20 ideas, where to go for May holidays

Traditionally, May holidays are a busy time for tour operators and tourists alike. And it is true, it is a sin to spend these long weekend( which can also be increased by taking a small holiday between the two holidays) at the dacha, digging in beds, or worse - at home in front of the TV.Where do go for May holidays? Our small tourist guide will help you in this, in which we tried to cover all the possibilities - from the most budgetary ones( rest in Russia, traveling by car) to the most exotic( at sea and in the ocean).


  • Budget options for which to go on May holidays
    • 5. Country hotel
    • 4. Bus tour to Europe
    • 3. Baku, Yerevan, Tbilisi
    • 2. Czech Republic and Hungary
    • 1. Montenegro
  • Where to go in Russia for May holidays
    • 5. Elista
    • 4. Bashkortostan
    • 3. Black Sea resorts - Sochi and Crimea
    • 2. Kaliningrad
    • 1. St. Petersburg and Moscow
  • Where to go for May holidays by car
    • 5. Astrakhan
    • 4. The Golden Ring of Russia
    • 3.Great Novgorod, Staraya Russa
    • 2. To
    • 1. Kazan
  • Where to go for the May holidays at sea
    • 5. Egypt
    • 4. Spain, Alicante
    • 3. Israel
    • 2. Dominican Republic
    • 1. Indonesia

Budget options where to go on May holidays

5. Country holiday

One of the most convenient options, you can find and very inexpensive. Pros - does not require preparation, time costs and long trips, but on the spot you will provide everything you need. And since all the traditional fried kebabs on holidays, take with you just in case your own brazier - who knows, maybe they will already be sorted out for your arrival.

4. Bus tour to Europe

Spring in Europe is good - there is no summer suffocating heat, and the weather is warm enough for comfortable sightseeing. You can choose a variety of ideas - from more expensive and long France and Italy to cheap and small tours to neighboring Poland.

3. Baku, Yerevan, Tbilisi

If you want to try something new, but there is no desire or opportunity to go far from Russia, the capital of the former Soviet republics is a very good option. They are quite exotic, and local cuisines and Caucasian hospitality are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. And for the curious - monuments of architecture, many of which are more than a thousand years old!

2. Czech Republic and Hungary

Traditional and inexpensive ideas for holding May holidays for Russian tourists. Magic Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and the prices for food and accommodation are quite affordable for the average Russian. And local cuisine, except for many varieties of delicious beer, will pleasantly please gourmets. Budapest is not so popular with tourists as Prague, and there are a lot of old and very beautiful sights. For example, the Basilica of St. István, Vaidahunyad Castle and the majestic Royal Palace.

1. Montenegro

I want to go abroad, but at the same time it's original and inexpensive? Montenegro - a good option( given that for trips there is no need for a visa).In the capital of the country, Podgorica, there is something to see - the ancient architecture of the period of Turkish rule, the ancient Orthodox churches and monasteries and, of course, very beautiful nature. And accommodation at the hotel will be cheaper than a night in a hotel somewhere in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Where to go to Russia for the May holidays

5. Elista

Let's start with the option that few will be solved - it is too far from the traditional tourist routes it is located. We are talking about the capital of Kalmykia, Elista - surprisingly exotic for the average inhabitant of the middle band, who decided to hold May holidays in Russia: Buddhist temples, shamanic rituals and unusual local cuisine.

In addition, in early May, tulips flourish in Kalmykia. Imagine a huge steppe field, completely covered with tulips, red, yellow, white. For the sake of this spectacle one should choose Kalmykia. True, it is possible to accurately guess the time will not work, because the tulips bloom just a couple of weeks.

4. Bashkortostan

If you want to hide from the noise and crowd of a big city, then one of the best places is Bashkiria. You can go to the ski resort, go horseback tour of the most beautiful places in Bashkortostan or just stay at one of the tourist centers. Five-star service there is hardly to be expected, but peace, tranquility and excellent food are provided to you.

3. Black Sea resorts - Sochi and Crimea

In May the Black Sea was not yet warmed up enough for comfortable bathing. But besides the sea there are so many more interesting things! Historical monuments and wonders of modern architecture, blossoming rhododendrons and flowering chestnuts, excursions and active recreation - foot routes and river rafting. And for children there are attractions, a water park, an oceanarium and much more. If you really want to swim, then you can use the pool with heated water - good, there are a lot of them in Sochi.

