Rating of tour operators in Russia in 2012

As you would like, so carefully planned long-awaited rest has passed "without a hitch and задоринки"!Not the least role here is played by the competent choice of the tour operator, who will organize the trip.

Solid companies have a huge work experience, have connections with the best hotels and airlines, easily and without special losses can settle the misunderstandings. Therefore, to study rating of tour operators of Russia in 2012 is simply necessary to trust your vacation only to those who guarantee a really high level of quality of services.

The rating is compiled on the basis of the data of the Association of Russian Tour Operators on the number of tours sold, insurance companies' data on reimbursement for insurance cases with tourists, and customer feedback on the largest profile Internet portals.


  • 10. OOO Transaero Tours Center.
  • 9. "Sunrise tour"
  • 8. "Natalie Tours".
  • 7. TUI Russia &CIS
  • 6. "Bibi Travel"
  • 5. "Anex Tour"
  • 4. STC "Intourist"
  • 3. "OTI Russia"
  • 2. "Tez Tour".
  • 1. "Pegas Touristik"

10. OOO Transaero Tours Center.

More than 10 years working in the travel industry, gradually expanding its activities from the organization of air transportation in the direction of selling tours. The company organizes holidays in a variety of directions - from traditional( Turkey, Egypt, resorts of Russia) to exotic( the countries of Southern and Equatorial Africa, Australia).

9. "Sunrise tour"

- one of the oldest tour operators in Russia.17 years of experience in organizing tours of any class from "economy" to "premium" allows the company to travel up to 150,000 people per year. Sunrise Tour is a member of the International Association of Air Carriers, as well as the Association of Travel Agencies of Turkey - TURSAB.

8. "Natalie Tours".

Annually sells about 300 thousand tour packages. This year, the tour operator celebrates its 20th anniversary. The company specializes in mass leisure in several dozen directions, but also offers individual tourism taking into account the special needs of the client.

7. TUI Russia &CIS

is a company founded in 2009 by the efforts of TUI Travel PLC and the Russian Investment Group S-Group Capital Management. The tour operator operates in 20 directions, the sales revenue is more than 15 billion rubles a year. The company sells about 500,000 tours annually.

6. "Biblio Travel"

is a branch of the group of companies "Biblio Globus".On the tourist market of Russia since 1994.The main areas of work: Southeast Asia, America, Europe and Africa. The company offers beach, sightseeing and various types of cruises.

5. "Anex Tour"

is one of the leading tour operators in Russia, annually included in the rating of the best. The company is the owner of the awards of the Turkish and Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, and the title of laureate of the "Leaders of Travel Industry" award.

4. STC "Intourist"

is the heir of the largest Soviet travel company All-Union Joint Stock Company "Intourist", founded in 1929.In the assortment of the company, beach, excursion leisure, mountain-skiing tours."Intourist" offers trips to 20 most popular destinations.

3. OTI Russia

is a group of companies that has united such tour operators of Russia as Coral Travel, Blue Sky, A-class Travel, and also Sunmar Tour. The international holding OTI unites more than 10 travel companies in Turkey, Russia, Poland, Egypt and Ukraine. Huge work experience and stable connections with the best carriers and hotel chains guarantee a quality stay. In Russia, OTI tour operators sell about a million tour packages a year.

2. "Tez Tour".

In the tourist market since 1994, regularly leads in the ratings of the best tour operators in Russia and the world. As part of the "Tez Tour" group, more than 20 companies are working to receive and send tourists. The tour operator cooperates with the leading air carriers of the world, and organizes its own charter flights to the most popular destinations. Reception and accommodation of tourists are controlled by the company's hosting offices in the country of arrival.

1. "Pegas Touristik"

- the leader of rating of tour operators of Russia in 2012 .The company offers ordering tours 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every year, Pegasus sends to rest more than 2 million people. The operator sends tourists from 42 Russian cities. With the company cooperate more than 2500 hotels of different class in 18 countries of the world. Pegas Touristik organizes mass, individual, sports and VIP-tourism. Throughout Russia, customers serve more than 690 sales offices.