The most accessible countries for migration

According to polls of sociologists, about 30% of Russians from time to time are considering moving to another country for work or permanent residence. Most often our fellow citizens want to be citizens of the United States, Canada or one of the countries of the European Community.

However, it is not easy to become a citizen or even just to obtain a work permit in a foreign country. Today we consider the the most affordable country for migration .In the Top-10 got those states that are attractive to Russians in terms of life and work, but at the same time make the most feasible requirements for obtaining citizenship.


  • 10. United Kingdom.
  • 9. New Zealand.
  • 8. Bulgaria.
  • 7. Italy.
  • 6. Argentina.
  • 5. Uruguay.
  • 4. Australia.
  • 3. Canada.
  • 2. Spain.
  • 1. Dominican Republic.

10. United Kingdom.

Many do not even suspect that becoming a respectable British gentleman is not so difficult. True, the United Kingdom is ready to grant its citizenship, first of all, to highly qualified specialists, as well as investors. But the requirements for applicants are simple and transparent, and the documents are reviewed quickly and without delay.

9. New Zealand.

Russians rarely see this developed country with magnificent nature as a new home. Meanwhile, a New Zealand citizen can become a citizen after 3 years in the country. And the process of obtaining a residence permit does not take a couple of months.

8. Bulgaria.

It is this country that attracts Russians who want to invest in foreign real estate. To obtain the citizenship of Bulgaria will have to abandon the Russian. But if you decide, it is easier to do this through the registration of the company or its representative office - the Bulgarian government looks very positively at the creators of new jobs.

7. Italy.

This European country is especially available for qualified foreign specialists. It is quite easy to register a company or an individual enterprise. You can get a residence permit for 4-6 months. And in 5 years - automatically become a citizen of the United Europe. To refuse from the Russian citizenship thus it is not necessary.

6. Argentina.

The initial residence permit in the country is issued for a period of one year. It can be extended, as a rule, without problems. Citizenship is granted in record time - after two years of residence. True, if a person has not visited his new homeland within 3 years after receiving citizenship, it is annulled.

5. Uruguay.

A quiet and sparsely populated country is very accessible for migrants. Citizenship is granted after 3 years of residence. At the same time, property prices are among the most attractive in South America.

4. Australia.

This country was one of the first countries to introduce a scale migration system for visiting specialists. If you are of value to the Australian economy, chances of success are more than real. Among Russian women, family migration to the state-continent is also common.

3. Canada.

One of the most popular countries among Russian migrants is pleased to take "under the wing" of high-class professionals, investors and entrepreneurs. Despite the extensive list of required documents, every year thousands of our compatriots apply for a residence permit in Canada. With the desire and patience, becoming a Canadian is quite realistic.

2. Spain.

The process of registering citizenship is best to begin with the acquisition of real estate, especially since it is now available. Among the Russians who own foreign real estate, Spain is the second most popular European country after Bulgaria.

1. Dominican Republic.

For Russians here visa-free entry for 3 months. The accessibility of citizenship is amazing - to stay for a long time, it is enough not to have a criminal record and virus infections. Real estate in the Dominican Republic is still inexpensive, and the climate and the presence of the Caribbean make it quite attractive for migration.