Top 10 most unusual hotels in the world

In search of new sensations, many tourists are not averse to settling in a hotel located in the most unexpected place and having the most unpredictable shape. Thanks to the service we found out which hotels are booked by fans of new sensations. And hots, we already introduced the reader to several unusual hotels, the list is not that small, so has a dozen of the most unusual hotels in the world:


  • H? Tel de Glace( Ice Hotel)
  • Magic Mountain Hotel( Magic Mountainhouse)
  • Palacio del Sal( Salt Hotel)
  • Malmaison Oxford Castle - hotel-prison
  • Poseidon Undersea Resort( Underwater Hotel)
  • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore
  • Hotel Propeller Island City Lodge
  • Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren
  • HotelKakslauttanen in Finland
  • Treehotel( hotel in the trees)

H? Tel de Glace( edyanoy hotel)

is located in the Canadian city of Quebec. The building is entirely made of ice. The beds and other furniture in the rooms are also icy, and to prevent the guests from getting cold at night, they are given sleeping bags and melt the fireplace. The hotel has a bar, a chapel and a gallery with ice figures. It does not work for a long time, from January to March, so look for available rooms and book tickets in advance.

Magic Mountain Hotel

is a beautiful hotel in the Huilo Huilo Nature Reserve in Chile. It looks like a volcano, but from its top water flows. The entire hotel is covered with moss on the outside and resembles a house of gnomes or hobbits. The rope bridge leads to the entrance. The hotel has all the amenities, as well as a sauna, a restaurant, mini golf and other entertainment.

Palacio del Sal( Salt Hotel)

This architectural marvel is located next to the Uyuni saline in Bolivia. The hotel is built of salt blocks, furniture and sculptures are also made of salt. The air here is filled with microelements and is good for health.

Malmaison Oxford Castle - hotel-prison

At the Malmason Castle in Oxford there used to be a prison, and now it's a luxury hotel. Rooms are former cells of prisoners. But now there is provided maximum comfort: there is a shower, TV, a bar.

Poseidon Undersea Resort( Underwater Hotel)

This unique hotel is located at a depth of 15 meters under the water on the island of Poseidon. The rooms are glass capsules, through which you can observe the marine life. The interior is made of leather and marble. In the above-water part of the hotel there are restaurants, spa-center, wine cellars.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

- is one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. It has an unusual design: three towers 200 meters high carry a huge terrace on which are gardens and swimming pools. The main pool of this design seems to have no boundaries and breaks into the abyss, and to swim in it, you need to muster the courage.

Hotel Propeller Island City Lodge

- is the embodiment of the crazy ideas of the author Lars Stroshen in Berlin. Each room has a unique design: a fully mirrored room, a prison cell, a room upside down, flying bed-cages, a coffin-bed, a bed with a guillotine. In a word, welcome!

Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

This charming hotel is located in a picturesque location near the old port in the Netherlands. Its rooms are made of huge wine barrels up to 14.5 thousand liters, in which previously stood the French wine. Inside is free to put the necessary furniture, shower and living room.

Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland

is an ideal place to observe the stars and the Northern Lights. The rooms are made in the form of a cozy needle, which are equipped with modern appliances. Through the transparent roof, you can watch the unearthly landscapes of Lapland all night long.

Treehotel( hotel in the trees)

- This is not a trivial hut on the tree, but a unique art object located in the Swedish forest. Five parts of the hotel - the Red Cone, Mirror Cube, Bird's Nest, Cabin and Flying Saucer are suspended between trees at a distance of 50 meters from each other. A feeling of flight is created, and a beautiful view opens up from the windows.