2. Kaliningrad

It seems that Russia, but with a European note - the old architecture of the Kaliningrad region resembles small German towns. And there is also one of the most beautiful places in the world - the Curonian Spit with its unique flora and fauna, where a strip of light sand crosses the bluish-gray waters of the Baltic Sea. In the spring, this is a real paradise for bird lovers, just above the oblique pathways of their migration from north to south and back.

1. St. Petersburg and Moscow

Two capitals - official and northern - traditional routes for the May holidays. The richness of historical monuments, museums, exhibitions, cultural entertainment and a common aura of places all attract tourists, both Russian and foreign. In St. Petersburg, the famous white nights begin, and the weather already allows you to spend whole days outdoors.

Where to go on the May holidays by car

5. Astrakhan

May in Astrakhan is very similar to the summer in the middle zone of Russia - 25-27 degrees, with warm nights, the weather is dry and windless. Go there for the May holidays by car, if you want to bask in the sun and see the local attractions in a comfortable atmosphere. If you want to relax by the water, you can choose one of the recreation bases on the beach. And the most budgetary option - just a tent on the banks of the Volga. Lure can be fun!

4. Golden Ring of Russia

You can, of course, go on a tour by bus, but it's much easier, more pleasant and cheaper to do it by car. Firstly, you can safely inspect everything you want. Secondly, to save - because hotels in the cities of the Golden Ring are unreasonably expensive, but only 30 km away you can find places cheaper and, perhaps, even with the best service.

3. Veliky Novgorod, Staraya Russa

The concentration of monuments of history and architecture in these ancient cities per square kilometer surpasses all expectations, and the car will allow you to visit everywhere you want. Do not miss the museum of the Novgorod Kremlin, the frescoes of Theophanes the Greek, the ancient Rurik settlement, try mineral water from springs in the sanatorium of Staraya Russa and visit the Dostoevsky house museum.

2. Karelia

Karelia is not a single city-museum of Kizhi. This is a great place for active recreation, if you like to get into the wilderness and quietly indulge in fishing or picking up the first spring mushrooms. And for overnight stays one can rent a cottage, even with a sauna. If the forests are bored, you can go on a tour of the Mannerheim line, visit Vyborg or Korela fortress.

1. Kazan

Kazan is one of the most beautiful, interesting and well-groomed cities in Russia. The capital of Tatarstan has its own special color - a mixture of Europe and Asia. Be sure to visit the pearl of the city - the Kazan Kremlin with the ancient tower Syuyumbike and the most beautiful modern mosque.

Where to go for the May holidays at sea

5. Egypt

If the Mediterranean Sea is still cold, then the Red Sea has reached the mark of 25 degrees, this is quite enough for a comfortable bath. Worth hurry - the weather in May in Egypt is getting hotter, and at the end of the month the air can warm up to 40 degrees.

4. Spain, Alicante

The beach season in Spain has already begun, so those who wish already are waiting there for a warm enough sea for May holidays and luxurious spacious beaches of fine sand. In May, there are still no crowds of tourists, so that you can buy and enjoy the sights will be comfortable.

3. Israel

Excellent alternative to Turkey and Egypt both in price and quality of service. In May, the temperature in Israel for every taste - from 35 degrees in the south of the Red Sea to 25 in the north of the country. And the water in the Dead Sea is able to warm even the most freezing tourist - it reaches 30 degrees.

2. Dominican Republic

In search of summer, it is worth crossing the ocean and soak up the warm rays of the sun on a fine sandy beach with fine sand. Most of all Dominican will suit those who prefer to rest on the "all-inclusive" system - by the way, alcoholic drinks also enter there. Those who wish can go on an excursion, admire the local nature, but still the best Dominican hotels are suitable for a simple lazy beach holiday.

1. Indonesia

Indonesia in May is magnificent - pleasant warmth, not passing into a suffocating heat, a boundless ocean and a wonderful fragrance of flowers. The rains will not spoil the holidaymakers' mood - in May the dry season reigns in the country, unlike other popular resorts in South Asia, where it already becomes wet. In addition to beach recreation, you can visit national reserves, attend local religious festivals and admire the wonders of a very peculiar Indonesian architecture.

In general, it is not necessary to arrange a holiday at home for the May holidays - there is always where to go!