Rating of the best innovative companies of the world 2016

Forbes has published its sixth annual list of the world's best innovative companies , which includes public brands with a capitalization of at least $ 10 billion and existing on the exchange for 7 years( the minimum age).

Companies are ranked based on the instinct of investors in enterprises with innovative business models, as well as the so-called innovation premium. This is the difference between market capitalization and discounted cash flow from the operating business.

In the innovation hundred entered the only Russian company - "Magnet".She took the 46th line. But who got into the top 10 innovative foreign giants.


  • 10. BioMarin Pharmaceutical
  • 9. Vertex Pharmaceuticals
  • 8. Unilever Indonesia
  • 7. Monster Beverage
  • 6. Under Armor
  • 5. Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • 4. Incyte Corporation
  • 3. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • 2. Salesforce.com Inc.
  • 1. Tesla Motors

10. BioMarin Pharmaceutical

Innovation Award - 67.4%

The company engaged in the creation and production of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of serious diseases and pathological conditions. First, it began to supply the pharmaceutical market with a drug with laronid for the treatment of mucopolysaccharidosis type I and drugs for the treatment of phenylketonuria.

9. Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Innovation Award - 67.9%

The products of this company are mainly associated with the treatment of cancer, viral infections, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

8. Unilever Indonesia

Innovation Award - 67.93%

The business of the Indonesian company is divided into two segments: products for household use and personal hygiene( detergents, soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, deodorants and cosmetic products) and food and drinks( ice cream, soy sauce, juice, seasonings and margarine).It produces products under the brands Rinso, Lifebuoy, Clear, Pepsodent, Rexona, Blue Band, SariWangi, Bango, Buavita and Royco.

7. Monster Beverage

Innovation Award - 68.8%

Produces energy drinks, natural soft drinks, and fruit drinks, including Monster Energy, Hansen's Energy, Hubert's Lemonade, Peace Tea and Blue Sky.

6. Under Armor

Innovation Award - 68.9%

Kevin Planck, the founder of the company, was an advocate for the football team at the University of Maryland and tired of the fact that during games and training, sweat constantly drains over the clothes, without soaking into it. It inspired him to create a T-shirt using a moisture-absorbing synthetic fabric. Currently, Under Armor is engaged in the production of sports and casual wear, luxury goods and accessories.

5. Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Innovation Award - 70%

The fifth place is occupied by another pharmaceutical company. She became famous for her drug called Soliris( "Soliris").This drug is intended for people who have undergone the kidney transplant procedure, and serves the purpose of preventing delayed graft function.

4. Incyte Corporation

Innovative Award - 70.8%

Develops, manufactures and markets biotechnologies and medicines to meet medical needs with an emphasis on oncology.

3. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Innovation Award - 72.9%

The company, whose history begins in 1988, has developed some of the best medicines for the treatment of eye diseases, rectal cancer and rare inflammatory conditions.

2. Salesforce.com Inc.

Innovation Award - 75.5%

Second place in the ranking of the best innovative companies Salesforce is known as the developer of one of the best CRM-systems, which is transferred to customers only on the model SaaS.

And still Salesforce is among the best employers by the version of Forbes( 52 place in the top 100 from 2011).In September, at the Dreamforce conference, the company will present its latest product, called "Einstein".This is the first artificial intelligence for CRM.

1. Tesla Motors

Innovation Award - 82.4%

Surpasses all competitors in the list of "the most innovative companies in the world" for the second year in a row. Its founder is the inventor and wealthy businessman Ilon Mask. Currently, the company is the dominant player in the electric car segment and has a huge number of both critics and fans.