The most expensive bicycles in the world. Top-16

15th place: BMC All Black Hublot Team Machine edition is the result of the joint work of the authoritative manufacturer of Bicycles of the Navy and the world famous Swiss watchmaker Hublot. To create an exclusive bike authors inspired Hublot watches, which combine such high-quality materials as ceramics, rubber, titanium and carbon fiber. Launched in an amount of 30 copies, the bikes have an exceptionally black design, pedals made using ceramic material that reduces friction, and a frame made of carbon fiber for the high strength of the entire structure. The cost of a unique bicycle weighing only 6.9 kg is 19,500 US dollars.

14th place: BMC Impec Automobili Lamborghini Edition - the brainchild of the Italian company for the production of luxury supercars Lamborghini and the Swiss manufacturer of elite bicycles of the Navy. The steering wheel and saddle of the exclusive model were decorated with suede material. In addition, an expensive road bike is equipped with wheel disks made of carbon fiber, and on its frame flaunts the Lamborghini logo. The steering wheel, like a seat tube, is made in orange Argos Orange, the same as the famous Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4.The number of bikes declared for production was only 30 copies, each of which costs about 26 thousand conventional units.

13-place: KGS "Tier 3" Custom Bike - a bicycle created by one of the most popular manufacturers - KGS.The word "bike" in the name of the bicycle should not be surprising, in English means bicycle, although in Russia this word is associated with a motorcycle. The author of this model was the famous designer Kevin Saunders, thanks to the efforts of which KGS "Tier 3" Custom Bike not only provides a comfortable ride for the cyclist, but also gives maximum aesthetic pleasure with its stylishly designed design. The cost of a bicycle manufactured according to all modern high-tech canons equals the cost of a good car - $ 30,000.To ensure exclusivity, KGS will annually issue a limited number of "Tier 3".

12th place: Factor 001 - advertised as the most progressive racing bike in the world, was developed in 2009 by the engineers of the well-known manufacturer BERU f1systems, which produces parts for the Formula-1 cars. Due to the use of high-quality vibro-insulating carbon the bicycle turned out to be quite light - the total weight is about 7.4 kg. At the same time, it has all the high-tech features, innovative design features and stylish design. It includes on-board computer, GPS-navigator and control system. Such a not-cheap pleasure will cost the buyer 31 000 - 33 000 dollars.

11th place: Bicyclettes de Luxe is a unique creation by the famous French designer Fanuel Krenker, which was first introduced to the public at the prestigious North American handmade bicycle show. Designed in a very stylish design, it is completely made of chrome and carbon fiber, and all metal parts are polished to a mirror finish. Many parts of the bicycle were designed by famous firms. For example, the front and rear disc brakes were kindly provided by the German company Trickstuff. Focusing on luxury, the design of Bicyclettes de Luxe used materials such as veal leather, alligator skin and gold-plated decals. The price for this stylish vehicle is 34 425 conventional units.

10th place: Brogue Bike is the result of the collaboration of well-known designers Nick Fitch, Nicholas James and Simon Harcourt. It took them eight weeks of painstaking manual labor to create this environmentally friendly vehicle. In June 2012, a retro bicycle designed in retro style was introduced in London, a saddle, steering wheel, frame and wings of which were covered with genuine leather, and the steering wheel is decorated with silver inserts encrusted with chocolate-colored diamonds. The price of a stylish Brogue Bike is 38.8 thousand dollars.

9th place: Aston Martin One-77 Superbike is the work of highly revered British manufacturer Aston Martin, widely known in the world for his supercars, one of which was traveled by the famous super-agent James Bond. Superbike, which will be released in a total of 77 copies, is equipped with the latest data recording system, which can be found in race cars of the latest generation. Its sporting character is manifested in sensors that monitor speed, angles of descent, elevation, ambient temperature, as well as biometric sensors that care about the condition of the cyclist, who collect information on the pulse rate, respiration, body temperature, etc. The cost of the model is 39 000 dollars.

8th place: Montante Luxury Gold Collection - women's bicycle, released by the Italian brand Montante, which is very popular among the fans of clean transport today. Created exclusively for women, the bicycle carries a purely feminine luxury of design: its frame is completely covered with 24-carat gold, the seat and steering wheel are covered with python skin, and the last stroke giving a special gloss is 11 thousand Swarovski crystals. You can buy a Montante Luxury Gold Collection bicycle for $ 46,000.

7th place: 1890 Tiffany &Co. Bicycle - the creation of the famous jewelry company Tiffany &Co., manufactured in the distant 1890, when two-wheeled transport was very popular among the aristocracy. It was created specifically for one of the most celebrated artists of the time, Lillian Russell. The whole design of the antique 1890 Tiffany &Co. Bicycle is decorated with silver inserts with figured embossing, the saddle is covered with natural leather, and the handles are made of carved ivory. The female retro bike again reminded of itself in 2008, when the company put him up for auction at Bonhams New York, where he was sold for a staggering $ 50,000.

