Top Turkey Hotels 5 stars 2015

Hotel reservation for 2015 is already in full swing. In winter and spring, you can choose a place for summer vacation, without facing the problem of lack of tickets or the right numbers. As a rule, by the very beginning of the season, the most good, and the more inexpensive, places are taken by more efficient travelers. So, you should not postpone the choice and reservation in the long box.

We offer hotel rating of Turkey, in which is the best hotels of 5 stars of 2015, with photos, according to the version of the most popular in Russia tourist resource TopHotels.


  • 10. Akka Antedon Hotel( Kemer)
  • 9. Mardan Palace( Antalya)
  • 8. Limak Arcadia Golf &Sport Resort( Belek)
  • 7. Ali Bey Resort
  • 6. Gloria Verde Resort( Belek)
  • 5. Aydinbey Kings Palace &Spa( Side)
  • 4. Commodore Elite Suites &Spa
  • 3. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort
  • 2. Barut Lara( Antalya)
  • 1. Rixos Beldibi( Kemer)

10. Akka Antedon Hotel( Kemer)

Rating from reviews: 4.77

Opensour Top hotel located in one of the most picturesque regions of Turkey - in Beldibi at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.

The area of ​​the hotel is 90 000 sq. M.meters, there are three mini-clubs for children, 6 bars, 5 restaurants, refrigerators with soft drinks by the pools and on the beach, 4 swimming pools, water slides.

Transfer from the airport takes about 45 minutes.

9. Mardan Palace( Antalya)

Rating from reviews: 4.79

The hotel is traditionally included in the rating of hotels in Turkey 5 stars. Area Mardan Palace - 180 thousand square meters.

The hotel's huge outdoor swimming pool is considered to be the largest in Europe. In the evenings guests are entertained by singing fountains, bed linen is changed daily, and an artificial reef for diving is included in the number of water activities.

Transfer from the airport takes 20-25 minutes.

8. Limak Arcadia Golf &Sport Resort( Belek)

Rating from reviews: 4,79

Like other hotel complexes included in our rating, Limak Arcadia has a huge area of ​​97,000 square meters.meters.

On the territory of 4 swimming pools, water slides, pier, 4 tennis courts, a mini club with an area of ​​270 square meters.meters, 10 restaurants and bars. Guests can use the shuttle to the golf courses, as well as golf lessons.

7. Ali Bey Resort( Side)

Rating based on guest reviews: 4,78

The area of ​​the hotel is 120 000 sq. M.meters. On the territory - 11 restaurants and bars, 3 swimming pools, one of which is surrounded by sand, around the clock - Algida ice cream, courses of dances and cooking, a menu of pillows.

Hotel SPA center SAMARA occupies a separate 4-storey building with an area of ​​2 thousand square meters.meters.

6. Gloria Verde Resort( Belek)

Star rating: 4,79

Like many top 5 star hotels in Turkey, Gloria Verde is located in the prestigious Belek region surrounded by coniferous forest.

On the territory of 10 restaurants and bars, open and covered pools, a beach with a pier and private pavilions, a zoo, 3 children's clubs, a nightclub where youth discos take place, and the stars invited to Gloria.

5. Aydinbey Kings Palace &Spa

Rating: 4,84

The hotel has 3 swimming pools, surfing, water slides, mini club, 10 bars and restaurants, the beach is sandy with a smooth approach to the water. All a la carte restaurants are free of charge.

Distance from Antalya airport - 60 km. Daily cleaning includes the replacement of bed linen.

4. Commodore Elite Suites &Spa( Side)

Rating based on guest reviews: 4,85

6 swimming pools, water slides, 8 restaurants and bars, bicycle rental, water sports. The hotel is focused on adult vacations without children.

The hotel is the winner of the annual voting of Travelers' Choice 2015 from the resource TripAdvisor.

3. Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort( Belek)

Rating from reviews: 4,85

In the hotel rooms there is a menu of pillows, chocolate milk for children, turn-down service, fresh fruit, scales, cosmetics company "Bvlgari".

Maxx Royal has 9 swimming pools, an amusement park, a dino park, 2 professional football fields, 9 tennis courts, a professional golf course, 29 restaurants, bars and cafes, and 2 children's clubs.

2. Barut Lara( Antalya)

Rating based on guest reviews: 4,86 ​​

Turkish courses, handicraft workshops, cooking courses are available. On the territory of 21 restaurants and bars, a running track of 1600 meters, a cinema, a night club, tennis, a children's menu.

Transfer from the airport to Barut Lara takes only 20 minutes.

1. Rixos Beldibi( Kemer)

Rating based on guest reviews: 4.75 ( Recommend 91% of attendees)

Tops our Top of the best hotels in Turkey , updated in 2014 by Rixos Beldibi.

For guests - a menu of flavored pillows, home cinema in the room, 12 bars and restaurants, 3 swimming pools.

Guests of the hotel can attend events held on the territory of Rixos Sungate.