The best nail polishes. Top 10

9th place: Nfu. Oh - French varnishes of high quality, ideal for everyday manicure and nail art. This versatility is due to the stability of the coating, short drying time and a special plasticizer. Strength of the product ensures the preservation of manicure in an ideal state for a long time. The composition of the lacquer includes nanoparticles. Today it is difficult to surprise the buyer with really unusual shades of decorative cosmetics for nails, however, Nfu. Oh lacquers manage to impress fashionistas with the most extravagant shades.
Nfu. Oh lacquer, the bottle of which resembles a luxurious lady, tightened into a medieval corset, will not only be the visiting card of every woman, but will also be an interesting decoration of her dressing table.

8th place: Lady Victory is a remedy for the eponymous Ukrainian brand, which has a rich variety of luxurious and rich colors in the arsenal, which simultaneously acts as a varnish and a gel for nails. Gel varnishes of this brand are sold in bottles with a capacity of 15 milliliters with a brush. Production from Lady Victory differs a density and high density of color. Thanks to this consistency, the manicure looks more expressive. Nails, it covers as a normal varnish, so it will be equally convenient to use for both a professional and a beginner. If to put a varnish with one layer, it turns out almost transparent color, at drawing of two layers of fingernails get more sated shade. Polymerization of gel-varnish is achieved with a 9-watt UV lamp. You can choose one varnish option or mix several colors - in both cases, the eye-popping effect of the manicure is guaranteed.

7th place: Perfect Lady is a Polish brand that produces a line of wonderful nail polishes that will give a perfect manicure for a long time and make her hands beautiful. To create an exquisite style, women of fashion are offered a wide range of shades, including non-standard metal, pearl and hologram effects. A special formula, which does not contain such components as formaldehyde, DBP and toluene, allows the means of this brand to preserve uniform consistency for a long time. Varnishes Perfect Lady are applied to the surface of the nail in a thin and even layer, while drying very quickly. All these remarkable results are achieved thanks to a unique composition in which the following components are represented: resins, solvents, plasticizers, pigments and film-forming agents. Such high-quality components impart strength, gloss and elasticity. Nail care Perfect Lady varnishes will taste even the highest level masters. The bottle, crowned with a metal lid with a brush of the highest quality, makes the process of creating a manicure as comfortable as possible.

6th place: Kodi Professional is another Ukrainian brand of decorative cosmetics for nails, whose palette offers a huge number of colorful shades. Thanks to such a variety, every fashionista can emphasize her individual style and display the mood. Lacquer, which for two to three weeks retains a strong and bright manicure, is fairly easy to apply and quickly removed. High durability is due to the presence of a rubber base, which perfectly adheres to the surface of the nail plate. The composition does not include any harmful substances, besides it has a strengthening property, making thin nails more durable. With Kodi Professional varnishes, you can be sure that the manicure does not fade and crack. The absence of an unpleasant odor and an acceptable price are undoubted advantages of this brand.

5 th place: ZOYA - an American company that represents in the market of decorative cosmetics about 300 shades of nail polish. A diverse and colorful palette will surely satisfy the tastes of any woman. All colors of ZOYA varnishes are very bright, resistant and truly luxurious. Every season the company meets a new collection of varnishes. Fans of the brand are happy to acquire trendy shades, which they are regularly encouraged by the manufacturer. The main feature of the product is a safe eco-formula that allows to use lacquer even during pregnancy. Lacquers ZOYA, featuring a stylish bottle and a comfortable brush, are created exclusively for the beauty and health of natural nails. Plus, the pigment of the product does not penetrate the nail plate, so it can be removed easily and quickly. All shades of ZOYA varnishes are given female names, which makes them even more attractive in the eyes of the beautiful half of humanity.

