The best peelings / scrubs for the face. Top 10

9th place: Christina Fluoroxygen + C Clarifying Scrub is a face scrub that has an effective cleansing effect, which is achieved thanks to such natural ingredients as medicinal soap, salicylic acid and soap wood. The product exfoliates the dead cells, cleanses the pores and effectively removes the remnants of makeup. In addition to the above ingredients, the active ingredients of the drug include: glycerol, polyethylene, sodium hydroxide, and ascorbic and citrus acids. Scrub should be applied to damp skin, for two minutes gently massage with your fingers, and then rinse with water.

8th place: Aquatonale - face peeling based on glycolic acid, which performs the functions of renewing the horny sphere of the epidermis and restoring the elasticity of the skin. The antioxidant effect that the drug possesses slows down the aging process, tones up and gives the person a healthy color. Apply to clean skin without touching the sensitive area around the eyes. After five minutes, the product is rinsed off with warm water, and then the skin is wiped with a soft lotion restoring the pH level.

7th place: SeSDERMA Mandelac Scrub - a face-based almond-based scrub specially formulated for mixed, oily and problem skin. Excellent tones, cleanses pores, removes dead cells and smooths the microrelief. Possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The drug includes the following active ingredients: extracts of chamomile and aloe barbadensis, mandelic acid, plant extracts, chlorhexidine digluconate and polyethylene granules. It is applied to moist skin with massage movements, after which it is massaged intensively and thoroughly washed off with warm water.

6th place: Demax - a means for sensitive skin, represented by the manufacturer as a low-percentage acidic surface-epidermal peeling. The gel-based preparation has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. Excellent cope with keratinized cells and even the skin, without causing irritation. Peeling Demax consists of the following components: ginseng extract, papaya, chamomile and aloe, apple, lactic, glycolic and grape acids, trace elements, vitamins, water and gellant. Apply the product with gentle massage movements to the cleansed skin.

5 th place: Kart Papaya Peeling is a high-quality preparation for professional use, the main component of which is papaya. Peeling is suitable for all skin types. The main plus of this product is exclusively natural ingredients in the composition: crushed pulp of peach, lemon, grapes, papaya, apricot, apple, grapes, cucumber, tomato and cabbage. He will make the dry and faded skin more hydrated and healthy, contributes to the rapid healing of acne. The drug is suitable for both facial skin, and for the area around the eyes, back, d├ęcolletage, as well as for dry joints and knees.

4th place: SVR LYSALPHA - concentrated peeling, intended for oily skin with a tendency to acne. Its main tasks are to prevent and reduce the consequences of acne. Delicately caring for the skin, the drug has anti-inflammatory and exfoliating action. A light gel texture allows the use of SVR LYSALPHA peeling even for sensitive skin. The composition includes glycerin, zinc, PCA, Gluconolactone 14%, and tephrosia purple. The agent should be applied to areas of the skin where there are inflammations, except for the area around the eyes, nose and lips.

3rd place: Premium peeling with AXA 8% is a high-quality facial skin care product that allows you to conduct a professional procedure at home. The fruit-acid-containing preparation perfectly copes with the peeling areas, rosacea, pigment spots, keratinized cells and small scars. Regular application improves blood circulation and the disappearance of stagnant spots. The skin becomes more youthful and smooth, and the face acquires a healthy color. The composition of the drug includes the following components: brine, natural citrus oils, lily of the valley extract, as well as apple, citric, pyrolidonecarboxylic and lactic acids. On the skin is applied a thin layer after the procedure of cleansing and toning. After 5-10 minutes, the product should be washed off with water.

2nd place: Holy Land Lactolan Peeling Cream is an enzymatic peeling cream suitable for all skin types, excluding skin with a tendency to inflammation. It reduces peeling, makes the surface of the epidermis smoother, and also removes horny cells and open comedones. As a result, the skin will be moistened, fresh, and the circles under the eyes will become much lighter. Cream-peeling is applied in a thin layer, which is covered with a moist compress for 10 minutes. After the specified time, the compress should be removed, the remnants of the drug should be removed with gentle massage movements and washed off with water, after which the skin should be applied with a reducing cream. The composition of the product includes active ingredients, which are represented by kaolin, whey and extract, obtained during fermentation of cheese.

1st place: Gigi Peeling regular - peeling, ideal for regular use. It has effective cleansing properties and perfectly restores tonus. Suitable for any type of skin, including even the most sensitive and speckled couperose. Intended for home use cream peeling provides exfoliation, smoothing and moisturizing. After regular application, the skin becomes smooth, supple and smooth. The composition of Gigi Peeling regular includes such components as stearic acid, paraffin, triethanolamine, kaolin and water. The drug is applied to the skin of the eyelids, face and neck with a thin layer. When the product is a little dry, fingers should be moistened with warm water and soft movements to massage the skin, after which the remnants of cream peeling should be washed off.

With the advent of spring, every woman wants to look good. In order for the skin to have a fresh and healthy appearance, women resort to various cleansing procedures. Among the many skin care products, a separate place is given to scrubs - cosmetic creams containing solid particles( ground seeds of plants, salt, sugar, purified sand, etc.), which are used to purify the skin of dead cells. The procedure for applying scrubs is called peeling. It is often possible to meet the use of the term "peeling" as a synonym for the pontic "scrub".The Institute of Marketing and Sociological Research, functioning under the company Stylesalon, selected the top ten peeling scrubs most in demand between September 20, 2013 and March 20, 2014.Winners were helped to determine the following criteria: customer reviews, sales numbers, product reviews on the site and the number of mentions of the tool in social networks.

This rating is designed to facilitate the selection and help you navigate the vast variety of products offered by modern brands.

10-th place: Oxygen Botanicals Deep Pore Cleanser pH 3,8 - a drug based on extracts of medicinal plants, designed for deep cleaning of pores. Loosening the top layer of the skin, the product increases its ability to absorb nutrients. The anti-inflammatory effect also includes anti-inflammatory properties. The composition includes extracts of Echinacea, Centella Asiatica, Tvolgia vulgaris, lactic and salicylic acid, vitamin E, jaboncillo oil, lecithin and liposomes.