Rating of the most ridiculous laws

The law is harsh, but it's the law! True, sometimes the powers that be are "overtaken", and absurd and even amusing prohibitions and restrictions are born.

Today we have prepared for you a rating of the most ridiculous laws of from around the world. Having studied some of the pearls, you will inevitably think about the fact that our legislators have not thought of much yet. The "lawmakers" from the United States and Great Britain are more likely than others, although other countries have also noted in our rating.


  • 15. United Kingdom.
  • 14. United States, Florida.
  • 13. Canada.
  • 12. United States, Ohio.
  • 11. United States, Washington State.
  • 10. United States, Alabama.
  • 9. SUS, Alaska.
  • 8. Swaziland.
  • 7. Scotland.
  • 6. United Kingdom.
  • 5. Italy, the city of Palermo.
  • 4. Switzerland.
  • 3. USA, Vermont.
  • 2. Germany.
  • 1. United Kingdom.

15. United Kingdom.

A pregnant woman has the right to dispense need in any place, it is not forbidden even to use for this purpose a police helmet.

14. United States, Florida.

The law prohibits married ladies from parachuting on Sundays. On married men, the ban does not apply.

13. Canada.

For a thing that costs more than $ 25 it is forbidden to pay one-dollar coins. So, having broken a pig-piggy bank, it is necessary to go all over again to bank, and then already behind purchases.

12. United States, Ohio.

The law forbids women to undress before the image of the husband, for example, before his photo. Undressing before the images of other men the law does not prohibit.

11. United States, Washington State.

It is forbidden to enter into an intimate relationship with a virgin. Moreover, the rule applies to a legitimate spouse. Apparently, on the wedding night, the newlyweds must leave the state.

10. United States, Alabama.

Do not drive with a blindfolded car. It's how boring it is to live in Alabama if people are forced to entertain themselves in this way!

9. SCHS, Alaska.

It is forbidden to wake a polar bear to photograph it. But wake the beast, for example, feeding or jogging is not forbidden.

8. Swaziland.

Women can not wear clothes resembling men's clothes by law. If a lady appears in the street wearing pants, the guards of the order are obliged to disrupt the illegal attire from her in front of everyone.

7. Scotland.

Residents of any of the houses are obliged to admit a passer-by who knocked on the door asking him to use the toilet. Apparently, with public latrines in Scotland things are bad.

6. United Kingdom.

The law prohibits kissing at railway stations. True, here at the station of the city of Warrington the authorities have been assigned a special "zone for kissing".

5. Italy, the city of Palermo.

There is a law forbidding men to be on the beach in naked form. These restrictions are not applied to women.

4. Switzerland.

After 22.00 the law forbids to lower water in the toilet, so as not to disturb the surrounding people with noise. Probably, the smells do not bother the Swiss.

3. USA, Vermont.

In order to wear a false jaw, a woman must obtain a written permission from her spouse. Men can flaunt removable teeth without permission.

2. Germany.

For safety reasons, the law prohibits stopping the car on the autobahn, even if gasoline has suddenly ended. Apparently, it is safer to push your own car to your destination, rather than stand and wait for help.

1. United Kingdom.

The post office of the stamp with the image of the queen turned upside down, is equated with state treason. Probably, this law is very conducive to the development of electronic correspondence.