The most popular requests 2012 in Yandex

Analysts of the company "Yandex" summed up and published the rating of the most popular requests of the year. Some lines from the rating do not lose popularity for years, for example, the query "What is love", while others have been of interest to users for just a few months.

The most popular requests of 2012 on Yandex are divided into categories devoted to people, events and phenomena, as well as the eternal questions "Who?", "What?" And "Why?".

So, today we find out what the people most searched for this year.


  • 12. Memes and lulz.
  • 11. Athletes.
  • 10. "What?".
  • 9. Matches( account).
  • 8. Movies.
  • 7. Premieres.
  • 6. Women.
  • 5. Men.
  • 4. "Who?".
  • 3. "Why?".
  • 2. Music.
  • 1. Events.

12. Memes and lulz.

The memes are sometimes meaningless, but megapopular phrases that are distributed on the Internet in all possible ways. Lulzes is a concept accepted in the network for qualitative humor.

11. Athletes.

Outgoing 2012 was rich in sports events: the London Olympics, the European Football Championship, the UEFA Champions League, the Dakar Race 2012.The list of the most popular athletes from Yandex was headed by Fedor Emelianenko, who in 2012 announced the end of his career in mixed martial arts.

10. "What?".

We have long been accustomed to searching the Internet for answers to any question. One of the most intriguing queries in this category is "What is 228".Extremely popular number of young people in Russia is 228 - this is nothing like the article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for punishment for storage, manufacturing, transportation and processing of narcotic substances.

9. Matches( account).

We are not always able to see the long-awaited game, therefore it was a good tradition to find out an account on the Internet. The most popular 2012 requests on Yandex in this category are devoted to Euro 2012 matches, the Champions League final and the performance of Russian hockey players in the match against the Czechs.

8. Movies.

Among the popular requests were many of the pictures that were mentioned in the rating of the best films of 2012.It is possible that for the remaining time before the end of the year, the first ten requests will include films of the New Year theme.

7. Premieres.

Surprisingly, iPhone5 lost the palm in the top ten most popular prime project webvybory2012.In March, the site was used for broadcasts from polling stations in the presidential election, and in October 2012 resumed work for demonstrating local elections to 7 constituent entities of the Federation.

6. Women.

Actresses, singers, wives and just public persons. As the popularity rating of queries shows, the external data here has absolutely nothing to do with it. Four lines in the top ten are occupied by women tragically gone from life.

5. Men.

Someone drew attention to participation in interesting projects, someone scandals, and someone, alas, untimely death. Thus, Ilya Oleinikov, the deceased in November, heads the top ten.

4. "Who?".

The star of adult films Sasha Gray won in this category. It is noteworthy that the top ten most popular inquiries on the topic "Who" closes the president of the African republic Chad Francois Tombalbai, who was killed in 1975 during a military coup.

3. "Why?".

One of the popular queries on Yandex with the word "Why" does not leave the top ten for 4 years already. In February 2008, Vladimir Putin at a press conference uttered the phrase: "... I plowed, as a PLA. ..".The words of the president were immediately changed, and in the runet a query "Why Putin is a crab?" Appeared.

2. Music.

The most popular search queries 2012 on Yandex reflect the musical preferences of the Internet community. The insane dialogue leads to the music of Intigam and Ehtirim Rustamov brothers who speak poorly of Russian brothers, filmed during a wedding in a small Azerbaijani village.

1. Events.

Presidential elections are only a little ahead of the popularity of Eurovision 2012. It is likely that by the end of December the popularity of another, so far only unlikely event, will probably grow - the end of the world.