Rating of the 10 best guidebooks around the world

There are many very detailed applications-guides for smartphones and tablets. However, the good old paper guides also have not lost their relevance, since they do not require recharging, they do not brake or hang. Yes, and written on paper, the text is often perceived better than electronic. We will not give preference to any one kind of guides and consider the best guidebooks of , whether they are in print or electronic version.


10. Google Trips

  • 9. TripAdvisor
  • 8. Guidebooks "Poster" for the cities of the world
  • 7. Rough Guides
  • 6. Travel Guides Dorling Kindersley
  • 5. Travel Guides Polyglot
  • 4. Bradt Travel Guides
  • 3. Travel Guides Around the World
  • 2. The National Geographic Traveler
  • 1. A series of guidebooks from Lonely planet
  • 10. Google Trips

    Russian language: no.

    Price: free.

    Opens the rating of popular travel guides an excellent mobile application for iOS and Android, which contains information on all popular tourist destinations in the world. All available information is sorted by sections: Food, Attractions, Interesting information and so on. You can read the comments of tourists about places where it is better to go, or vice versa, you should not visit it categorically. The program is integrated with Google Maps, so the detailed maps will be at your service anywhere in the world. Routes proposed by the program can be changed at their discretion: change the number and composition of objects, reduce or increase the duration of the excursion and make notes. And if in your mailbox from Google there are notifications about booking tickets, Google Trips will show the flight and departure time.

    Cons: there is no Russian language.

    9. TripAdvisor

    Russian language: yes.

    Price: free.

    This mobile application offers a variety of photos of hotels and restaurants that have been downloaded by travelers, not advertisers. In addition, TripAdvisor has detailed maps of 300 cities of the world and you can get access to them even in offline mode. Thanks to reviews of real users it's very easy to find the cheapest tickets for flights, hotel rooms and restaurants, and you can book a place in one click.

    Disadvantages: in search there are problems with sorting, the option "my trips" does not work on the tablet.

    8. Guidebooks «Afisha» by the cities of the world

    Russian language: is.

    A series of Russian guides around Russia and the world was written taking into account the interests of Russian tourists. Each guide "Afisha" is composed by the author, who often visits the city in question, or permanently living in it. The books describe in detail the most popular tourist routes, as well as the main points of urban life: shopping centers, popular restaurants, clubs and theaters. An additional plus: these guides are sold in most bookstores.

    Cons: has guides only for cities, not countries in general.

    7. Rough Guides

    Russian language: yes.

    There is a reason people fall asleep reading history books, and this is boredom. However, reading the guidebooks for cities and countries from Rough Guides will not be boring. The descriptions in them are very bright and objective, there is useful information not only about the history of this or that city, or its sights, but also about bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs with the indication of price categories. There are many maps in books.

    Nevertheless, because of their details, these guides can scare away those who appreciate brevity.

    6. Travel guides Dorling Kindersley

    Russian language: yes.

    One of the best guidebooks of 2017 on our list. They have schemes of districts, beautiful and cognitive illustrations and photographs, and the style of presentation is not a mentor, but very interesting. There are practical tips for travelers, a description of seasonal events in different cities, and, of course, information about hotels, markets, cafes, pubs and other kinds of leisure. However, in the reviews there are complaints about not very high-quality paper, the pages can easily fall out of the book. The text in the books is small, which is inconvenient for people with poor eyesight. And the price of guidebooks is high - from 750 rubles and above.

    5. Guides Polyglot

    Russian language: yes.

    The first guidebooks of this series were issued in black and white, modern "Polyglots" are full-color books on high-quality paper. There are guides both in the cities of Russia and in the most popular destinations of Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania. In books there is a mini-phrase book, and they are written briefly and in essence. There is information about the main tourist routes, detailed maps, practical tips and photos of the main attractions.

    4. Bradt Travel Guides

    Russian language: yes.

    Small and inexpensive travel guides for those who are interested in leisurely travel( travel by public transport and train, hiking).From the guides of Bradt you will learn a brief historical information about the city you want to visit, about its most interesting places.

    Disadvantages: there are no color illustrations and city schemes, the available maps are very small, so be prepared to consider them with a magnifying glass.

    3. Travel Guides Around the World

    Russian: yes.

    Opens the top 3 of the best guidebooks in Russia and the world for a series of domestic publications. They are very informative and "without water" tells about the main attractions of different cities and countries. If you like objective recommendations and a lot of photos that make it possible to understand whether you should go to this place or not, the paper guide "Around the World" will be an excellent choice.

    Disadvantages: maps of most cities are tied to the central part.

    2. The National Geographic Traveler

    Russian language: yes.

    From these guides you can find information about the national characteristics, cultural traditions and places of interest that you have chosen for travel. The books have a lot of informative maps and great illustrations. There are options for walking routes to the main cities of different countries and trips to certain areas.

    Disadvantages: not all attractions are given detailed and interesting descriptions.

    1. A series of guidebooks from Lonely planet

    Russian language: yes.

    In the first place in the selection of the best guides for tourists are very detailed, detailed paper guides, which are collected all the details of staying in a particular country. The reader is provided with information on the history of the country or city visited, all interesting sights are described and the time in which they are best visited, as well as the approximate cost of the visit. Also, the guide gives advice on what kind of transport it is better to move around the area and what transport cards to use better to save on the trip.

    The minuses of these guidebooks are two: the weight of the book( about 2 kg) and the price is about 1000 rubles. There are free electronic versions in pdf, but they are very slow because of the large size.