Best Alpari PAMM Accounts, 2016 Rating

PAMM-accounts are becoming more popular every year. This is the way to earn on the stock exchange, not trading personally, at your own risk and risk, and entrusting to manage your capital to the manager.

To distinguish a good managing broker from a broker-loser will help an independent rating of PAMM-accounts .It is believed that the top PAMM rating of Alpari brokerage sites, has the best accounts in its account.


  • Best Alpari PAMM Accounts of 2016
    • 10. Zapad
    • 9. Lively
    • 8. Platon
    • 7. Surest Secure
    • 6. Quantum x
    • 5. White Light
    • 4. Kormushka 2.0
    • 3. Grace World
    • 2Come Up
    • 1. Mother
  • How the PAMM-Account Rating Is Alpari

PAMM-Accounts Alpari 2016

10. Zapad

In Alpari, the portfolios are divided according to the riskiness of investing in aggressive, balanced and conservative. The difference is in the magnitude of the risk and return. That is, more risky( aggressive) portfolios bring more profit, but the chance to part with money is much higher. The last place in the current rating of the PAMM from Alpari borrows from a low( conservative) risk from the trader under the nickname Uspexx. Trade is conducted only on a trend, during the flop opens without a shoulder or does not trade at all.

  • Current yield: 2 905.7%
  • Account age: 4 years 5 months
  • Funds in management: 384,135 US dollars
  • Aggressiveness: 2/5
  • Reward: 35-50%

9. Lively

Account from the manager of Vitlion. The manager says that he is guided by the system he developed, with minimal risks and a reasonable profit / loss ratio.

  • Current yield: 102.7%
  • Account age: 3 months and 15 days
  • Funds in management: 5,020 US dollars
  • Aggressiveness: 3/5
  • Remuneration: 50%

8. Platon

Account from Masterbest. In Alpari, he started trading since 2008, and was among the first managers of PAMM-accounts. Trade is conducted in the middle of the day with popular instruments and gold. Very cautious manager, prefers to make more rare deals, in the event that there is maximum confidence in success.

  • Current yield: 378.3%
  • Account age: 9 months and 24 days
  • Funds in management: 157,776 US dollars
  • Aggressiveness: 5/5
  • Reward: 27-40%

7. Surest Secure

Account of the manager of Jtrading. The account is positioned as a conservative, preferred for those who prefer a moderate stable yield. Drawdowns on the account are insignificant, due to the use of minimal leverage in trading and a strict risk control system. In the near future, the manager does not plan to make a ruble account mirror.

  • Current yield: 156.7%
  • Account age: 7 months and 15 days
  • Funds in management: 178,442 US dollars
  • Aggressiveness: 3/5
  • Reward: 30-50%

6. Quantum x

Account from the manager Reckfull. The account is aggressive, entering the market in the morning, a day no more than one transaction. On average 7 transactions occur per month. Absence of transactions means that there is no signal to enter. Trade is conducted for the entire deposit, and in the event of problems with the ruble account, the currency one will also automatically "cover".The big profit is a big risk, in case of failure, the bonus will be added to the victims in the amount of losses.

  • Current yield: 694.3%
  • Account age: 11 months and 8 days
  • Management assets: 11,322,982.00
  • Aggressiveness: 5/5
  • Reward: 27-35%

5. White Light

Account opened by the manager of the White Trader. The level of aggressiveness of the account is average( from 3 to 5% of the risk).

  • Current yield: 95.4%
  • Account age: 4 months
  • Management assets: 369,715 rubles
  • Aggressiveness: 3/5
  • Reward: 42-50%

4. Kormushka 2.0

The fourth place among the profitable PAMM accounts accounts with a funnythe name Kormushka 2.0 from the manager of Dan_pam. He claims that he uses the strategy of point inputs in the direction of the trend. For the day average profit is from 1.3 to 2%, and the average monthly - about 30%.Trade is not conducted all week of the European Central Bank, as well as for the day and directly on the day of the release of these non-financial and Federal Open Market Committee( MHIF).This is due to the unpredictability of the market before such important news. The manager deals with trades only in those days when it is possible to more or less anticipate the mood of the market.

  • Current yield: 98.7%
  • Account age: 4 months and 19 days
  • Funds in management: 113,127 US dollars
  • Aggressiveness: 3/5
  • Remuneration: 50%

3. Grace World

The account manager is registered under the nickname Speranskiy. The account has the highest level of aggressiveness( from 7% or more).But the yield is very attractive.

  • Current yield: 154.6%
  • Account balance: 4 months and 7 days
  • Funds in management: US $ 27,023
  • Aggressiveness: 5/5
  • Remuneration: 45-49%

2. Come Up

On the second place among the best PAMM-accounts of 2016 there is one more account from the manager with the nickname White Trader.

  • Current yield: 150.6%
  • Account balance: 4 months
  • Funds in management: 12,430 US dollars
  • Aggressiveness: 5/5
  • Remuneration: 41-48%

1. Mother

And the best account of the participating Alpari PAMM account is the secondin the rating from the manager of Speranskiy. This time the account has a 4 level of aggressiveness( from 5 to 7%).

  • Current yield: 128.8%
  • Account balance: 4 months and 3 days
  • Funds in management: 2 859 640 rubles
  • Aggressiveness: 4/5
  • Remuneration: 43-50%


How is the PAMM-rating of Alpari

formed? In an expertthe rating of PAMM-accounts of Alpari 2017 involves accounts selected by experienced experts on several parameters:

  1. They should have a positive return, be available for investment, which appeared at least three months ago.
  2. The manager should have a capital of 150 thousand rubles, or 3 thousand dollars, or 2 000 euros, or 2 000 SPDR Gold Trust.
  3. Who will enter the top is calculated according to the total number of points that are accrued based on the sum of the indicators. The higher the score, the higher the ranking.

And although the rating helps to choose the right manager, the final decision is left for the investor. After all, he takes on market risk. Therefore, neither the rating nor even the use of the PAMM-account are guarantees of profitability.