Food for premium dogs - rating 2016

Dogs need the right combination of proteins, fats, fibers and nutrients to live a happy and healthy life. Therefore, responsible owners prefer to buy premium dog food .The rating of the best dog food that we present to your attention is based on reviews of dog owners and experts with DogFoodChat and other profile sites.

It is useful to know:

  • Rating of super premium cat food catches 2016.


  • 10. Brit Premium
  • 9. Royal Canin
  • 8. Happy Dog
  • 7. ANF)
  • 6. 1st choice
  • 5. ArdenGrange
  • 4. Almo Nature
  • 3. Canidae
  • 2. Artemis
  • 1. Acana

10. BritPremium( Brit Premium)

Production - Czech Republic.

The Brit Premium range is tailored to the individual physiological needs of dogs, depending on age, activity and breed. In the composition of the feed there is no soy, GMO and food additives. But there are vitamins, salmon oil, chicken meat flour, chicken fat, rice and dried apples.

9. Royal Canin

Production - Russia or France.

Dry food for premium dogs. His rating among dog owners is quite high, thanks to the low price, a wide range of feeds( including curative) and good quality. The composition of feeds for different breeds, age and medical conditions includes ingredients such as chicken flour, rice, chicken fat and corn. In this case, there are preservatives in the composition. According to the owners, better quality Royal Canin is produced in France.

8. Happy Dog

Production - Germany.

Offers several feed lines, including Supreme Sensible for dogs with a sensitive digestive system. Assimilability of feeds on the assurance of the manufacturer is 90%.High-quality raw materials used for production are supplied by local farms.

7. ANF( ANF)

Production - USA.

The rating of dog food in 2016 continues the products of the company established in 1955.The difference between ANF and other feeds is the triple formula of protein( chicken and eggs, fish without bones).Thanks to this, the food is easier to digest and the pet gets the necessary maximum of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

6. First choice

Production - Canada.

In this production for dogs there are no soy, hard to assimilate varieties of meat and artificial additives. There are formulas developed for puppies, hypoallergenic food, for breeds with sensitive skin and wool and feed for older animals from 8 years old.

5. ArdenGrange

Production - United Kingdom.

The feed of this producer is hypoallergenic and contains ingredients of the highest quality, such as fresh chicken meat. But there are no preservatives, artificial colors and flavors in ArdenGrange products.

4. AlmoNature( Almo Nature)

Manufacture - Italy.

All feeds of this manufacturer undergo a triple quality check. Initially, the original ingredients are tested, then the stage of their processing and the final stage is the testing of the final product. Almo Nature's products contain a large amount of fresh meat and are subject to minimal processing.

3. Canidae(

Production - USA).

Good food for premium dogs. The manufacturer uses only high quality ingredients: chicken, lamb, fish, and turkey. In the composition of feeds are necessary for dogs, vitamins and amino acids, chelating minerals, natural herbal preservatives and enzymes.

2. ARTEMIS( Artemis)

Production - USA.

produces three main lines: Fresh Mix, Professional Formula and Osopure. The Fresh Mix formula is for dogs that need a special diet. The Osopure feed line with high protein content is suitable for pregnant and nursing bitches and puppies. Professional line includes two dry feeds that satisfy the need for nutrients for all stages of the dog's life cycle.

The composition of the feed includes meat components and probiotics, as well as sources of omega-6 fatty acids.

1. Acana

Production - Canada.

Super dog food for dogs. The rating of 2016 is led by an excellent composition, exclusively with natural ingredients, without the addition of chemicals and preservatives. All components have been certified by the Government of Canada and comply with all international regulations. The feed of Acana includes a large amount of meat and a minimum amount of grains.