The most expensive coins of the world

Money plays the role of a means of circulation and a measure of value, they are saved, used in international trade. But these are just a few of the many roles of money in society. Monetary signs are also the embodiment of art. Numismatists around the world hunt for the rarest and most unusual money.

The resource for numismatists at the end of 2010 published the rating of the most expensive coins .In the top 5 are coins redeemed at a crazy cost.


  • 1. The most expensive coin: "Double Eagle"
  • 2. Unusual coin: "Silver dollar 1804"
  • 3. Rarest coin: "Dime Barbera"
  • 4. The most expensive of the series: "Silver dollar Liberty"
  • 5. Australian Penny

1. The most expensive coin: "Double Eagle"

Year: 1933

Price: $ 7,590.02

Country: USA
"Double Eagle" is a coin with a face value of 20 $ US.Minted from 1850 to 1933.In those years, Roosevelt abandoned the gold standard and ordered all the coins to be melted. Only a few copies are left, so the cost of these most beautiful coins has sharply increased.
The coin depicts a portrait of the Statue of Liberty. Background in the rays of sunlight, a fringe of 46 stars - in terms of the number of US states in those years. On the reverse side is a flying eagle.
The "double eagle" is a work of art, apparently also because it is the most expensive.

2. Unusual coin: "Silver dollar 1804"

Year: 1834

Price: $ 3,737.5

Country: USA

The Silver Dollar of 1804 is a very interesting coin. Of only 15 coins of this denomination, only it has not only a digit in the name, but also an interesting story related to the number 1804.
"Silver Dollar of 1804" was minted in 1834, and not in 1804. The coin appeared because of the error of workers andin circulation and has not got. It is for this that the coin is very valued in the circles of numismatists. The final price paid for it is 3 million 737 thousand 500 dollars.

3. Rarest coin: "Dime Barbera"

Year of manufacture: 1892 year

Price: $ 1 552,5

Dime is a 10-cent coin. Minted from the end of the XVIII century, but often changed its design. The rareest coin in its denomination. The coin was called Barber - in honor of the engraver Charles Barber.
Coins of 1894 - are rare and as a consequence valuable, because only 24 samples were produced, but only 9 is known. One of these coins was purchased by a collector for more than $ 1.5 million.

4. The most expensive of the series: "Silver dollar Liberty"

Copy of Louis Eliasberg

Year: 1870

Price: $ 1,300 thousand

Another rare coin is a treasure among numismatists. The most expensive coin of 11 released. This is a copy of Louis Eliasberg, bought for $ 1.3 million dollars. The coin minted Liberty, holding the American flag, and on the reverse side - Bald eagle.

5. Australian Penny

Sample: 1930

Price: $ 517 345

Most of the coins are sure that there are only six such coins in the world. They are made of silver, but are covered with copper. Penny belongs to the category: proof - the highest grade of coins, such coins have a mirror surface. Quality is achieved by double stamping during the coinage.

3 out of 6 coins are in private hands, one is exhibited in the British Museum, the fifth in the Art Gallery of South Australia. But the last purchased in 2005 is more expensive than for $ 517 thousand dollars. Penny - Australia's most expensive coin and is the world's most expensive coin from copper.