The best face serums

The facial serum quickly absorbs into the skin, transferring into its very depth a lot of useful components. Despite its light texture, such funds are maximally "charged" with active substances that are necessary to maintain the health and beauty of the face. And the choice of serums is just crazy: for any task, any type of skin, there will be a unique composition that will moisturize it, nourish it, save it from greasy shine or instantly rejuvenate. But the best will be only those that can provide comprehensive care.


  1. Serum for the face of which firm to choose
  2. The best moisturizing serums for the face
  3. The best maturing serums for the face
  4. The best serums for the face returning the shine
  5. The best whitening serums for the face
  6. The best serums for the face with a rejuvenating effect
  7. What serum for the face to buy

Serum for the face of which firm to choose

Once any whey is deeply absorbed into the skin, it is worth considering how it will be delicately acted there. To care provider has benefited, but not exacerbated the existing problems, you need to use the cosmetics of companies that monitor the quality and safety of their products. Well, we will not forget about their effectiveness.

The most effective serums for the face with the minimum percentage of individual reactions are produced by the following companies: Almea

2. Clarins

3. Mades Cosmetics

4. Bioderma

5. Ella Bache

6. SesDerma Laboratories

7. Missha

8. Belita-Vitex

9. Vigor

10. Shary

The products of the famous networkers Avon and Faberlic were also highlighted in the reviews.

The best moisturizing serums for the face

Almea H.A.Serum

British serum for the face is enriched with hyaluronic acid, which gives a moisturizing effect. It can be used from the age of 18 on any type of skin, but the mature action will be more noticeable. All because the formula includes allantoin, which causes the cells to update more quickly. The serum is in a convenient 30 ml bottle with a dispenser and an "elevator" - with this volume it will be enough for a couple of courses.


  • Well moisturizes, does not dry and does not tighten the skin;
  • Rapidly absorbed;
  • Has a light watery consistency;
  • There is no oily film and a feeling of stickiness;
  • Odorless;
  • Does not cause allergy;
  • Gives the skin freshness and radiance, smooths the microrelief;
  • Has an economical consumption.


  • The dispenser splashes, but the manufacturer promises to correct this defect.

The product is very light thanks to a water-based, so it's good to use in the summer.

Clarins Hydra Quench Intensive Serum

The French biphasic serum is all with the same hyaluronic acid and five exotic plant components that saturate the skin with moisture and smooth it from the inside. Also, the formula contains vitamin E, acting as an antioxidant. Serum is available in three volumes: 15, 30 and 50 ml. It is intended for over-dried skin, which needs urgent and intensive moistening.


  • Good nutrition to the skin, making it tender;
  • Removes redness and flaking on the face;
  • Rapidly absorbed;
  • Does not cause discomfort and allergy;
  • Has a pleasant, barely noticeable floral fragrance;
  • works well even without cream;
  • Economical;
  • Convenient bottle and dispenser.


  • Not suitable for combination skin - clogs pores;
  • Leaves a glossy film on the face, if applied too much;
  • Does not give an accumulative effect.

Missa Super Aqua Ultra Waterfool Gel Serum

Gel-serum, intensively moisturizing and nourishing the skin, contains 3 types of plant extracts( baobab, emperor and desert rose) that accumulate moisture in the deep layers of the dermis. But most of all it turned out different oils: argan, jojoba, milk thistle and marulas. Among other things, this serum still has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. Suitable for all skin types aged 25 to 35 years. The volume of the bottle is 40 ml.


  • Rich natural composition;
  • Pleasant smell;
  • Perfectly moisturizes and tones up the face;
  • Removes peeling and even outlines the overall tone;
  • Smoothes fine wrinkles on the skin;
  • Slowly consumed;
  • A good dispenser and a solid bottle.


  • If you go too far with the product, it turns into a sticky film;
  • May give oily shine.

The best maturing serums for the face

Face Serum Magistral Sebatics

An indispensable serum for oily, problematic and combination skin is available as part of the professional Ella Bache series. In addition to eliminating sebaceous shine( due to the regulation of sebum secretion), this agent simultaneously cures and inflammations.

The composition includes an extract of grapefruit bones, zinc and salicylic acid. The serum is very light and can be used even under daytime make-up, but it is better to use it in courses: 3-4 times a year for 1-2 months. The volume of the standard vial is 30 ml, but there are 3 ml samplers.


  • Very deep purification of pores;
  • Relieves shaving( fat);
  • Aligns the tone of the face and smooths the relief;
  • Matiruet and tightens the skin;
  • There is an accumulation effect;
  • Convenient bottle with a pipette;
  • Cost-effective consumption, as with all active serums.


