Rating of the most unexpected hotels in the world

The ratings of unusual, interesting, amazing imagination, hotels made up a lot. And in this respect, you can already make a kind of chart of signs, according to which the hotel acquires the desired status of the original guest house, the residence in which you can already boast. So:

  1. Content:

    • The shape of the building.
    • Design and interior decoration.
    • Thematic interior.
    • Materials.
    • Location.

    The shape of the building.

    The fantasies and ideas of architects and hotel owners are embodied in the most unexpected designs: from realistic animals( elephant KumbukRiver from Sri Lanka), sculptures( Chinese Tianzi Hotel), historical characters( Belgian hotel Trojan horse), to imitation of nature creations( rocks, mountains, trees) or just all sorts of things - shoes or UFO ships.

  2. Design and interior decoration.

    Looking through the mirror, squirrel wheel as a bed( and this is France!), A Japanese capsule hotel( either a storage room, or a beehive), imitation sewage pipes and much more. Of course, the originality of design and the status of a unique hotel does not affect the comfort and service. This is confirmed by the resources left on the forums, guestbooks, and, as for the unusual apartments, and traditional ones, like the hostel the old Kazan card reviews guests.

  3. Thematic interior.

    The same interior can be considered a separate feature, but it affects not so much its craziness, fantasy and uniqueness, as harmonious and realistic embodiment of styles, epochs, antiquities, special mood or themes( including fairy-tale).

  4. Materials.

    And they can be natural, just uncharacteristic for the construction of hotels. These are hotels that are completely( walls, furnishings and decoration) made of sand, salt, ice, etc. Or borrowed when in the hotel complexes transform cranes, cars or buses, planes and, most popular, railway cars. The most romantic, colorful and interesting hotels are recognized ships. Often, only the thematic exterior and form are left, and the interior design is reminiscent of hotels in the 3-star riga or other classic and comfortable apartments. Or completely recreate the atmosphere, for example, the train compartment.

  5. Location.

    Where only does not throw up the activity and curiosity of tourists, coupled with the imagination of the creators of hotel complexes. In the underwater kingdom of the Mangrove lagoons( Florida), where you can get to that only in the aqualung. In Dubai desert - ekokurort "Al-Maha" good at least on jeeps, and not on camels. Upward by 1700 meters in the unique eco-camping of Switzerland Whitepod, etc.

The choice is as wide as for traditional hotels, so you can easily find your unusual favorite hotel.