Rating of the best baby carriages for newborns( cradles) for 2017.Top 10( on reviews)

Here the kid has a little mastered in the world outside of mom and is already ready to learn a new space - the street. What should be a stroller for a newborn, what to look for, and what can be neglected for saving money, read below.

Classic wheelchair types include a cradle-cradle - the ideal vehicle for children of the first year of life. The first prototype was made in the middle of the 18th century, since then the models have become more affordable for the family wallet and, of course, more convenient and safer for the mother and child. Unlike other types of wheelchairs, such products do not have additional modules where you can transplant a small man as he grows up. The only place is designed in the form of a familiar cradle. This option allows you to really save, because to the walking blocks in cases with strollers 2 in 1, there are questions - when they reach 7-8 months they become small to the children. Another alternative - stroller-walking sticks with larger seats, the advantages of which include good maneuverability and light weight.

When buying a cradle, pay attention to:

* Sleeper. A newborn child should not be closely at least in the next six months. To calculate the approximate size for the winter season, add to the original growth of the baby( ~ 55 cm) the space occupied by the undergarment, overalls, blanket and envelope. As a rule, a cradle with an internal length of 80-85 cm is considered sufficient.

* Wheels. This type of stroller is most often produced with non-rotational wheels of large diameter. Nevertheless, there is a proposal with 360 ° rotating or partially turning wheels. The first option will be convenient in winter. In this version, the stroller will confidently overcome snowdrifts and ruts, the latter option is preferable for walks in the summer. Of course, they can be used in the cold season, but the locking mechanism often fails. Useful in preparing for the storming of the winter streets will be the wheels moving on one track. So you do not have to overcome each axis again to overcome the resistance of snow.

* Chassis. The folding base made of aluminum will be the most convenient. It has the least weight, will fit when transported to any car.

* Method of articulation of the chassis and cradle. The best option will be a product that allows you to separate the base and the sleeper, which can be brought home and directly in it to rock the child, and the chassis will perfectly sleep in the entrance or car.

* Weight. Remember, in order to get to the street, Mom, most likely, will have to overcome more than one step and not one threshold. And outside the house the extra weight will only bring problems. Take care that the load is minimal. A comfortable value is the total weight of a stroller without a baby up to 15 kg.

* Amortization. Affects the comfort of the child's stay in the stroller. The design should not transmit all road irregularities, and also swing. This parameter is determined in part by the wheels - the inflatable is more pleasant in movement, although they are prone to punctures.

* Finishing and fittings. Most of the proposals are from eco-leather. It is easy to clean and resistant to damage. There are also cradles with covers made of cloth or genuine leather. They are more useful for the well-being of a newborn, although it is more difficult to operate. It is much more important to protect the baby from the sun, snow, wind and rain. Pay attention to the presence of a long visor, lightning, grids, etc., which can improve the microclimate in the cradle.

All of the above can hardly be combined in one model. Therefore, we offer you a rating of the best strollers for the newly created, compiled according to technical characteristics, the "price-quality" ratio and the feedback from Yandex-Market customers.

10 place.

Inglesina Classica

The average price is 65 000 rubles. This stroller-cradle received 44% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Pompous style distinguishes this stroller from a mass of similar to each other models. A large number of quality fabrics, chrome parts and different in diameter wheels will find a response in the hearts of many parents. Weight - 18 kg. The dimensions of the cradle are 33 x 73 cm. At the same time, it remains fully adapted to the needs of the child, according to the owners, its merits are as follows:

* has a deep box( 19 cm);

* keeps heat during frosts and in the wind;

* is characterized by reliable fixation of elements relative to each other;

At the same time there is not enough smoothness of the stroke and silence during the movement.

9 place.

Cam Linea Sport

The average price is 30 500 rubles. This stroller for a newborn has scored 45% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. The fabric top, aluminum base allowed to achieve an optimum weight of 15.1 kg. The chassis is formed according to the principle of the book. Equipped with a carrying handle, as well as a mechanism for folding the main handle. The hood rises to the right angle. To protect from wind, there is a rising screen. The dimensions of the box are 38x80 cm. Transportation of auxiliary materials, things is carried out in a capacious bag and cargo compartment with high sides under the cradle. Wheels rubber, inflatable.


* smooth running and patency - the child does not shake on the hummocks in part thanks to the well-thought-out depreciation, partly to the inflatable wheels;

* removable for washing upholstery, only the fastening button cover requires attention;

* the possibility of completing the walking module.

In addition to non-essential misses, newly mums distinguish the creak of springs and the noisy folding of the hood.

8th place.

Little Trek Neo Alu( cradle)

The average price is 18 450 rubles. This stroller received 51% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Cradle size 40x86 cm is located on an aluminum frame with swiveling front wheels with forced locking. Folds. Weight 14 kg. There is everything necessary for comfortable walks:

* lightly cleaned cradle fabric;

* height adjustment of the handle;

* large screen to protect the internal space from the wind;

* moderate throughput.

Discontent is caused by:

* creaking of moving parts( springs, articulations, wheels);

* difficult assembly / disassembly of the stroller;

* is not suitable for carrying, because when lifting the basket the center of gravity is at the child's head.

7 place.