  • When applied excessively, it slides on the surface of the skin;
  • Unpleasant odor.

Despite the age-related recommendations of the manufacturer( 18+), the most correct serum works on "mature" skin - after 30.

Vigor "Pink Grapefruit"

This serum has an unusual but very correct combination of properties - matting and moisturizing. In addition, it also prevents excessive pigmentation of the skin, especially during pregnancy. The product contains essential oils: grapefruit, orange and extract from grapes, which return to the person smoothness and elasticity. The volume of the bubble is 50 ml.


  • Relieves inflammation;
  • Reduces dilated pores;
  • Does not leave behind stickiness, but does not dry;
  • Does not conflict with caring and decorative cosmetics;
  • Low consumption;
  • Low price.


  • Smell not everyone likes;
  • The dispenser gives a great deal of pressure.

As in the case of other active agents, opinions on this serum are divided: some have achieved a wow effect, others - barely noticeable matting. Nevertheless, the properties declared by the manufacturer are in most cases confirmed by reviews.

Bioderma Sebium Serum

Of course, the main purpose of this serum is to smooth the problem skin, but it also provides a matting effect at a very high level. The composition of the product is quite complex, although the main components are only 3: silica, removing sebaceous shine from the face, zinc gluconate, regulating fat release and vitamin B6.Serum is applied by courses for 4 weeks with a frequency of every 2 days. The volume of the tube is 40 ml.


  • Reduces existing acne and prevents the appearance of new ones;
  • Removes oily shine;
  • Does not leave a film on the face;
  • Slim nose - it is convenient to apply serum to small areas of the skin;
  • Odorless.


  • Dries - do not apply to the skin around the eyes;
  • The effect becomes noticeable not immediately.

The best facial shiny serums

Natuvalia Glowing Ampoules

Therapeutic serum in ampoules from SesDerma Laboratories is designed for dull dry skin that lacks a healthy radiance. The main component is simple to disgrace - it's vitamin C, protecting the face from sunlight and free radicals. To achieve the effect of beautiful skin, it is sufficient to use concentrated serum once or twice a week. In the box there are 5 "pharmacy" ampoules of 2 ml.


  • Visible improvements already in the morning;
  • Well absorbed, despite its oiliness;
  • Returns smoothness to the skin;
  • Noticeable effect of skin lightening and light hydration;
  • Economical - 1 ampoule is enough for 2-3 applications.


  • Short-lived effect.

Very well, this serum works under alginate masks. The ampoules themselves should not be left open - leave the remnants of the product in a syringe and hide it in a dark place( vitamin C is destroyed in the sun).

Heiliter Faberlic «Air Stream Oxygen Shine Highlighting»

Interesting whey, which returns a "youthful glow" to the face, can be used after 20 years. It restores and strengthens the skin, however, to get the desired effect of a sleek face, the manufacturer went on a trick. Radiance after the first application of the skin does not give the miracle components, but the smallest retro-reflective particles.

On the other hand, there are also enough nutrients in its formula - these are oxygen and detox complexes, which under the cover of the shimmer improve the actual state of the skin. The product is sold in a vial( 15 ml) with a pipette dispenser.


  • Pleasant texture;
  • Well absorbed into the skin and not felt on it with a film;
  • Really gives a delicate glow;
  • Can be used as a make-up base.


  • Sharp smell of perfume fragrance;
  • Quickly consumed.

Women in the reviews recommend mixing the highlighter with a makeup base, so that the small bubble will last longer.

The best whitening serums for the face

Witex Ideal Whitening

This serum corrector with the effect of "smart clarification" is designed to remove from the face of too bright freckles and age spots of pigmentation. Naturally, the composition here is much more complicated than other means, and does not please with an abundance of natural components. Serum should be applied 2 times a day, and constantly, but the first results can be noticed no earlier than 2-3 weeks of use. The volume of the tube is 30 ml.


  • Light texture, not zhirnit skin;
  • It does not look bad;
  • Dry and tighten pores;
  • Quickly absorbed, pleasant to apply;
  • Low price.


  • Belarusians obviously overdid with fragrance;
  • Individually, it can cause skin rashes or flaking.

Clarifying serum requires long-term use and preferably with other products from its series( at least with day cream).However, after 2 months its effectiveness becomes noticeable even to an outsider.

Skinniks Whitening Intense Anti-spot

The bleaching agent from Mades Cosmetics is intended for skin with pigment spots in the age category 45+.In addition, it provides a mature dermis moisturizing and nutrition necessary for it at deep levels.

This tool works by blocking the production of melanin, so if you want to sunbathe in the summer, a break in the course will have to be done much earlier. Serum contains macadamia and grape seed oil, citrus extracts, as well as vitamins C, E, B5 and panthenol. The bottle goes in volume of 15 ml.


