World leader approval rating

Worldwide Independent Network / Gallup International Association( WIN / GIA) is an independent international consortium engaged in regular marketing research and surveys around the world. At the end of 2015 the company compiled approval rating of the world leaders in order to find out the attitude of the world's population to the ten most significant figures on the political scene.

The survey was conducted by about 64 thousand people in more than 65 countries. Respondents were offered to express their attitude to 10 persons in power, using four categories: very like;rather like it;rather do not like;Very much it is not pleasant. We present you the results of the survey.

  • Contents:
    • 10. Hasan Ruhani, Iran
    • 9. Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia
    • 8. Vladimir Putin, Russia
    • 7. Xi Jinping, China
    • 6. Dilma Rusef, Brazil
    • 5. Narendra Modi, India
    • 4. Francois Hollande, France
    • 3. David Cameron, England
    • 2. Angela Merkel, Germany
    • 1. Barack Obama, USA

10. Hasan Ruhani, Iran

The negative leader of the rating is the president of Iran. It is not approved by 32% of respondents, like it only 19%.Hassan is most popular in the Muslim countries of the Middle and South-East: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Lebanon and in Iran itself.

9. Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia

The only person with the royalty in this top 10 popular and unpopular world leaders. However, even the crown on his head did not save him from public disapproval-the number of people he does not like exceeds the number of those who are positively related to him( 31% and 20% respectively).In addition to Muslim countries( Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Morocco) Salman warmly approves of Ukraine.

8. Vladimir Putin, Russia

If you look at the degree of popularity, then Putin is on the fifth place of the list, second only to European and American leaders. However, judging by the difference between approving and disapproving, the attitude towards it as a whole is rather negative: 33% and 43%, respectively. Most of all, Putin is loved in Armenia, where his work is positively assessed by 79%.The least is in Finland( 83%).

7. Xi Jinping, China

The chairman of communist China rather likes 27% of respondents and rather does not like 30%.Most of all, the Chinese leader is popular in Russia, where he is approved by 57%, and least of all - in Japan and Vietnam( 69% and 68%).

6. Dilma Russef, Brazil

The account for both positions of the first female president of Brazil is almost equal - it is approved by 24% of respondents, but not approved by 23%.Most of all, it's like the people of Bangladesh( 50%), Russia( 43%) and Bulgaria( which is not surprising, because the Dilma family comes from this country).It is least popular in Brazil itself, where its actions are not approved by 56%.In December 2015, the impeachment procedure was started on the basis of suspicion of falsification of financial indicators for the previous year.

5. Narendra Modi, India

24% of respondents approve of Narendra, but he does not like 20%.He is most popular in India - 70% of respondents. And Modi love the least in the Czech Republic, Korea and( predictably) Pakistan.

4. Fran├žois Hollande, France

In general, 35% of respondents are positive about the president-socialist, and 29% do not approve him. Most of all he likes Vietnamese( 53%) and Armenians( 51%), and least of all - the French( 47%).

3. David Cameron, England

Approve David 37% of respondents, do not approve of 28%.Popular in Cameroon in Vietnam( 54%) and Ukraine( 40%), and least loved in Russia( 48%) and Greece( 40%).In the UK itself, it is rather cool - it is not approved by 7% of respondents.

2. Angela Merkel, Germany

The first woman on the post of Chancellor of Germany likes 42% of respondents, 29% do not like it;thus, by popularity, it is second only to the first place in the rating. Most of all Merkel does not like in Greece( 72%) and Russia( 47%), but they welcome in Kosovo( 80%).

1. Barack Obama, USA

The first place in the rating is the US President Barack Obama - the undisputed leader both in terms of overall popularity, and in the ratio of love / dislike. He likes 59% of respondents and does not like 29%.Most of all it is loved in the countries of Western Europe, in Kosovo( 83%), Vietnam( 80%).Even in Greece, disappointed in her Western friends, his actions are approved by 9%.The least liked Obama in Armenia( 43%), Pakistan( 45%) and the absolute leader - Russia( 83%).