Milli Jenis

The average price is 11,990 rubles. This stroller scored 67% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Folding on the principle of "book" chassis forms with a cradle length of 79 cm and a width of 34 cm stroller weighing 14.3 kg. The hood is made of non-woven fabric, a similar material forms the basis of the net for products. The handle is adjustable in height by pressing the buttons on the end face on both sides. The wheels are inflatable, they are blocked by pressing the foot pedal.


* large wheels confidently overcoming snowdrifts and rapids;

* a grid protecting the child from insects;

* adjustable in three backrest positions;

* Insulated cradle.

The minuses include a delicate fittings, as well as carrying handles for the basket, placed on its sides.

6 place.

Bebecar Stylo AT( cradle)

The average price is 50 100 rubles. The stroller scored 67% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Although the chassis is made of aluminum alloy, the total weight is quite impressive 16.7 kg. With it, it would have been rather difficult to manage, had it not been for the partially rotated front axle. The top is covered with very high-quality textiles, and a basket for things from a combination of fabric and mesh. Wheels inflatable on cast discs. It differs by well-designed ventilation of the cradle( size 30x75 cm) when riding in the warm season.


* Swivel wheels( approx. 40º) increase maneuverability without hindering operation in snow and ice conditions;

* Soft stroke and stability thanks to spring suspension and fine tuning;

* high - it's easy to get a child, the dirt flying from under the wheels does not stain the cradle;

* compact outside, spacious inside. Without problems, he calls into elevators of high-rise buildings.


* insufficient preparedness for winter operation;

* Overweight;

* Noisy hood lowering;

* very small basket of fabric.

5 place.

Baby Care Sonata

The average cost is 15 250 rubles. The stroller scored 67% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Elegant version of the stroller with a cradle size 37h84 cm, upholstered in a dense fabric and mounted on a classic chassis with non-rotational wheels. The weight of the product is 12 kg. Quickly disassembled for transportation. On the sides there are hinges for carrying.


* easy;

* huge wheels, due to which irregularities in a moment are behind;

* a spacious box, one of the largest in the price category;

* the presence of a mosquito net;

* Pleasant to the touch finish of the head and handles.


* missing raincoat;

* bad pump included;

* compulsive creaking.

4 place.

Peg-Perego Culla-auto( chassis Velo)

The average price is 33 890 rubles. The stroller scored 69% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. It combines the external beauty and thoughtfulness of the executed decisions. The total weight is 15.5 kg. Optimal option for use in urban conditions in summer and winter.

Positively evaluated by buyers:

* appearance - the stroller looks appropriate for children of both sexes;

* interior space - 37 x 77 cm;

* a large number of hidden cavities for small items;

* removable case.

Causes of concern:

* mediocre depreciation;

* lack of a full sun visor;

* low-lying basket.

3 place.

Inglesina Vittoria( chassis Comfort Piu)

The average price is 61 200 rubles. The stroller scored 72% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. It reflects the Italian quality and style. The outer upholstery is made of wear-resistant fabric or eco-leather. The chassis is made of aluminum, the folding mechanism is a book. Wheels made of solid rubber. Also there is a metal mesh with high sides. Weight - 14,9 kg.

Advantages in the opinion of the owners:

* spacious. The size inside is 35 x 78 cm - this is enough for use until the child reaches the age of 7-8 months.

* smooth running and large wheels - the spring suspension ensures a steady movement over any coatings, and the wheels - a high road through the snow and bumps.* The positive properties of the non-rotating axis will be appreciated in winter.

* design reliability - easily withstands the use of several children in a row for 2-3 years.


* no carrying handle on the hood of the cradle - when lifting the top weight shifts towards the child's head.

* Scraping suspension and wheels - easily corrected by lubricating the units with engine oil or WD-40.

* no raincoat and mosquito net in the base.

2 place.

Navington Galeon( cradle)

The average price is 34 170 rubles. The stroller scored 72% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. Upper material is fabric. The chassis material is aluminum, which means that the total weight is only 15.5 kg. Equipped with a closed luggage compartment, foot parking brake, as well as a telescopic handle, adjustable by pressing a button.


* spacious( the size of the box inside - 36x79 cm), while easily placed in the elevator;

* the complete set includes all necessary elements: a bag, a cape against a rain, a mosquito net;

* centralized brake control and quick adjustment of the handle height.

Of the shortcomings noted a complex repair in the breakdown of major components( wheels, chassis), as well as creaking.

1 place.

Navington Caravel( cradle)

The average price is 30 870 rubles. The stroller scored 74% of fives according to reviews in the Yandex-Market. A stroller with a modern but discreet design. The hood and padding of the cradle is made of cloth or leather, inside - cotton, height-adjustable handle is covered with eco-leather. The gross weight is 17.5 kg. It is possible to install wheels with a diameter of 31 and 35 cm. The front axle is rotary - up to 30˚.Internal dimensions - 34 x 78 cm.

Owners liked:

* Passability, comfort while driving, easy motion sickness;

* maneuverability due to turning on a limited angle wheels;

* the mosquito net shifted backwards for the summer period;

* covering the sidecar;

* strong frame.

Customers were dissatisfied with the following:

* heavy weight;

* no intermediate positions when raising the backrest in the cradle;

* with fabric elements.

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