The best shampoos for hair. Top 10

9 place.

Shampoo ESTEL Prima Blonde

Average price - 450 rubles( per bottle 250 ml).Silver shampoo Prima Blonde from the Russian manufacturer Estelle is created specifically to soften the hair, giving them a noble silver shade. The Natural Pearl system in the product contains panthenol and keratin, which contribute to the restoration of the structure of the hair, providing them with softness and shine.

8th place.

Shampoo Sim Sensitive System 4 5312

Average price - 936 rubles( bottles from 100 to 500 ml).Therapeutic shampoo from the Finnish brand Sim Sensitive is designed for dry, damaged and dyed hair. Prevents the formation of dandruff, relieves itching and irritation. After using the shampoo, the hair becomes smooth, silky, easily combed, itching disappears, hair loss decreases, and dandruff is absent.

7 place.

Shampoo Londa Color Radiance

Average price - 478 rubles( per bottle 250 ml).Shampoo from the German brand Londa, owned by American company Coty, was created specifically to prevent all kinds of damage to dyed hair. Due to the different effects of the environment, the dyed hair can become porous, as the dyeing process makes them brittle. The new shampoo from Londa uses a special technology with the use of Radialux microions, which are able to efficiently remove chemical paint residues, and also block the Vitaflection microspheres, keeping the hair color alive.

6 place.

Shampoo Schwarzkopf Professional Sulfate-Free

Average price - 680 rubles( per bottle 250 ml).Shampoo from the famous German brand is designed for dyed hair. Thanks to a special technology, the lamination restores the hair to an optimum pH of 4.5 and seals the color pigments, providing up to 90% color preservation and up to 100% more gloss. Technology Krio Color Defense stabilizes color pigments, fixing them, as if freezing. The main active ingredient of the cryo formula is hydrolyzed silk, using additional ingredients, polishes the surface of the hair, providing a delicious shine. Amine cellular renewal technology nourishes the hair at the cellular level.

Shampoo is ideal for use after staining and for home care. Does not contain sulfates.

5 place.

Shampoo Matrix So Long Damage

Average price - 565 rubles( bottles from 300 to 1000 ml).Shampoo with ceramides for hair restoration from the American manufacturer Matrix gently cleans damaged fragile hair, strengthens, returning them a healthy shine. Restored from the inside and protected from the outside, the hair again acquires natural strength and elasticity. Suitable for all hair types.

Thanks to Cuticle Rebond &trade with ceramides and aminosilicone shampoo restores the hair from the inside and protects them from outside from further damage. Ceramides penetrate the structure of the hair, fill the cavities of damaged hair, gluing them. As a result, the cuticle scales( hair covering) fit tightly to each other, forming a smooth and even surface. Prevents thinning of hair, prevents the destruction of hair due to external influences. Possessing a positive charge, aminosilicons neutralize the negative charge on the damaged sections of the hair. Aminosilicons settle in the form of small particles in raised scales of the cuticle, in a greater degree - at the ends of the hair. As a result, the hair becomes healthy, elastic and shiny.

4 place.

Shampoo Wella Balance Scalp

The average price is 1200 rubles( bottles from 250 to 1000 ml).Shampoo from the German brand Vella, owned by the American company Coty, is designed for sensitive scalp. The product gently cleanses the hair, soothes the scalp, relieves irritation, restores damaged hair, has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the scalp. With such a shampoo, you will definitely forget about itching, burning of the scalp. This shampoo does not contain flavorings.

The composition includes the following ingredients: lotus extract, champagne extract, keratin, glyoxylic acid, panthenol, vitamin E, phytokeratin.

3 place.

Natura Siberica Shampoo Protection and shine

Average price - 360 rubles( per bottle 400 ml).Shampoo for the protection of colored hair from the Russian brand Natura Siberica( Natura Siberica) based on rhodiola extracts of pink and Dahurian soya using white beeswax significantly enhances the resistance of the hair to the damaging effects of chemicals that are often contained in dyes. The use of Rhodiola Rose extract increases the protective potential of hair, nourishes and moisturizes them, and also stimulates natural regenerative processes. Extract of Daurian soya allows you to saturate the scalp and hair with the most valuable protein of plant origin, and white beeswax strengthens the hair and gives them a healthy shine.

2 place.

Shampoo L'Oreal Professionnel Pro Fiber Restore

The average price is 1080 rubles( bottles from 250 to 1000 ml).Restoring shampoo for heavily damaged hair from the famous French brand L'Oreal. Active components: aminosilane - silicone compound of silicon for binding of inner layers of hair to a three-dimensional network( strengthening and restoring the structure of hair);a cationic polymer covering the cuticle of the hair with a protective film and a "sealing" complex of Aptyl 100 inside the hair.

1 place.

Shampoo Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed

Average price - 530 rubles( bottles from 300 to 1000 ml).Shampoo to protect the color of colored hair with antioxidants from the American manufacturer Matrix. Gently cleanses, strengthens the cuticle of the hair, protects against harmful effects of UV rays and free radicals. Saturates hair with a healthy shine. Maintains the moisture balance of Ph, preventing tarnishing of the color until the next hair coloring. Bright color thanks to the secret of protection from washing out the hue. Color Obsessed shampoo helps restore the porous areas of hair. Provides consistent shine and color. Antioxidants allow you to protect your hair from the negative effects of the environment, keeping the brightness of the color up to 32 times washing your head.


- vitamin E - rich in antioxidants, helps fight free radicals, providing protection against harmful substances.

- natural silicones - help to improve the hair condition and improve the integrity of hair fibers, adding shine to them.

- sunflower oil - ideal for colored hair.

This rating of the top ten hair shampoos for the beginning of 2017 is made on the basis of the Yandex-Market rating, which presents more than 40 thousand different types of shampoos from dozens of online stores. The rating of the product on the Yandex-Market is calculated on the basis of all reviews and user ratings.

10 place.

Shampoo Moroccanoil Moisture Repair

The average price is 1535 rubles( per bottle 250 ml).Shampoo from the Israeli manufacturer Moroccanoil is intended for hair weakened and damaged by staining, chemical influences or hot styling. Recovering moisturizing shampoo Moroccanoil has a highly effective formula that gently cleanses and untangles the hair, saturating every strand of antioxidant rich with argan oil, keratin, fatty acids and other nutrients. These ingredients work simultaneously on two levels: penetrate deep into the hair, strengthening its structure, and moisturize the hair follicles, which as a result makes the hair obedient and healthy - from the outside and from the inside.