6th place: Chrome Hearts x Cervelo Bike - a bicycle created in 2010 by the prestigious Canadian company Cervelo in tandem with the luxury brand Chrome Hearts. Exclusivity of this vehicle is in precious metals, rhinestones and exquisite leather, with which it is decorated. Although the standard Cervélo P4 TT is sold for about 6 thousand dollars, its more luxurious fellow, produced in limited quantities, will cost 60 thousand US dollars for cyclists.

5th place: Trek Madone 5.9 SL-7 Diamonds - a road bike manufactured by the Trek manufacturer in 2005 as a more luxurious version of the Madone 5.9 model. The work of bicycle art justifies its name, "seven diamonds", because the bike was created in honor of the seventh victory of the cyclist Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France, and the logo of the model is adorned with yellow diamonds of one carat laid out in the form of a number 7. In addition,strewn with a hundred colorless diamonds. The manufacturer of the bicycle that was issued in one copy initially set the price at 60 thousand dollars, but at an auction held in 2005 an anonymous buyer gave him 75,000 conventional units. All proceeds from the sale were transferred to the charitable foundation of Lance Armstrong - a great athlete who managed to defeat cancer and return to cycling.

4th place: Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike - a bicycle, launched in 2009 by the Swedish company Aurumania, one of the leading manufacturers of luxury bicycles. Its exclusivity is explained by the fact that the entire surface of the bicycle, including wheels, frame and spokes, is covered with 24-carat yellow gold. An even more sparkle to the two-wheeled transport is given by inlay from 600 Swarovski crystals. As with all models of this level, the steering wheel and seat are covered with natural leather. The limited edition was released in only ten copies, each of which is given a 10-year warranty. In addition, the buyer will be delivered his bicycle anywhere in the world, and in addition to it can sell a special rack, made in a similar style. The cost of Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bike is about 101 000 dollars.

3rd place: Trek Madone by KAWS - a sport bicycle, the distinctive feature of which are the white teeth depicted all over the body and both wheels. The author of the unusual design is the widely known New York artist Brian Donnelley. He created this masterpiece specifically for the celebration of the participation of Lance Armstrong in the Milan-San Remo race, which took place in 2009.Bicycle Trek Madone by KAWS was sold at auction at Sotheby's for a record 160 000 thousand dollars.

2 nd place: Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed ​​Concept - racing bicycle from the famous manufacturer Trek and Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara. It should be noted that there are no precious materials in it. The yellow bicycle made of carbon fiber is distinguished by its original design: it is decorated with images of Japanese cartoon anime heroes, including aliens and superhero children with boxing gloves on their hands. For such a bright two-wheeled vehicle at the auction Sotheby's gave a colossal amount - 200 thousand US dollars.

1 st place: Butterfly Trek Madone - the most expensive bicycle in the world, created by the famous British artist Damien Hirst( Damien Hirst).For the decoration of a racing bike, more than 100 real butterflies were used, which the author of the idea himself grew up. With their wings, Hurst decorated the frame and rim of the bicycle wheels. This design, although it looks very bright and beautiful, but caused a lot of negativity on the part of animal rights advocates. This creation was created in honor of the legend of cycling, Lance Armstrong, especially for his participation in the Tour de France in 2009.The initial announced price, which was planned to sell Butterfly Trek Madone at the auction Sotheby's, was $ 1.3 million, but the maximum price proposed by the buyer stopped at the mark of $ 500 thousand, which is also very solid for two-wheelers. All proceeds were transferred to the charitable purposes of the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

The bicycle today is among the most popular means of transportation among various sections of the population. Many inhabitants of the planet, each guided by their motives, choose this efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle that positively affects the well-being of its owner and does not harm the environment. Most luxury car brands, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc., rely on the bicycle industry, which is now successfully developing in the markets around the world.
Elite manufacturers produce bicycles that not only serve traditional purposes, but also include all the high-tech functions of the new generation. Designers, in turn, in every way try to surprise the fans of luxury: in the manufacture of advanced models often used various expensive materials, such as gold, platinum, carbon fiber, chrome, precious stones, Swarovski crystals or real wings of butterflies. And it is quite natural that such bicycles are classified as a luxury two-wheeled transport and cost a lot of money.
This rating is dedicated to the most expensive bicycles that have ever been created.

16th place: Chanel Fashion Bicycle - a city bicycle, in 2007 represented by the famous fashion house Chanel. Inspired by the upward trend of luxury bicycles, the designers of the brand, in addition to a comfortable ride, decided to add a bit of elegance. By order of Chanel, an unnamed producer produced 50 copies of an exclusive vehicle, the original price of which was $ 17,000.Today at such a price Chanel Fashion Bicycle is unlikely to be found, since they are already sold out and can be purchased only online auctions, where the cost will significantly exceed the original price( about $ 28,000).The bicycle has a hand-welded lightweight frame made of aluminum, covered with embossed calf leather saddle, a pump placed in a cover made of original quilted leather, and two bags that can be attached to a saddle or worn like ordinary city bags, over the shoulder. In one of them is stored the branded cosmetic bag Chanel.