4th place: OPI - American nail varnishes, a unique formula that contains natural silk and amino acids. The collection is presented on the market more than 300 shades. Nine times a year their palette is replenished with new colors, following the innovative technologies of production of this type of products and worldwide fashion trends. Each shade of varnishes from OPI, reaching the fingertips, tells a unique story. This product is popular all over the world, and its quality is often noted by leading women's magazines, receiving from them various awards.
In order to create the means for a professional manicure, the developers have made a bottle, a cap and a brush shape in accordance with all the necessary requirements. The bottle has an ergonomic shape that allows mother of pearl and sequins to spread evenly over the nail plate. The length and diameter of the cap are designed in such a way that the use is as convenient as possible. The brush is created by innovative standards from natural hair, it perfectly combines the width and density of the villi. This form allows to apply the varnish easily and evenly. Due to the narrowed form of the bottle, varnish drying is prevented, and the compacted bottom provides it with good resistance.

3rd place: ORLY is an American company that has been developing products for the care of natural nails for more than 30 years. The main collection of the brand is presented by elegant, refined and inviting shades. A rich variety of color palette will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Lacquers ORLY will harmoniously look with any variants of the wardrobe - a wide range of shades provides an excellent opportunity to choose a color for the mood or the requirements of a specific situation. Any woman will be very pleased to use the company's lacquer, which has the status of one of the best in the field of decorative cosmetics for nails. Despite all their achievements, ORLY does not even consider stopping development. Each season, according to the latest canons of fashion, the collection is replenished with new trend shades. With the products of ORLY, a woman will always be on the wave of fashion trends.

2 nd place: Creative Nail Design( CND) - an American company that produces innovative products in the form of gel-varnishes CND Shellac. In one bottle the best qualities of a professional varnish and gel for a nail extension are harmoniously combined. The thin coating has an elastic structure and is easily applied, keeping the initial saturation and gloss for 2-3 weeks. Under the influence of ultraviolet light, the product dries quickly without any negative consequences( chipping, cracking).CND Shellac very carefully acts on natural nails, moreover, it strengthens and protects them. This fact allows you to use the lacquer without breaks in wearing. It is removed quite easily in just 10 minutes, without requiring additional cutting, as when removing other gels for nail extensions.
The color range of varnishes from CND boasts 40 shades that easily expand to 200 or more unique shades that can be created by mixing several layers of CND Shellac.

1 st place: Essie - an American company engaged in the production of cosmetics for nails. The manufacturer is represented on the market by a wide variety of products - there are more than 250 shades of Essie lacquers. A sufficiently large volume of the bottle, convenient application and excellent durability takes them to the same level with other popular brands, with which they can confidently compete.
The birth of the Essie brand took place in 1981, when Essey Weingarten produced the first 12 varnishes. The main feature that distinguishes them against the background of the products of other manufacturers is a noble color. They do not attract attention with screaming, bright colors, they beckon with their restrained and elegant palette, distinguished by gloss and dignity. All colors are unique and with different types of lighting look absolutely different, but always rich and stylish. The products from Essie will perfectly suit the wardrobe of women, who are forced to dress according to strict corporate dress code. Lucky this brand like ladies who prefer a noble classic.

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The Institute of Sociological and Marketing Research of the Ukrainian company StyleSalon compiled a list of the best nail polish, which enjoyed the greatest popularity in 2013.Determine the top ten best varnishes allowed the following criteria: the maximum number of sales, views on the company's website, positive reviews and reposts of goods in social networks.

We present to your attention the rating of the most popular nail polish:

10th place: Dior - French brand, which produces lacquers, which deservedly received the status of the brightest coatings for nails. Micronisation and processing of pigments contribute to optimal color reproduction. Innovative technology, including a unique combination of resins and polymers, provides easy application to the surface of the nail plate and guarantees high color and gloss stability. Such components of the Dior lacquer formula as silicon and proteins have a beneficial effect on the nails. The product makes a stronger keratin plate, so that the nails become stronger. In addition, a thin shiny coating protects them from the negative impact of external influences. For simplicity of application and achievement of an irreproachable result the company has been created a special brush, the wide and rounded form of which provides the ideal application, worthy of the hands of this master. High quality and rich palette of shades makes varnishes from Dior irreplaceable elements in the cosmetic bag of every woman.