The best resorts in Bulgaria( Top 3)

Almost the whole of Bulgaria is one continuous resort. Therefore, choosing a tour to Bulgaria as a priority destination for a holiday, a potential tourist often faces the question "Which Bulgarian resort is better?".Bulgaria has an uncountable number of stunning recreation areas, so there are not enough books to list all of them, but some still stand out. By the way! Recently we have chosen the best resorts in Montenegro for family, youth and other types of recreation.

Sunny Beach

Stunning resort located between the famous cities of Burgas and Varna and is one of the best tourist areas in Bulgaria. Each year, flock to many thousands of tourists from all over the world, who are openly embraced by a wide variety of hotels, as they say "for every character and purse."The ideal infrastructure, a variety of entertainment complexes, cafes-bars and restaurants will provide travelers with just space conditions for recreation. You do not have to bother here.

Sunny Beach is a great place for an unforgettable holiday with the whole family. Friable soft sand and a very convenient entrance to the sea make the resort a priority for couples. Kids will be delighted with splashing in the warm waters of the coastal shoal. In addition, the beaches here are so clean that they were rewarded with the Blue Flag - an international certificate of quality - and this is worth a lot.

The night life of this stunning corner of Bulgaria is famous all over the world. Fashionable DJs and popular performers of the most diverse genres are regular participants of daily entertainment programs. It is the best resort in Bulgaria for family and youth recreation at the same time.

Saint Vlas

Not far from Sunny Beach there is another picturesque corner - the stunning resort of Saint Vlas. Only 4 kilometers are shared by these tourist zones. This magnificent place lay down just before the foot of the Balkan Mountains. Harmonious climatic belts and pleasant mountain air make Saint Vlas a wonderful balneological resort providing optimal conditions for treatment of the respiratory tract.

On the coastline stretched a picturesque chain of small bays, covered with "drifts" of golden sand and emerging into a crystal clear sea. A variety of hotels with excellent services and infrastructure put the last point over i in explaining the reasons for the popularity of this tourist paradise.

Golden Sands

The best natural resort is located in the heart of the national park of the country, which a priori provides with its magnificent natural aureole. And one name "Golden Sands" is responsible for itself - it is unlikely that you will have to doubt what the beaches here are covered with.

The tourism industry is at its height, the hotels are for every taste, and the local cuisine combines the best traditions of national dishes of the whole world, which guests will be happy to offer at any of the many institutions of the "belly holiday".

Sandy beaches and shallow coastal sea are already sufficient reasons to come here with children, and the huge aquapark "Aquapolis" with a rich choice of various attractions will make the young tourists and scream with delight.

For fans of the architecture and history of the resort, the resort offers attractions such as the chapel of John the Baptist, the mysterious catacombs of the rock monastery of Aladzha and magnificent mineral springs, thanks to which Golden Sands, among other things, received the status of a noble health resort.