Top 5 best resorts in Greater Sochi

Despite the difficult times of the crisis, modern people also want to spend time with pleasure and with pleasure. This can help domestic resorts, for example, resort sites of Greater Sochi, ready to host tourists all year round.


  • Adler
  • Dagomys
  • Kudepsta
  • Host
  • Matsesta


Located near the border of Russia and Abkhazia and only 27 km from Sochi.

Here are the best hotels in Sochi, and there are many places where you can take a walk: for example, the Park "Southern Cultures" and the Olympic Park of Sochi. Not far from Adler is now Krasnaya Polyana. This is a ski resort, which for the Winter Olympics in Sochi has been significantly improved.

Even in Soviet times Adler was famous for its sanatoriums, where they are treated with healing mud and Matsesta water. There you can find the famous monkey nursery, as well as the Cossack market, where you can buy cheap ripe fresh fruits.

Adler is perfect for a romantic getaway. Evening walks will bring a lot of positive emotions. Buying a fresh bouquet of flowers for a romantic evening out on the street, can be difficult, so tourists recommend the site FlowerStudio Sochi. This is the largest flower site. Courier can deliver a bouquet anywhere in the region.


This is one of the most popular resorts in the Krasnodar Territory. In Dagomys there are many sanatoriums and other places of rest. From Sochi to this resort can be accessed in many ways: from the train to the boat. From the Circassian "Dagomys" translates as "cool place".Indeed, here a bit cooler than at other resorts of Greater Sochi.

Once in Dagomys there were personal lands of Emperor Nicholas II.The subsidiary farm of the tsar became very profitable, the products sold well both on the local Sochi market and in Petersburg itself.

Also in Dagomys, for the first time in Russia, breeder Job Koshman grew tea. After the Revolution, the first tea plantations appeared here.

Dagomys is famous for its spacious beaches and a large number of sanatoriums and tourist centers. One of the most famous holiday destinations is the Dagomys complex, which is 27 storeys high. And the Western Dagomys river is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

In Dagomys you can also visit the museum of an old car and see the monument to Captain Hook.


The village of Kudepsta, located on both sides of the Kudepsta River, is very close to Adler. Anyone can be treated with water from mineral springs and therapeutic mud. As for the price, in comparison with other resorts of Greater Sochi, in Kudepst, they are one of the lowest. There you can also look at the stone that was in those places since the megalith period.

Kudepsta is famous for its warm sea and small well-groomed beaches, next to which you can find curative mud.


Hosta is located not far from Sochi, however it is a much quieter and quiet place. Here you can see the museum of fauna and nature and the fortress Khosty, from which, unfortunately, there were only a tower and a small part of the wall. There is also a museum "Stalin's Dacha" where you can see things, furniture and even the wax figure of the leader. In the same village there is a cork oak plantation, from which the stoppers from wine are familiar to all.

Tourists also need to visit the Vorontsov caves, the length of 12 kilometers. These are the largest caves in the province.


The resort was opened at the very beginning of the last century. This is one of the most popular medical resorts in Greater Sochi. It is famous not only for its pleasant climate and warm sea, but also for healing mineral springs containing a large percentage of hydrogen sulphide.

Many tourists come to Matsesta specifically for the sake of hydrogen sulphide baths, which treat many diseases.

The effect of the Matsesta waters is noticeable to the naked eye: after interaction with this water, the human vessels expand, the blood begins to circulate faster, and the skin turns red. Water procedures Matsesta helps tourists improve their blood pressure, blood circulation and the endocrine system.

Resorts of Greater Sochi - a good opportunity to relax within your native country!