Types of windows in a wooden house( Top-5)

Installation of plastic windows in itself is not easy, but it is even more difficult to install a window in a wooden house. The tree is always shrunk. Of course, the frame "stand" to get rid of excess moisture, but this process continues for at least five years, and in some regions and the entire life of the house. In this case, the height of the wall can decrease by a centimeter-and-a-half per meter of masonry, i.e.up to 6 cm.

To keep the logs dry, do not press on the window, during installation, a special design is used, the so-called casing, or the window. The casing does not allow the logs to deviate from the vertical line and takes over the entire load. If the casing is not done, then as the logs dry up and their diameter decreases, opening and closing the window will become more difficult. Today we will consider the main types of windows in the wooden house , the most preferable for installing plastic windows.


  • 5. Types of casing and casing for
  • construction 4. Casing with embedded timber
  • 3. Casing in spike
  • 2. Casing in the deck
  • 1. Casing "clean"

5. Types of casing and casing for

designs First, you need to decide what material to make the casing from. The cheapest option - set-glue, is made of edged material, fastened with the help of microspikes and moisture-resistant glue. Slightly more expensive will be a combined window, where the upper and side parts are made of solid pine, and the threshold - set-glue. This option is preferable in the case if an enlarged window sill is planned. And, finally, casing from solid pine, dried up to 10-12% moisture, machine processing.

4. Casing with embedded timber

This variant is the simplest, the most economical and therefore enjoys well-deserved popularity. On the inside of the logs of the window opening is cut a groove 5 by 5 cm, then a square bar is laid in it. On this groove there is a vertical movement of the log frame due to drying out. The joint of the bar and logs is insulated with, for example, laminatin or jute fiber. Then the U-shaped structure is assembled from the boards( actually a casing), it is laid in the window opening and attached to the bar on each side. From below the structure is attached to the crown. Between the upper horizontal casing board and part of the wall should leave a gap of 5-8 cm, which is filled with a heater.

3. Casing "in the spike"

This option is more expensive and better. For window openings, this technology uses a special beam, one-piece or glued, with a section in the form of a letter "T".In the lateral part of the window aperture is analogous to the casing with the embedded bar, a slot is chosen for the spike, but the sequence of the installation itself is slightly different. First, the prepared jambs are inserted by the T-shaped part into the side grooves padded by the heater and are first opened by the bottom board - the threshold or the window sill, and then the top one - the so-called."Pinnacle".

2. Casing "in a pack"

Mirroring a casing "in a spike".This time on the ends of the logs of the window opening, a comb 5 to 5 cm is cut out. The comb can be cut out either in the middle of the end of the window opening or closer to the street( in this way the window sills are wider).Then a roll of tow is applied over the top, and then prepared boards with a groove under the comb( it is necessary to leave a thermal gap).The installation is the same as the casing in the groove, that is, first the lateral elements are fastened to the lower crown and are fired more than the casing board. Such logs with shrinkage will slide inside the groove, not deviating from the vertical. From the top, between the top of the window opening and the log, leave a gap of about 5 cm for possible shrinkage.

1. Casing "clean"

If the house is made of a beautiful beam or rounded logs, then such a beauty is a pity to hide. In this case, the installation of plastic windows in a wooden house is the use of aesthetic and quality material for casing elements, possibly of a special shape. From the technological point of view, this method is a modified version of the window with the embedded bar. Made in the form of the letter "G" jambs are installed in the window opening, attached to the mortgage bars and unfolded by the lower and upper board.

We examined the most popular types of casing in a wooden house, they can be made by hand according to blueprints, and you can turn to professionals.