking people, for whom it is not difficult to instantly break from the spot. True, cheapness is not always good - the number of satisfied customers with Sunmar Tour services was 95.88%.


The tour operator is one of the largest in Russia and has been operating on the travel market since 1994.At the moment takes the leading position in the market of Turkish and Egyptian tours, and since December 2016 actively develops the Chinese direction - Hainan Island. The number of positive responses is 98.93%, which makes TEZ TOUR one of the most reliable tourist operators in Russia.

2. TUI

TUI Travel PLC is a member of the largest tourist holding company TUI Group, the world's largest travel company. Each year, more than 30 million tourists from all over the world use the services of the TUI Group, of which the Russian branch accounts for more than 700 thousand people. By the way, TUI is the first tourist company on the Russian market that uses "secret buyers" to control the quality of its services. The number of positive responses is 98.05%.

1. Coral Travel

And the first place in the top tour operators of Russia in 2016 with a rating of 98/100 is Coral Travel. It is one of the oldest companies on the market, founded almost a quarter of a century ago, and one of the largest. It has 9 branches in the countries of the former CIS and near abroad, as well as more than 20 representative offices in Russia. Among the tours offered by the company there are also popular destinations like the Middle East and South-East Asia, and exotic ones, such as South Africa. The high rating of Coral Travel has provided not only a variety of destinations( there are 28 of them), but also a service, like having their own hosting companies, reliable insurance, agreements with airlines and so on. The number of satisfied customers is 98.34%.

rating tour operator directions claims Reliability General index
1 Coral Travel 28 1.66% A ++ 98/100
2 TUI 20 1.95% A + 94/100
3 Tez Tour 20 1.07% A ++ 92/100
4 Sunmar 14 4,12% A ++ 90/100
5 NTK-Intourist 23 7.14% A ++ 88/100
6 NatalieTours 30 5% A ++ 88/100
7 Pegas Touristik 22 5.62% A ++ 88/100
8 Biblio Globus 53 4.9% A ++ 86/100
9 AnexTour 23 7.25% A + 86/100
10 Mouzenidis Travel 7 2,37% B 84/100

Have a lookdo not publish that the official site of Rosturism, the rating of tour operators of Russia is not published, the best rating is one that is based on the responses of tourists.