  • Aligns complexion after 2 weeks;
  • Returns the skin elasticity, smooths the microrelief;
  • Long-lasting moisturizing effect;
  • Quite good muffles freckles and excessive pigmentation;
  • Can be used under make-up.


  • All natural ingredients are far from the top of the list.

In this same line, there is a clarifying serum similar to Illuminating Face. It has additional strengthening and rejuvenating properties, but is intended for younger skin( 35+), and the whitening effect is less pronounced in it.

Best Serums for the face with a rejuvenating effect

Belita "Laser Like System Serum"

Moisturizing and nourishing anti-age serum is presented as an alternative to laser peeling, except that it does not give so many side effects. The composition of the remedy includes extract of chicory and zescalpinia, peach seed oil, as well as caffeine, which improves skin tone. Serum is sold in a 30 ml tube with a long spout dispenser. Recommended for use at the age of 40+.


  • Quickly absorbed thanks to a light texture;
  • Restores the face oval;
  • Smooths even deep wrinkles;
  • Improves and levels the skin tone;
  • Seals loose epidermis on the surface;
  • Brightens age spots;
  • Can be applied under make-up;
  • Does not cause irritation even on sensitive skin, although it tingles.


  • Has a strong odor, but when applied, it quickly erodes;
  • On dry skin, you may require a good moisturizer.

Shary Hyaluronic acid

The serum with the maximum content of hyaluronic acid perfectly moisturizes the skin and smoothes out fine wrinkles as well as deep folds( of course, not until it completely disappears).Sold in the form of a sachet of 2 grams, but portions can be stretched to 2-3 applications.


  • Has a light texture, instantly absorbed;
  • No restrictions on skin type;
  • Refreshes and gives the face a healthy appearance, it works almost immediately;
  • Does not cause allergy;
  • Odorless;
  • Increases the elasticity of the skin, visibly tightening the contour and removing the "bags";
  • It is very cheap.


  • Not all sachets contain the same amount of money;
  • Leaves a sticky film.

Despite the extremely simple and unpretentious composition, the effect of instant lifting from this remedy really is. The only thing - on a young skin abused with the use of hyaluronica is not worth it. But those who already have a face lose shape, you can use it without restrictions.

Avon Anew "Maximum Youth"

The best seller from the network giant has a thicker gel consistency and works only paired with anti-aging cream. Nevertheless, this serum revealed an entire army of female fans. It turns out that the composition itself can do something, because it contains hyaluronic acid, peptides and protective vitamin E. The main active ingredient here is glycerin, so when using solo, apply the serum only to the damp skin, and silicones reliably "lock" the waterinside.


  • Light consistency;
  • Makes the tone of the face more smooth, removes dullness;
  • Skin feels elastic and velvety;
  • Smoothes fine wrinkles, although not immediately;
  • Very sparingly consumed;
  • With a reasonable approach it can be used as an independent product;
  • There is a cumulative effect;
  • Original design and convenient bottle with dispenser.


  • The price is clearly overstated, but you can wait for good discounts;
  • Cheap active ingredients - glycerine and silicone.

Which serum to buy

1. For a dry and tired age skin, a real energy cocktail with a moisturizing effect is needed - Almea H.A.Serum.

2. As an SOS agent, when the dryness of the skin has reached a catastrophic level, an intensively moisturizing serum from Clarins is suitable.

3. Young women up to the age of 35 with dry scalp skin will be able to cope with the Super Aqua Ultra Waterfool gel serum from Missha.

4. For oily, but no longer young skin, the best option that solves all problems will be Magistral Sebatics serum from Ella Bache. Bioderma Sebium( already without age restrictions) will work equally efficiently.

5. Inexpensive means for matting is offered by the company Vigor - it is "Pink grapefruit", which in parallel provides oily skin with good moisturizing.

6. Serum with ascorbic Natuvalia Glowing in ampoules can feed the tired skin and return it to shine.

7. If you do not want to wait for months when a healthy radiance appears on your face, you can cheat and take a highlighter from Faberlic with masking reflective particles.

8. To get rid of freckles and age spots on the fat-prone skin, Vitex Whey Ideal Whitening will help. For dry it is better to choose Intense Anti-spot brand Mades Cosmetics.

9. If you are already over 40, and want to erase from your face for ten years, choose Laser Like System from the Belarusian company Belita.

10. Serum from Shary with hyaluronic acid is suitable for immediate use and instant lifting.

11. If in addition to the anti-aging effect you also need a powerful moisturizing of the skin from the inside, look for Avon serum "Maximum youth".